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How about next time those Epaulet SCs be 38s, mkay?
Hey guys, a few more things I'd like to trade. I've got a 48EU/38US staple charcoal suite for Calvin Klein Collection made by Vestimenta. Made in Italy, flat front, dual vent, two button. So so gutted it's not a short but such is life. Also some NWT Incotexes for the big boys (literally still have the pockets basted and everything), size 40 waist. No pics at the moment but I can produce. Get at me.
Yeah just got mine as well - kindof shocked to be honest. After two days I was sure it was going to be a cancellation.
Hey thrift bros - got some Loro Piana 5 pocket cords in a deep green to trade. Pretty good nick overall - one of the belt loops will need a minor repair (forgot to photo it but can send it to any seriously interested party). Also a slight abrasion on the right leg. Some wear to the rear pocket corners. Would prefer these go to a thrift thread regular. Tagged 32, measurements are: Waist: 15.75" Rise: 11" Thigh - 12.75" Inseam - 30" Leg opening - 8"
Def EG.
I placed an order with UM yesterday at 5AM EST and have nothing to show for it, and the item is now sold out so I don't have my hopes up of getting a shipping notice. Though I'm kindof ambivalent about the piece so if it did get cancelled I wouldn't be heartbroken.
Authenticity check? Black Charvet tux shirt. Also belated yesterday brag:
Some finds: Alan Paine Fair Isle Icelandic sweater for my wife Summer weight Corneliani (big dudes get at me - it's a 48) Isaia
Yeah, put that on exactly. I've sold a ton of stuff through GSP and haven't had an issue.
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