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Thrift fit: Peacoat - Luxeswap Scarf - Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere true thrift Jeans - Simon Miller true thrift Boots - Alfred Sargent for Ralph Lauren e-thrift Zero Halliburton Suitcase/ab roller - true thrift Kettlebells - Amazon
Oh btw picked up this peacoat from Spoo a whole back. Makes me look like a Dilophosaurus thanks mang
Dat. Bor. El. Ee. Wow.
What can I say, I have great taste.
That moment when you go to ask Spoo for deets and realize you sent him the item in question...
A photo better than a BP photo? That's high praise.
WTF kind of thrift closes at 6 I swear...
You do realize this is the most active thread on all SF right? Not sure the "livening up" was really necessary.
D'oh. I reed gud.
I'm so confused - someone went to the FBI and reported you for an eBay transaction?
New Posts  All Forums: