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Man that's horrible. An example of when natural lighting isn't a good thing.Also another eBay tip of the day - a $9.95 BIN on a sweater with a hole in it is not worth your time as a seller. [[SPOILER]]
I love that my iPhone autocorrects to "Crüe" without me even having to search for umlauts.
Espu the only clear response here is to approach HDTV (or your network of choice) with the rights to shoot a reality show following you around.Fakedit: or you could just sell the rights to the whole "I thrifted a Ferrari" story to the highest bidder...
Old Cantarelli
I'm not barrel but...What. The. Actual. Fuck?
Sounds great.Also Barrel I need a TV recommendation ASAP.
Love coming home to these:
Don't keyword spam bro.
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