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To quote someone from the Luxewap thread - that shit is so next level I didn't even know it existed.
So some marginally better photos of today's haul: Staple Hermes shirt - french cuffs, 16/41 tagged size, avail. Buonamassa. $500 shirt that fits me like a glove? More than likely n/a though I'll prolly only ever wear it once a year or so (prolly for the best). Obnoxiously thick buttons. Crow's foot stitching woop. Outlier NYC. Pretty sure this is a thing? Pretty slim for a medium, avail. And the Loro Piana trousers haul. I've had a billion PMs already but...
Would kop if made in USA and if price is right.
Honestly, I would have stuck with a partial refund if he offered- that's a pretty clear cut case of disguising what's really going on with the shoe. However, the fact that he offered a partial (eventually) and you declined makes it a bit tricky. I would say in this case, if he's losing money, it doesn't really matter to you - he clearly photographed the item in a way that would disguise a significant issue - that's just not acceptable and if you're going to sell on...
This is great.
In the field, just found a starter set of trousers? Loro Piana bespoke, prolly in the 40-42" waist range. This is a thing right?
Not just a good pass. A great pass. Quality is meh, cuts are meh, washes are meh, and CoH gets faked a lot. Similar to 7 for all mankind.
Jefferson, bitches!! "Amazingly, your personality is simply too smooth and well-rounded for Dr. Neiman's study to be able to say anything about you."
Prolly Lardini, but we'd have to see the tag to really be able to confirm.
Big shout out to TBEN for an awesome trade. He sent me these bewts, which I immediately put through the paces. Suede in the snow? Pshaw, these bitches got commando soles yo!
New Posts  All Forums: