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Loads of shirts, a couple pairs of trousers, one vest, and actually just passed on a jacket yesterday that was too thrashed to justify a $50 pricetag.Are you in NYC? I saw that shirt or one very like it a few days ago, thought about picking it up but didn't, would also be curious if there's anything on that maker.Domenico Spano is nice stuff, but doesn't have a ton of name recognition.
I just thrifted that exact pair yesterday WTF. Stop breaking into my house.
That's an "item not received" case.
Man of the people.
HA yeah it was right at the end of the rack dang - dang yeah I saw that LBM jacket too - decided to pass but didn't see the hole.
Dude we must have just missed - I was in there around 6:45 or so? And no worries, Caruso was from elsewhere!!!
Caruso, some of the nicest fabric ever, amazing fall piece. @barrelntrigger check these - my size supa cheap Never heard of this brand but they're made by Southwick. Similar detailing to Epaulet but a hell of a lot more expensive at 355. My size and cheep tho so @leftofthedial don't even need to raid your honey hole bru. Found at a GW Consignment ties - Drakes, T&A, Breuer cashmere, RLPL madder.
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