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Navy Carmina for pretty much free...
I have my semi-annual review from 3-4 so please nothing in my size between then thanks
Caine SC for $100? Insanity...PLEASE PUT UP ONE IN MY SIZE THANKS
I'd be obliged if you wait till around 1:30! [[SPOILER]]
Excuse me fair vendor, but I fail to see the TOJ Admiral Peacoat on your site have reported for false advertising.
I would not be able to pass on that fast enough.
If someone has a coupon for National Geographic for $5/year please feel free to post.
Massive shoutout and thank you to @330CK. A few days ago he PMed me in response to a cry for help in the thrift thread, and spend about a half hour PMing/texting me as I tried to figure out which if any of a massive pile of bike gear to pick up. Following his advice, (that this brand is the "Brioni of cycling shoes"), I snagged a few NWOB pairs, and within 24 hours of posting sold all of them for more than he guessed I might...
Funny story, they were my size. Imagine.
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