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They created a new class of licenses just for you?!?!
I bid high (for me) on five things last week and walked away with zero
Dude those are nice but I hate to break it to you - not the Polo you're looking for.
That's at a Housing Works right? It won't sell at $145, wait for them to either drop the price after a few weeks, or for one of their sale days where they do 50% off or something similar.
When you've planned a weekend trip wherein you'll bite the bullet and buy a grail at retail and three days before it pops up on ebay in your size and you save benjamins...
More pics of the TF. Very lightly worn. Anyone have any guesses on the maker?
So sorry for your loss Mike.
High stress day so took a bit of time out for some thrift therapy. My size N/A
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