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I change the handling time, and copy/paste in a note in all caps at the top of the listing saying that I'm away until X date and that stuff will be shipped upon my return on X date. Done it a couple times and so far so good.
I'll certainly make more selling these NWOB Quoddy for Rogues Gallery boots I also picked up today, but finds for personal use like a NWOT Metallica tee is even more fun for me - one of those "love of the game" type finds that keep the hunt enjoyable.
I love thrifting
That's what I'm hoping for! If you're making it easy for people to find stuff, sellers should be making it easy for people to buy it too!
Thanks for the include! If anyone is interested in my C&Js, tell me you saw them in this thread and I'll knock off $25 from my ask.
Brown scotch-grain leather chukka boots. Dainite rubber sole. Size is 9D US. No box or bags. Asking $225 shipped CONUS
Thrift fit: SC - Boglioli (consignment) Shirt - Outlier (thrift) Belt - Epaulet (thrift funded) Pocket Square - Hill-Side (thrift) Trousers - Read Wall by Southwick - (thrift) Chukkas - Church's (e-thrift)
Thread en Fueco.
Boom goes that dynamite.
Anyone's UM order ship yet?
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