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LS Snuff suede plain toe flex boots today. Trousers by Epaulet.
Olive tree Walts for a 5 feels like -16 morning. You guys need to stop sleeping on these UK tweeds!
And I'm assuming as the claim will take forever to be processed, I should just go ahead and refund him, right?e: I can eat the $15 if need be - more worried about negative feedback mitigation at this point.
Priority actually - and I just confirmed - shipped weight was 2.4oz, and the buyer is confirming as well:"Thanks for the quick response - I appreciate you looking into this. I received an empty manila envelope (9" x 12") with a USPS Priority Mail 2-Day label indicating a package weight of 2.40 oz. The envelope was sealed at the top and bottom with packing tape."The way he's approached it and is responding doesn't scream scammer to me at all, and what he said about it being...
Just had a buyer message about an empty envelope being received instead of a tie. His feedback is good as a buyer and seller and he's a longstanding ebayer so not thinking he's a scam artist. I told him I'd confirm with my inventory and receipt when I got home - I'm thinking that unless I had a major brain fart that it was probably stolen en route. Do I have any recourse besides refunding him? It's only $15 so I am not super stressed but it's annoying and there's always...
Killing it man...so glad you snagged that.
Understatement, brah.
It's good. $250+ for a new pair.
Has this glaring typo been discussed yet? Need to get me some of 'dem "discuounts".
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