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This is getting nowhere near enough love.
Xpost from fit thred: Today: Seasonal beard Sweater: SNS Herning (grailedthrift) Shirt: BB OCBD from @stevesmith Tie: Ovadia and Sons wool flannel (grailedthrift) Trousers: Epaulet (Buffalo Exchange) Shoes: C&J for BB (Buffalo Exchange)
They do fit pretty roomy for what its worth . I'm a 38 and the 36 works well for me.Today:Seasonal beardTie: SNS Herning (grailedthrift)Shirt: BB OCBD from @stevesmithTie: Ovadia and Sons wool flannel (grailedthrift)Trousers: Epaulet (Buffalo Exchange)Shoes: C&J for BB (Buffalo Exchange)
Don't do this.This post belongs in the eBay thread, but asking there shouldn't keep you from doing your homework by looking at eBay completed listings.Also, the answer is "it depends."
I'm pretty sure this is the exact fabric made up:
Counterpoint - I can't count the number of times I've accepted an offer that came accompanied by ye olde "Paypal ready" and then never heard from the dude again. I don't really get excited about accepted offers anymore. Hell, given the stories I hear about scammers I don't even get excited about sales where the dude actually pays until 90 days after the transaction when they can't open a Paypal case anymore.
What color is the heavyweight cashmere?
I have a sportcoat in this exact fabric and it really is insane. Very very heavy, warm, thick, amazing. Highly recommended.
It's what I do.
So the other day I was in Buffalo Exchange, didn't find much. Saw a dude cashing out after selling and packing a bunch of stuff into a bag. Noticed a familiar locker loop, asked him if those were Black Fleece shirts, he said yup, asked if they were BB1, he said yup, asked if he'd consider selling them to me, he said yup, asked how much, he said how about $20 for the lot, I said ok. All my size, all minty fresh, mostly N/A.
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