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Ethrift brag: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151194687429 Chucked a last minute snipe on expecting to get outbid at double that price!
Pretty sure that's legit. I sold one on The Website That Shall Not Be Mentioned for a decent sum.
Nah, but they were dated DBs so I didn't fight too hard. Also, I'm a wuss.
Must have been his asshole cousin - bald white guy but cleanshaven.
Oh that guy. I ran into that guy last week. He left three Zegna suits hanging on a rack one side of the store? I had a few choice words for him when he came sprinting across at me - apparently he'd laid his scarf on top of them as a marker they were claimed (because I can distinguish between his scarf and one belonging to the store?). Fucking amateur hour.
Oh one other thing any 38S dudes interested in this odd jacket? Two button, dual vent, patch pockets, elbow patches. Looking for trade or cheap sale don't really care which. [[SPOILER]]
I buttoned it all the way up for when I was taking the measurements to ensure I was getting the P2P accurately and just forgot to undo it when taking the photo. It's definitely not a hard 3.
Are we going to take all of Nat's various votes and combine them into a single score? Only seems fair...
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