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Fucking awesome saved you a click - one of my photos
Also, RE: concerts, my favorites so far was when I got to see Sleep last year at House of Vans. My ears are still ringing, Matt Pike is a god.Close second was COC, front row, right in front of Pepper Keenan.
There's a wide range of Tom Waits - his more standard jazz ballady stuff ("Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" is one of my favorite songs ever) is really great as opposed to some of his over the top "circus music."
Is that thrifted? If so holy shit.
It is now...
Midnight herringbone Zegna:
Heads up, I'm off to a meeting for the next hour and a half so everyone get ready for some sick sample sale shit to drop in the next fifteen minutes or so.
Longhi sells for $$$.
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