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J Press York St jacket - 40 and avail Triple flapped patch pockets Action back Wolf buttons
Best way to ship a pair of pants to Canada? Dude isn't concerned about tracking but would like to cover my ass. Didn't I read something about priority mail now being available there and somewhat not unaffordable?
Loubs ain't Lobbs.
Good day - got this for myself, filling a big hole in the 'drobe: e: stock picture of the DS Dundee: Also this - paging @Brianpore and other small bros - it's a 36S and avail:
Forgot to post this in here - was pretty shocked to find this bad boy at a Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn a few weeks ago - unfortunately out of season so I'll be holding on to it or next winter: Yellow Hook Necktie Co. Special Edition Holiday necktie in 2012-2013 plaid. Same one as Rob is this photo: BTW Rob next time you want to thin the herd let me know - I'm sure I can give you a better price than BE!
Hey Mike, are those Southwick oxfords still going up today? I've just about worn out my F5 key.
Oh I didn't get it from Gilt, but I still broke the 90% barrier by a long shot.
Aw yeh. N/A It's this: http://www.gilt.com/brand/lbm-1911/product/154922870-lbm-1911-double-breasted-top-coat
Oh shiii
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