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What're those boots on the top right?
Low 60s this morning in NYC is TOJ weather. Madness for mid-August.
You dun goofed.
I respond by blocking them and moving on. I have gotten sucked in and then you get the whole "c'mon man, fuck eBay, more money for both of us." Anyone who pressures me to break the TOS probably won't hesitate to give me other trouble down the line with some bullshit SNAD case if they do end up buying from me through ebay. I'm playing the long con - the risk of getting banned or issues further down the line aren't worth it.
On offer is a sport coat from Boglioli. Patch pockets, three button front, dual vents, working sleeve buttons. 95% wool, 5% cashmere, in a brown prince of Wales/Glen Plaid check. Made in Italy. Price is firm, shipped CONUS. Tagged size is 48 C European. Measurements: Chest: 20.5 Sleeve: 24.25 Shoulder: 18 Length (from bottom of collar): 27.5
Navy Carmina for pretty much free...
I have my semi-annual review from 3-4 so please nothing in my size between then thanks
Caine SC for $100? Insanity...PLEASE PUT UP ONE IN MY SIZE THANKS
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