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Oh sweet. That makes 2 in a week for me... Does anyone know what era that BB label dates to?
Grenadine, or just woven? Leaning towards the latter.Also, a few more pics of the RLPL and RLBL I picked up a few days ago - the sizing is weird on these - the purple label is tagged a 40R but measures more like a 42, the black label is tagged a 44R but measures more like a 40R?RLPL [[SPOILER]] RLBL [[SPOILER]]
Pretty infrequently - I'll go for weeks without one. Though that being said, my volume isn't anywhere near as high as a lot of guys though (think I had about 5-7 sales per week last year).
3 days once the tracking number he uploads after shipping back to you shows delivered.
What era is the black label for BB again?
That is one hell of a jacket.
Ah right, missed that. I suppose if he leaves a neg on ebay and references not receiving the item, then you could probably get it removed as you have proof of delivery. If he just leaves a more vague complaint you could be SOL. Though like I said, I don't think he really seems like the neg leaving type.
I think the moral of the story here is to avoid buyers with the "bubba" in their username. fakeedit: yes I know you can't choose your buyers. He doesn't really seem like the negative feedback leaving type - if it was me, I'd probably just refund him in full and eat it, as I'd think that'd help you with getting it removed in case he does.
RL day. 50% off at an always overpriced shop made these two doable. Still pricey tho but both are avail. 40R camel hair silk blend - measures more like a 42 (found in the women's section ) 44R wool angora blend
I saw a dude wearing a nice looking tweed jacket on the subway the other day, asked him about it, and ended up having an interesting 10 minute conversation with a friendly guy. In my experience asking someone who is well dressed about what they're wearing will almost always garner a positive response and an interesting conversation, as people who have good taste are flattered when other people notice and comment, and are generally pretty happy to go into exhaustive detail...
New Posts  All Forums: