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Looking to get my wife a big scarf/wrap in the 80" x 20" neighborhood - any good deals/makers/shops anyone can recommend?
So this just happened. 6x Epaulet Walt trousers - 2 windowpane flannel, 1 gray hop sack nwt, 3 linen plus pairs 2 shorts. Mostly tagged or tailored to about 31 waist it seems. Some will be avail. FSC Donegal shacket maybe avail GBV large avail Also just got these back from Bnelson and in addition to the taps they gave me a real nice shine for me FOC:
Love these.
Is this a S? HMU.
You know how to reach me...
So this is awesome but I'm not sure I have the swag to pull it off. As usual my photos don't do justice. Looks like Lardini is the maker.
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