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Dude don't question just embrace and make that moneye: see: Robert Graham
Those are the Artisan label. Sortof a Golden Fleece level label. Retail on those puppies was ~$275 so good snag. What's the size by the way? If small or 15/15.5 x 33 dibs
?QQuoting for truth - this is very well said.
I really don't get it. Are they targeting metaldads? Not a massive market I don't think. As far as Metallica goes, I keep trying to convince myself they have any cred left but this has really turned their "Whore" up to 11.
Yeah, but only if it's all of those combined.
Definitely not shell.
Grailed is just trending toward stupid. They've started shifting items out of "Grailed" into "Basics." I was poking around the Basics section today and am a bit dumbfounded that a pair of NWT 3sixteens are considered basic along with the Gap cargo shorts a few listings down?
Holy shit. Avail?
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