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I'm not complaining about the NYC sample sale scene (say that five times fast) but got dam I would be all over that at those prices.
Adam Kimmel
Fok, just got one of those stupid mobile popups: Had to click OK, took me here: https://s3.amazonaws. com/mybenefit/fb/mobile/us/k001/a200.html?sid=STYLEFORUM.NET#b
For the sleeve extension you're probably stuck dealing with Barbour direct. I've also used these guys for reproofing and repair with good results.http://newenglandreproofers.com/
Are there any kickers on the current BBBF sale? I'd love to grab a few more buttondowns but would love to save a few bucks if possible.
Spent the last three weeks traveling for work, just met up with my wife in Paris for some R&R. Hit a thrift, first thing I touch is this (needs a press and crap photos but). Found nothing even remotely buyable beyond this but that's ok : Why not? Made by Boglioli for those wondering at home.
Good pickup at $25 I'd say if they are in good nick - particularly for personal use.
Southwick x Todd Snyder my size and minty... NWT Shockoe Rainbow Neps size 31, avail N/A navy satin Slim 38S, avail And finally...sure, why not? Slightly over 10% rule but for p much unworn Aldens in my size, I'll allow it...
Wow. Just wow.
For the record I haven't actually blocked anyone (this includes drlivingston and gmmcl as well as all you other dudes who quoted me yesterday Koala-T and vexco are the only two I can remember off the top of my head), and I only mentioned by name Spoo and barrel by name because the morning exchanges are a great running joke, and woofa because he cracks me up because he spells always spells Spoo's name in all-caps.To drlivingston's point above - what is annoying is that I...
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