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Keep? Sizing up would be too long so it's a S or nothing for me. (5'8" 170)
Don't accept returns, but I just got a return request for an item saying it's counterfeit. Reason? "Tag [of which there were two] says 100% cashmere, but it's not." Adding this fucker to the blacklist BRB.
This is a good.
I did keep the Breuer so thanks - probably breaking it out this week in fact!
too narrow for me.
brb running to the dümpster now.
Crue represent.Also, tragic news I've just this moment learned - new phone means no more umlaut autocorrect. Stupid Apple.
FFS learn to multiquote.
Just look at this smug motherfucker.
Free shipping with Amazon Prime sent me over the edge on this. Crossing my fingers a S will work.
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