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That certainly is A Thing.Spoo do those Cucinellis run short or regular?
I think actual percentages are more like 13% (ebay at 10% or so and Paypal at 2-3) before any discount you may get, so 20% sounds safe. If you include free shipping in your fixed price factor that in as well.
I want to say Caruso.
Hay dudes. Looking to move a bunch of stuff - I have less and less time to deal with eBay and prefer dealing with you folks so please PM with interest. If anything tickles your fancy here, hit me up as I'm eager to make a deal and just move this stuff on.Photos/measurements available on request. I may be adding some stuff as I dig through my inventory and find stuff I've forgotten I had. [[SPOILER]] I would be OK selling anything here (though would prefer to sell to...
Any thoughts on this?
Fit pics had better be imminent
Someone died.Legendary haul man.
Oh that sucks. I was thinking a toffee tan MA-1 would look sick. Or sand suede. On the other hand I can stop figuring out how to explain another leather to my wife.
I see the suiting wool option but not a leather one. E: oh. Am assuming pricing is up there with other leathers? And color/material options are about the same?
I'm confused. Is leather MA-1 still an option?
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