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Why not?
Self Edge is right down the block from Epaulet. Blue in Green is also well worth checking out.
Thriftmas bro: [[SPOILER]]
Dude loves his shoes man.
Those are likely older Cheaney.
Phineas Cole sport coat. Donegal tweed, orange lining. Dual vent, throat latch. 3 roll 2 button stance. Patch pockets. Tagged 38 reg, but PC runs short so I'd say this is more of a 38S. Chest: 20.5" Sleeves: 24.5" (working cuffs) Length: 28.5" Shoulder: 17.5" Asking $old shipped to the US.
Awesome Spoo! Can't wait to visit the space in person, all the best to you and the LS crew in the future!
12:01 tomorrow or should I go to bed?
Springbok supporter checking in. Looks like I'll be cheering for the All Blacks today! Send Richie off in style!
[[SPOILER]] Welp. I'm just going to stay home this afternoon then...
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