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FYI 330CK snagged this from me. It is incredibly sick - don't hesitate if you're a EU48!
Not going to win, but maybe something for the junior varsity competition:
Was in philly yesterday. Snagged these for my personal black tie rig: And some of this:
Bonus points for any striped SCs...
Honestly you wouldn't want to wear those tweeds much above 50F if that. I've got both the tweed and donegal fabrics and the donegal is a little cooler but still nowhere near a summer fabric.
Is this true? I would order one if so...
Sorry bruh.This is a shitton of cashmere tho. This is folded in half and rolled...
Hard to follow spoo but I did have one of those "from across the room" moments today. True thrift. 100% cashmere blanket/throw. Measures roughly 90x45 inches. N to the freaking A.
Noname watch cap - flea market Buzz Rickson peacoat - ethrift FoTL tshirt - retail Rogue Territory - true thrift Converse - thrift funded
These are currently on Epaulet's website for $265. http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-dove-grey-hopsack-wool "This absolutely gorgeous Italian hopsack wool is startlingly soft, breathable, and long-wearing. The light grey tone has a wonderful presence, especially in sunlight, while the pronounced weave makes it a true dual-purpose trouser, perfect for casual and formal occasions alike. Breathable in warm weather and up to the challenge of the cold, it...
New Posts  All Forums: