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Looks ok - what happens to the buttons when you spread out your arms or sit down? If they strain then it might be a bit too tight, if they stay relatively put then you're probably ok.
Some recent pickups 3sixteen 30 avail Zegna 15milmil15 na Fwrragamo by cantarelli wool can na Are these still a thing? These two are from BE- half off day made it possible to pickup Avail, ocbd Avail. U.S. M
$100 wimminz. Kop?
Deets on Barena Espu?
Aw shit you're back?
Aforementioned Caraceni Sammy 40S Bunch of shirts
In after Spoo.
Fields of Gold inaugural run today:
Fun fact - Mr. Klein and I are the same size. So the tough choice really is whether to keep or make fat stacks.
Can you direct me to the thrifties thread for 2015 please
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