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Ordered a brown goat A2 on June 20 2013, got tracking 8 January 2014, had it in my hands 9 January 2014.
On tumblr you said they are hugging, but technically I think the LP is the big spoon.
Can we get a @capnwes beaver coat style mirror shot please?Oh hay those were mine. I will second your notion that those were super nice, if they'd fit I'da kept 'em as well.
Yeah was kidding - will be interesting to see how it plays out...Also, how close did any/all of these come to fitting you, and if they're close, what kind of mindfuck has that been?
No $9.99 10 day auction?e: consider that shit watched. Please keep us informed how many watchers it actually garners.
Love dat foreplay.
It's this
Couple things: Sexiest vest I ever saw. Love the alpaca blend tweed and suede trim everywhere. Small wimminz: Stetson all silk cabbie hat:
Will there be anything on the 3636 last?
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