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Any of you guys fly fisherman? Snagged this today - fits a small, avail
Yes. Which is saying something considering that RO you have...
I'd say it's the perfect spring jacket - I see guys in G9s over an OCBD and chinos constantly in my office building.
Don't judge, bro be creating demand.
Pics from yesterday's haul. More of that Loro Piana quadrata Steven Alan cowichan M AE Haight 8D Dainite soles J Crew linen cotton 40r Mark Mcnairy USA made OCBD XL A bunch of outlier. Sizes XS, M, and Xxl EG Fits a small
Bunch of stuff today too tired to take pics except for this
Yeah, a belt will fit in a small flat rate box, which is $5.95.
Once again, a quoted shipping cost of $10.22 to send a belt from Portland to NYC has talked me down from the ledge of almost making a purchase.
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