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FFS those went fast.
Went back out after work. Found a rack of T&A, 90% of which had embroidery or pit stains. These two were the only ones worth picking up: Also snagged this Giampaolo from the same donor: BB Scottish Lambswool for me: The aforementioned St James: And this set of glasses from my favorite brewery:
Scam alert? Dude made an offer to me on some shoes, I countered, and today I get this: "I will be accepting your offer pretty soon. However, there was a security issue with my bank and I'm in the process of switching banks. Will you be okay with me paying on the 12th?" I don't really care if it takes that long as if it works I'd be very happy with the sale price, and I'll be travelling next week anyways, but I don't want to get boned by some scam if this is one. e:...
This is a personal for me...perfect fit and I've been looking for a similar breton stripe for a while. But considering their retail (>$200) I'm sure you could flip one pretty well if your cost wasn't too high.
Lunchthrift, only one pickup worth mentioning but it's something I've been after for a while. Pic not mine but same thing: I also snagged a Uniqlo chambray so can now pull off this exact look (including smug facial expression):
I would have picked it up last week, but it's a bit too big in the shoulders and a bit long. So sick.
My analysis stands.Spoopoker: Stern, but fair.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOrVJlPTblc
Father of the year.
Nice. CT are usually loake if made in England FYI.
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