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SWD dudes - is NWT BLK DNM worth kopping?
Xpost from thrift thread - what's the approximate era of this BB label?
Oh sweet. That makes 2 in a week for me... Does anyone know what era that BB label dates to?
Grenadine, or just woven? Leaning towards the latter.Also, a few more pics of the RLPL and RLBL I picked up a few days ago - the sizing is weird on these - the purple label is tagged a 40R but measures more like a 42, the black label is tagged a 44R but measures more like a 40R?RLPL [[SPOILER]] RLBL [[SPOILER]]
Pretty infrequently - I'll go for weeks without one. Though that being said, my volume isn't anywhere near as high as a lot of guys though (think I had about 5-7 sales per week last year).
3 days once the tracking number he uploads after shipping back to you shows delivered.
What era is the black label for BB again?
That is one hell of a jacket.
Ah right, missed that. I suppose if he leaves a neg on ebay and references not receiving the item, then you could probably get it removed as you have proof of delivery. If he just leaves a more vague complaint you could be SOL. Though like I said, I don't think he really seems like the neg leaving type.
I think the moral of the story here is to avoid buyers with the "bubba" in their username. fakeedit: yes I know you can't choose your buyers. He doesn't really seem like the negative feedback leaving type - if it was me, I'd probably just refund him in full and eat it, as I'd think that'd help you with getting it removed in case he does.
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