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NWT I'd say good.
PMed the seller, he responded back it's black.
Uggggh...if it was navy I might pull the trigger...
The OP of that thread is useful, but it does have one major weakness in that it relies on heel nail patterns, and if a pair of shoes is resoled by a 3rd party cobbler, it's not possible to use nail patterns to identify the maker. There are bits and pieces of inner labels/markings for shoes scattered throughout the thread, but it's a real pain trying to sift through.
Those would be older Alfred Sargent. Here's a mainline label for comparison:And another example of AS for Polo (which also can pop on Made in England JCrew shoes as well):It's easy to confuse AS with older Crockett and Jones though:And just for completeness, here's two examles of newer Alfred Sargent (I believe the topmost is either newer or nicer):and newer C&J:
Alfred Sargent also makes/made for Polo, and are labeled "Benchmade in England". If you have a photo of the interior size/last markings that'd be helpful.
All the jackets I regret not buying weren't even available by the time I realized I needed wanted them - Suede A-1, Peacoat, Anniversary MA-1. Still, I'm glad I got at least one.Dark brown goat A-2 going on 6 months old now:In Brooklynin Reykjavik
Chuck in some XL shoe trees for a week or two and they will stretch - if after that they are still tight, what I have also done in the past is put a sock on the tree to stretch a bit further. It can take a while but it works- and those suede boots should definitely have some give in em.
Not shell.
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