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Good deal on some Marlows: http://www.styleforum.net/t/469808/polo-ralph-lauren-shell-cordovan-marlow-bluchers-9d/0_100
Pretty sure it would just read as "This book is hidden because the author is in your block list. (Click to show)"
Not a pop but not complaining:
Oh yeah definitely not set in IHs - just more using the brand name as a "grail" benchmark. Living in NYC I've got access to Self Edge and Blue in Green and once I've dropped a few more pounds and saved a few more bucks I'm going to go in and have a serious conversation with the guys there, try on a bunch of stuff, and see what I really once they're in hand and on.
Best part is they fit. Now to decide whether to hem and keep or flip for the Iron Heart fund.
10 B/D on the Aberdeen. Price is firm. CONUS shipping only.
True thrift
Bonafide thread first here. Yellow Hook Necktie Co. Special Edition Holiday necktie in 2012-2013 plaid.
Loro Piana 100% cashmere Aylit scarf. A few pulls and runs but amazing. N/A. http://www.loropiana.com/flash.html#/lang:en/product/FAF0381/T67J
Nah it's showing the original listing price. But I found a way: http://goodwillhaunting.blogspot.com/2013/07/selling-on-ebay-how-to-see-final-price.html Go to www.watchcount.com and then chuck in the item number. Once there if you click on the price it'll take you to the UK site which'll show you the sold price.
New Posts  All Forums: