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It's good. $250+ for a new pair.
Has this glaring typo been discussed yet? Need to get me some of 'dem "discuounts".
I'm intrigued. Would that work with a guitar?
FWIW I'm a 9D on the Trubalance, and took a Wolverine 1000k boot in 8.5
Guitarchat: [[SPOILER]]
Excellent - exact jacket I was hoping to pick up. Do you mind if I ask what the pricing is on that in USD?
8.5 Crockett and Jones shortwings in very good nick. These are sized for the US market as I'm an 8 in C&J and a 9D US sizing and these are too small for me to wear comfortably. [[SPOILER]]
I am a bonafide Taylor hater. Here's my acoustic squeeze, Larrivee Pete Anderson model: Stock image: Actual images of mine:
Will (or does) the NYC store stock the Ring Jacket blousons?
^^I've had the same experience - I have a pair of both the herringbone and donegal and neither are too warm, even in a heated office environment. I am also considering snagging another pair (wish the sandy oranges were still there in a 31!).
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