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Sup krüe.
Forgot to post this: Jacket: FSC - sample sale Shirt: BBBF - ethrift Tie: Breuer cashmere - mispriced consignment Pants: J Press York St. Ethrift. Shoes: C&J for BB true thrift
So for a non-eBay sale (through grailed) I can't get the $45 and just have to pay whatever the online quote is through the USPS website?
So am I dumb or what? How do I find the Priority Mail Express International option for $45 that everyone keeps talking about?
Someone's awful chipper for 5 hours sleep. I wonder why.
Welp.(guess I've only got 9 more years till my payoff haul...)
Way too soon.
Sup Crue? NZ playing Australia, let's hope the ABs thrift a win.
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