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That's def Isaiah.
I've had a pretty wide range of experience with the UM sale - I've had an order cancelled and credit card charge cancelled because apparently they couldn't verify my billing info, I've had orders goes through fine and stuff ships out a few days/weeks later. My favorite one is where I had my order cancelled, my credit card charge cancelled, and then had my order show up at my door unannounced a few weeks later.
Thrift fit: Jacket - Apolis indigo wool coat - thrift Tie - RRL wool - thrift Shirt - BB ESF - e-thrift Pants - Rogue Territory - thrift Shoes - C and J for RL shell Marlows - underpriced consignment
Congrats @Brianpore
Not with that tag.This is Lardini:http://cdn.styleforum.net/c/cb/cb616b1d_5bc1c3b8_100_6432.jpeg
Oh right xpost from YHNT thread... Thanks Spoo!
Thanks @SpooPoker, thanks @NewYorkIslander Rob you remember what fabric this was?
My favorite part is that the same store has (had?) some recentish mainline Zegna orphans for $14.99-$19.99.
Dude that's me in real life, no lookbook photo.
One stop one kill.
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