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Yeah, a belt will fit in a small flat rate box, which is $5.95.
Once again, a quoted shipping cost of $10.22 to send a belt from Portland to NYC has talked me down from the ledge of almost making a purchase.
It's been a while but got dat PTO eBay roundup bump this week. Thanks to whichever one of you guys runs that again.
In interest of actual content, some random ish from the past while: Small, but fits like an L Hill-side Hat tip to @GM-H on these, first one N/A others all avail. EG
How small is that JCrew Mackintosh?
@SpooPoker Legit?
Two pairs of Epaulet trousers on offer. Price includes shipping to the United States. Gray windowpanes - older label, not sure of the year: Tagged size is 34 Waist: 16" + 2" to let out Inseam: 31.5" + 1.75" cuffs.
Prices include paypal fees and US shipping. Please take off $5 for each tie after the first.Breuer Cashmere - gray striped - $45$4062" x 3"Paul Stuart Silver Herringbone - good wedding tie - $252056.5" x 3.5" [[SPOILER]]
Looking to sell, or possibly to trade for a Small cruiser or CPO in earth tones (not looking for anything in gray or black)Gray Cotton Baker SmallWhite Cotton Bedford SmallKhaki Cotton/Linen Irving (not sure I want to let this one go) Small [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: