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So here's the aforementioned BBGF suits:Also picked up this badass BB hand tailored thing - ticket pocket, dual exhaust, 3roll2 46R available. [[SPOILER]] Then these two gorgeous H. Freeman and Sons bespokes - both about a trim 42R/L-ish available. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Yeah I'm already being inundated with PMs.Working on pics.Issues are the navy pinstripe has a pull in the fabric on the back, and on the gray one the lining on the armpit needs to be re-sewn. Both trousers have been let out at the waist and there is some visibility in the stitching that was removed to do so.Both jackets are the following:P2P: 23"Sleeve: 24.5" (working cuffs - 3 buttons on the navy, 4 on the gray)Shoulders: 19"Length (BoC): 30.25"Gray Trousers:Waist: 18.5"...
Got these as well. Very happy.Also just ordered this. Hope it'll fill the heavy navy crewneck-shaped hole in my heart.
PSA if you're in NYC - the Ina on Spring Street has a pair of Viberg Roughouts - think they're a size 10 or 10.5. Price was $350. (No affiliation but they seemed to be in pretty good nick so thought I'd pass the word on).
30% Off everything but suits from Freeman's sporting club with code HOLIDAY30
I don't use auto-reject minimums personally, as that would deprive me of the joy of coutering lowballs with a price higher that the BIN.
I have called bullshit on buyers before and had them just disappear into the aether with no case being opened, so it's at least worth a shot if they come out with a "doesn't fit like I thought" or some other buyers remorse kind of excuse. Of course you are playing with fire as they could always leave a negative...tl:dr - refund, block, move on.
I walked by a few days ago and they had a few pairs in the window. Their site isn't super representative of their stock so it'd be worth stopping by.
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