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How real of a thing is the ban?I've only heard of it happening to one maybe two guys, but it does kindof stress me out I have ordered about 10 things over the past year and only kept 10, but it's really because of what razl said that the pics/descriptions/measurements are lacking, and I do like to roll the dice occasionally but you'd think they'd see it as a cost of doing business thing for them unless they want to up their game a bit, rather than blacklist potential...
Bad joke and I didn't make that connection.
Nm. I learned something today.
What did you get this too?
Actually, there is!
Don't know why I even bothered going out in @TJGent87s wake but
The kind served by 3 airports? Those train things are pretty expensive I hear, so 2/3 ain't bad considering.
Pretty much this - I've been following the TOJ story since the very early days and really admired the guy in how he saw gaps in the market he was interested in filling and going after it. Considering some of the glory days of TOJ, it's sad to see it go off the rails like this.
Agree as a buyer. While it's the wrong thread for this discussion really, I'll say that my approach as a seller on grailed (and SF B&S for that matter) is usually to list at a lower price than what I do on eBay - if I'm building 10% or so into an eBay asking price for fees, why not pass those savings on to the buyer if I don't have to pay them? (That's my theory but I wish it worked a bit better in practice)
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