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There are older labels that have that, but I've seen recent stuff (FW2012) with that on the label which is where I think the current Yoox crop is coming from. It's really nice stuff, well worth picking up especially at some of the pricepoints of the recent drops.
You know who makes me nervous? The low feedback bidder who asks a question, then five minutes later does a BIN for the item for my optimistically high asking price without me answering his question.
The model is the least offensive thing on that page by a mile.
^^^ yeah, until you try and add something to your cart.
I'm so gutted I missed those when I was there - please tell me those weren't an 8?
^^^ Definitely C&J. I think that's an older stamp they were using before the handwritten stuff on their current offerings: Here's another pair if C&J with the same stamp. http://styleforum-testing.s3.amazonaws.com/3/3a/3a60e614_vbattach29788.jpg from here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/141679/fs-crockett-jones-black-suede-chukkas-10-5e/0_100 Newer writing: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-e1TJ9To3mL0/T3c56W7NlsI/AAAAAAAABIg/Ei12P6ye0-I/s1600/IMG_4039.JPG (those from some recent...
I also had a (non SNS) sweater just delivered from Unionmade with no tags. Gave it a thorough exam and didn't see any issues - just don't get why they would ship a new item without tags?
So what you're saying is...it's heaven?
Just snagged one of these from the FSC sample sale. So disgustingly thick and warm yet very well tailored. I've never had a Harris Tweed for like this. Well worth checking out along with the Drakes sale if you're in NYC. http://shop.freemanssportingclub.com/products/sport-coat
I thought about that sweater. So thick and cozy but I have too many knits and too many in that earth tone as is to justify it.
New Posts  All Forums: