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...Where my real real good pictures at.
For you MC types, there's a sale at this place Elm and Khan on Carmina mostly: http://www.elmandkhan.com/collections/all "Everything is on sale, with an additional 30% taken off at checkout if you use the discount code SWANSONG30. You can apply it to Carmina shoes, Sorley knit ties, and Sozzi socks. Additionally, they’re planning to increase the discount by 10% every week. So, next Thursday (November 13th), you can take an extra 40% off with the checkout code...
Thrift fit: Peacoat - Luxeswap Scarf - Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere true thrift Jeans - Simon Miller true thrift Boots - Alfred Sargent for Ralph Lauren e-thrift Zero Halliburton Suitcase/ab roller - true thrift Kettlebells - Amazon
Oh btw picked up this peacoat from Spoo a whole back. Makes me look like a Dilophosaurus thanks mang
Dat. Bor. El. Ee. Wow.
What can I say, I have great taste.
That moment when you go to ask Spoo for deets and realize you sent him the item in question...
A photo better than a BP photo? That's high praise.
WTF kind of thrift closes at 6 I swear...
You do realize this is the most active thread on all SF right? Not sure the "livening up" was really necessary.
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