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FWIW I'm a 15x33 in BB ESF and take an Epaulet Medium.
Just got my jawns from Koala-T. Thanks again dude, you are the man!!!
I've gotten multiple iterations of this message: "Hello Seller, Am interested in this item, Do you still have available for sale and what is the condition? email me direct at or text on 615-XXX-XXXX"
I've used Allen Tailors multiple times with good results - 150 Allen St. Never anything as complicated as what you're looking to do but they came to me highly recommended by some other SF members I respect.Another option I can't vouch for personally that people do mention quite a bit tho is Dashnor Tailoring, 320 E 81st St. Apparently he's the tailor where all Tom Ford alterations are performed.
I noticed this as well - seems from this post he's having some rough personal issues, the part about his life being in danger in the linked post is concerning:
I'm smoking a duck. Photos to come...
If you do, could I request a post dedicated to SC pairings with navy trousers?
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