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Yeah QP sale gets a meh from me. Not much in my size I'd really be looking for, and certainly much more across the board than I'm looking to pay. I guess they'll be dropping prices throughout the weekend but still...
I have this. You can roll back the cuffs as well if thumb holes aren't necessary, that's how I usually wear mine.
Some stuffs. Mostly N/A. EG Gitman Vintage Longhi shearling vest (is thing?) Old-ass Brooks Gren
Second best ad placement.
Great mobile ad placement:
In other news, I'll be staying home today.
e: NM I'm just bad at math.
If it helps heres an automatic redirect link I got hit with this AM on the mobile site:http://d.mobpartner.mobi/?s=1126398Took me to the App Store to download FarmVille 2: Country Escape by Zygna Inc.
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