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Engineered Garments anything is a thing. The collab in question: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2008/09/15/levis-engineered-garments-collection/
From Epaulet's website: "This handsome dress-casual piece is sure to be one of the most worn items in your wardrobe. This particular model is made-up in show-stopping loden green pig suede. The elegant mossy green color is distinctive and easy to wear. Pig suede is prized for its durability and soft, luxurious texture. While comparable in feel, pig suede is far more durable than its lamb or calf counterparts. This tougher nature makes pig suede superior at retaining the...
J Press York St jacket - 40 and avail Triple flapped patch pockets Action back Wolf buttons
Best way to ship a pair of pants to Canada? Dude isn't concerned about tracking but would like to cover my ass. Didn't I read something about priority mail now being available there and somewhat not unaffordable?
Loubs ain't Lobbs.
Good day - got this for myself, filling a big hole in the 'drobe: e: stock picture of the DS Dundee: Also this - paging @Brianpore and other small bros - it's a 36S and avail:
Forgot to post this in here - was pretty shocked to find this bad boy at a Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn a few weeks ago - unfortunately out of season so I'll be holding on to it or next winter: Yellow Hook Necktie Co. Special Edition Holiday necktie in 2012-2013 plaid. Same one as Rob is this photo: BTW Rob next time you want to thin the herd let me know - I'm sure I can give you a better price than BE!
Hey Mike, are those Southwick oxfords still going up today? I've just about worn out my F5 key.
Oh I didn't get it from Gilt, but I still broke the 90% barrier by a long shot.
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