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It's a spot for an item that has yet to be manufactured or shipped how would he have pics
Ok. So how long do defects take to fall off? Two of my defects are from August 2013. I have.94% defect rate (3 over 213 transactions) and am above standard, so I guess I'm in ok shape? I don't do enough volume for top rated, so my worry is just making sure I don't get restricted or banned.
If I don't have top seller status to begin with, what harm will "defects" do me if any?
One stop, one pickup.
Only one find today - Jack Spade Donegal tweed jacket size 40 - triple patch pocket, dual vent, pretty sick, wish it fit me. [[SPOILER]]
Dammit. I also asked and got the no.
A-1 or MA-1?If A-1 how the hell long have you been waiting because I thought that was discontinued well (like years) before the cutoff.
What's the ETA on that?
Near miss on am pop for me today. Carmina way too beat to hell to snag, particularly at the $35 ask.
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