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Thrift fit: SC - Boglioli (consignment) Shirt - Outlier (thrift) Belt - Epaulet (thrift funded) Pocket Square - Hill-Side (thrift) Trousers - Read Wall by Southwick - (thrift) Chukkas - Church's (e-thrift)
Thread en Fueco.
Boom goes that dynamite.
Anyone's UM order ship yet?
Wife's Masters grad thrift fit: SC- Boglioli - consignment Shirt - BB ESF - Ethrift Tie - BB - true thrift Belt - Epaulet - thrift funded Trousers - FSC - true thrift Shoes - C&J Marlows - woefully underpriced consignment.
Any larger footed bros out there? Nice Buffalo exchange find - 13C, Florsheim imperial shell cordovan long wings in really nice condition.
Green. Also who makes those.
Postal service employees.
Hit the Gentry "sample" sale today. This could not be any less available. NWT. 97% rule. My size. Triple patch. Dual Vent. Lambswool. Martin Greenfield Tailored. Also picked up these - available, but not at thrift prices if you're interested so be forewarned. NWT Dents cashmere lined deerskin gloves. L/R - Dark brown "Bark" size XL, light brown "Havana" L x2 Also, got these today, true thrift. EG for RLPL.
Jack Victor.And if you change your mind on keeping that please let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: