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How much was the transaction for Dan?
Only succulent furs need apply.
That is an A2. Not sure of the age though.
Hey look what showed up after being shuttled back and forth between NY and FL four (count 'em FOUR) times over the course of two months...
I'd like to take the opportunity to give a totally unnecessary shout out to a Mr. Poker for an incredible trade. Pics will come after I drop some winter weight, but just want to publicly acknowledge Spoo and his awesomeness and generosity. If you deal with him, he WILL do you right.
I think so...(oh god the calculations). Thanks man.
Quick n dirty fit pic today: Tweed cap - thrifted Barbour Gamefair - trade from GMMcL Uniqlo OCBD - on sale Harley of Scotland - retail Epaulet Ironwood Donegal trousers - retail Alfred Sargent for JCrew - trade from tben
Did you take the same size in HY trousers as you do in the Walt?
Oh. Well that kindof puts my wallet in an awkward position.
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