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All the jackets I regret not buying weren't even available by the time I realized I needed wanted them - Suede A-1, Peacoat, Anniversary MA-1. Still, I'm glad I got at least one.Dark brown goat A-2 going on 6 months old now:In Brooklynin Reykjavik
Chuck in some XL shoe trees for a week or two and they will stretch - if after that they are still tight, what I have also done in the past is put a sock on the tree to stretch a bit further. It can take a while but it works- and those suede boots should definitely have some give in em.
Not shell.
Spew, are those Alfred Sargent boots 8.5 US or UK?
Older Cheaney.
That parka is sick - really regret not snaggin that last year - is it all I ever dreamed of?
My pet peeve is people posting about things wholly unrelated to thrifting in the thrift thread (holidays, new children/wives, home cooked or restaurant prepared meals, etc.).
No clue. Spotted it walking to my hotel in London last night. If I see it again today en route to my meetings I'll try and snap a better.
@SpooPoker sorry for the photo quality but is this a thing?
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