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e: wait if they are cracked then I'd leave 'em. No fixing that.
Two SNS Herning Sweaters, both size small. Both 100% wool. Blue is the Transparent model, in Ocean colorway. Green is the Version model, in Army. Blue: P2P: 20 Length: 25.5 Green: P2P: 20 Length: 26 Asking $115 each, take off $10 if you take both.
White shirt with blue and gray stripes. Logo buttons, nice detailing. Red thread on bottom button a bit loose otherwise no issues. Measurements: P2P: 21.5 Sleeve: 23 Shoulder: 18.5 Length (BoC): 31.5 Asking $65 shipped CONUS.
Yup.Just hit the "refund" button not 30 seconds ago myself, after having the pleasure of paying $7.75 to have something that was exactly as described returned after being claimed as SNAD.
Guy submits multiple offers on item, I counter, finally accept his last chance offer, 5 mins later he messages me "thanks, how's the condition of the item?"
XPost from thrift fit thred:Doing my best Spoo imitation here: [[SPOILER]]
Doing my best Spoo imitation here: [[SPOILER]]
Crüe sup.
Secret Satans.Hansderhund organized last year I think.
No kindof about it. Malo is def a thing, bad pass broseph.
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