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Check the one on 18th and 6th. Shitloads as of last Thursday.
$350 on the Vibergs.
[[SPOILER]] Stop it.
Integrity isn't something you get to apply selectively.
Dafuq. Scarf?
Does it count as a pop if you catch and release for damage? Because if we count that then I can cross Lobbs off the list
Sup Crüe. Real jobbing means I barely have time to thrift anymore but did have a bit of time yesterday. This made it all worthwhile:
Speaking of Filson, massive shout out to @Fueco for an awesome trade - I have been trying to justify getting a 256 for a while now and the trade for the Roys made it possible! Thanks man!
Do they fit?!?! Can't wait to post pics of my end of the trade tomorrow (hopefully, USPS allowing)
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