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Feather blades are great.
What, haven't got your fill?
Hey LA Guy, new annoying redirect script on mobile sent me here just...
My approach on a lowball is to give them the benefit of the doubt they were fishing for a low auto accept threshold, and I'll come back with a counteroffer I could live at. 9x out of 10 they'll either ignore it or counter with a slightly higher lowball which I'll then decline/ignore, but every once in a while they'll come back with something more reasonable or accept my counter. Lowballs happen, the key is to not let it get under your skin.
Someone grab that shetland crew. If it was my size I would've already - those things are great!
http://www.3sixteen.com/pages/about "Our faith dictates our values. We aim to run our business with integrity and serve our customers with humility." Yeah, fuck that shit.
Says the guy that everything seems to fit like a glove.
Snagged a pair of these in my size today: http://www.endclothing.com/red-wing-8878-heritage-work-moc-toe-boot.html
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