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Good job.
Best by a long shot is the Unique at 218 W 234th st.
I can personally attest to how sick this blousen is, and would suggest that if it's even remotely in your size range, you need to get on this - thickest softest cashmere I've ever felt.
Some highlights from recently. Outlier pants x2 size 28 and 29 Seize sur Vignt custom purple herringbone NWT Skeet size S???!! PRL blazer by corneliani size 38R Boys BB herringbone odd jacket - size 16 might work for a 36S. @Brianpore?
I'd grab all of 'em - even if no one is interested in proxying here, at $50 each you could triple your money pretty easily.
NWT I'd say good.
PMed the seller, he responded back it's black.
Uggggh...if it was navy I might pull the trigger...
The OP of that thread is useful, but it does have one major weakness in that it relies on heel nail patterns, and if a pair of shoes is resoled by a 3rd party cobbler, it's not possible to use nail patterns to identify the maker. There are bits and pieces of inner labels/markings for shoes scattered throughout the thread, but it's a real pain trying to sift through.
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