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So this is awesome but I'm not sure I have the swag to pull it off. As usual my photos don't do justice. Looks like Lardini is the maker.
"NECKWEARRanda: the stylish and competitive advantage. Our extraordinary speed-to-market is propelled by a vertical business model and forward-thinking designs. Bolstered by in-house silk printing and a dedicated philosophy to live, work and create where neckwear dreams are born — Como, Italy. From conception to delivery Randa nurtures each tie, whether four-in-hand or bow, whether Geoffrey Beene or Countess Mara, Perry Ellis or Ben Sherman.100 years and 1 billion ties...
No like Doc Livingstone said - the usual Tom Ford label isn't squared off, and all the TF ties I'ves een handled have been made in Italy, and are almost all (if not all) 7 folds. This wasn't a 7 fold and didn't have that heft. Plus the RN number leads back to this company, which doesn't list TF as one of its clients. http://www.randa.net/
Yeah those were the indicators for me. Surprised TF is being faked, given how niche that market is.
At first I was excited but then is this fake?
Personal grail achieved. Not thrift, but grossly underpriced consignment.
Just pulled the trigger on this exact makeup - when's delivery expected on these again?
What's that MA1?
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