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What do I win?(Saw him on this August 28th. No one believed me then but they do now).Also, Rod Stewart is a pole hugger. What an asshole.
Yeah I had the same experience with the sleeve length but had some loyalty reports so snagged it mostly for flip/trade purposes - didn't even realize the retail on MB is like $500.Funny you mention the men going in there not being savvy - I got run over by a dude as I walked in yesterday who shoved back me and raced to the men's section - I almost gave up as he seemed like he might know what he was doing, and his first stop was the ties, but straight after that, he went to...
What's on the TV tho?
Aw shit is something wrong with it? Didn't check the tag to see when they put it out but I'm surprised how long some stuff sits in that location...
Espu, what's the fabric content on that navy Panta tie?
No - working sleeve buttons. Sleeves are just a touch long which is pretty much only real reason I'm considering a sale.
Good day today
Lemme sleep...
If I'm going to be up for the thrift thread morning crew check in it is...
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