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Can't find a collection ID. Some Pics here:
Which of you thriftbros know Dior Homme denims?
Link to where to buy?
$95.Caruso were very few and far between sadly.
Suits was two very long racks, there was a shorter rack of sportcoats at $895 - some insanely nice stuff in the bigger sizes on those. Suits were not organized by size or maker. Entire bottom rack seemed to be Brioni. Some staples to be had if you have the patience to deal with trying to track down your sizing.
For those wondering:
thanks to @TexJake - broke into my SS package today - very generous dude - looking forward to trying this sweet Mexican coffee in particular. My phone isn't cooperating to upload photos but will try again Later. In the meantime thanks again bro
Oh that was me - enjoy good buddy.
Hey guys. Picked up a navy goretex MA1 off of grilled, stock size 50, and really need a size 48. So........WTT a size 50 navy goretex MA1 for a size 48 - prefer navy as well but could talk black.
Unghhh that smokey chocolate....
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