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Horrible news. Thanks for letting us know and for arranging the tribute Spoo - I'll be looking forward to hearing from you on next steps.
Along with this, the fact that you have to drop price to get it back to the top leads to people inflating prices, building in 2-3 drops before eventually receiving a just-slightly-higher-than-lowball offer that's grudgingly accepted because it's been 3 months since the item in question was listed.
A great example of a conversation that should have taken place by private message.
And then you'll sleep in till 6:30?
True story: Yesterday I went to the NMWA sale and left with nothing because I'm a goddam moron who can't read a calendar. Worst part is I can't go either day it's actually happening
Yeah I thought I read that Fok had unscrewed the grilled links but guess not. For those wondering it was a link to a polo Indian head sweater someone was asking $700 for.As to the Arun dude from grilled I mean just look at this guy
C'mon Mr. Brightside - let's imagine he was a bit more clever and traded for $15 in BE credit.
Size on those Trickers Spoo?
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