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Along with this, the fact that you have to drop price to get it back to the top leads to people inflating prices, building in 2-3 drops before eventually receiving a just-slightly-higher-than-lowball offer that's grudgingly accepted because it's been 3 months since the item in question was listed.
A great example of a conversation that should have taken place by private message.
And then you'll sleep in till 6:30?
True story: Yesterday I went to the NMWA sale and left with nothing because I'm a goddam moron who can't read a calendar. Worst part is I can't go either day it's actually happening
Yeah I thought I read that Fok had unscrewed the grilled links but guess not. For those wondering it was a link to a polo Indian head sweater someone was asking $700 for.As to the Arun dude from grilled I mean just look at this guy
C'mon Mr. Brightside - let's imagine he was a bit more clever and traded for $15 in BE credit.
Size on those Trickers Spoo?
I thrifted a NWT pair of 22oz Elephants last year. I still can only get 3/4 buttons closed. I didn't get bruising or anything like some have reported but they were pretty rough to break in. Can't even imagine the 32s.
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