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I'm smoking a duck. Photos to come...
If you do, could I request a post dedicated to SC pairings with navy trousers?
pM sent on J8 and J20.
Anyone interested in a NWOT Lands End Lambswool crew sweater in plum? Kindof a light purple color (can post pics tonight). Size small. I bought it last year and never wore it, and just have way too many knits. They're $70, I could do $25 shipped if anyone's interested, will do photos tonight.
Awesome. Thank you.
I am trying #1 as we speak but am also trying to plan for the worst if I can't work something out with SS.Is there a "for-Dummies" post someone could link me to on how exactly the BB corporate sale works?Looking at this one - I'm a 15.5 x 33 in ESF so was planning to wo with the same size on it:,default,pd.html
What's the best way to get a discount on a tux shirt?
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