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This was great when I saw it in Brooklyn Glad to see you guys are continuing to make the rounds.
Thanks guys.Yeah Andersen Andersen is legit - I have this same sweater in navy and they are go to when we get into this polar vortex territory. Both are the symmetrical sweater model so no front or back (originally designed for sailors who might need to get dressed quickly in the dark, which is also perfectly suited to my life in Brooklyn ... or something).http://www.andersen-andersen.com/symmetryAlso Somet is the business, I don't know why they don't get more love. These...
Hat/Coat: Buzz Ricksons Sweater: Andersen Andersen Belt: Tanner Goods Jeans: Somet Shoes: Viberg
Hat/Coat: Buzz Ricksons (thrift/grilled respectively) Sweater: Andersen Andersen (unionmade warehouse sale) Belt: Tanner Goods (retail) Jeans: Somet (consignment) Shoes: Viberg (sample sale)
What's pricing like?
nothing to see here
For a second I didn't realize WTF was going on and thought you'd found another one and my brain nearly asploded.
Is it cold in Bermuda? I've seen so many amazingly nice cashmere sweaters and super fluffy scarves for Bermuda specialty shops but in my brain it's all sun-kissed beaches and shit.
Picked up recently but I don't really have the closet space. Tagged size is EU48. Interior tag was removed, material composition is silk and wool. Measurements: Chest: 20" Sleeve: 25" Shoulder: 17" Length (from bottom of collar): 28" Asking $150 to the US.
Don't quote the spam dude.
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