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Nice. CT are usually loake if made in England FYI.
I'm "Panta-ing" with expectation.
I was gonna say.Espu, are some of those cashmere? Wool? Look to be some non-silks in the mix.
Went to Philly for the weekend. Pickins are slim down there especially following the collapse of the building that housed the SA on Market last year. A few finds tho Only true thrift. Polo made in Italy navy cord SC, dual vent triple patch 3 button. 40R One of my perennial fav finds. This is my third, first two were good for a Benjamin. Size small. And then this. (Somewhat) underpriced consignment. 56EU
Don't quote the spam bro.
What, no "still goin'"? I am disappoint.
Scarves? Tailored clothing?
Crockett and Jones.
I'm a 9D Barrie and Trubalance and take a 42.5 in Vass.
New Posts  All Forums: