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Cheaney Edward Green? (Am I reading this right they are on the 89 last?) for Alan Macafee shortwings - 11.5UK. Less red than the photos make them out to be. [[SPOILER]]
Top one is Corneliani. Is the bottom photo just the other side of the label?
Massive disappointment yesterday, which actually reminded me of what's become an unconscious thrifting strategy - I now look over everything I pick up off the rack searching for reasons to convince myself not to buy something. 99 times out of 100, if something's at the GW, it's there for a reason, and the more rigorous I've become in really checking things over for problems, the less crap I've come home with.Point in fact, I pick this tie up:Looks good, feels good, ooh, 7...
Cheaney, on the 175 last (second from the right):http://www.cheaney.co.uk/cheaney-size-fit.phpe: that's older Cheaney - they've moved to a handwritten script for their interior labeling. Don't have a photo handy for comparison tho at the moment.
Discount store post: was at a consignment shop today and stumbled on this. Pricey, but I have never even seen this label before, and I never find stuff in my size.
It's really too cold for this shit but I can't keep myself from wearing this. I've dropped the holiday weight and can at least layer a light sweater underneath now. In other news my wife was asking about the cutoff date. Is the girlfriend A2 an option?
Pretty sure the handwriting is recent. I have a pair of these (Peal by C&J for BB) that have the handwritten script, and as they are still on the site I'd imagine it's what they're currently using:http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Algonquin-Split-Toes/273H,default,pd.html?dwvar_273H_Color=BLCK&contentpos=63&cgid=0522I've also seen the handwriting on quite a few pairs of recent C&J for Polo that I've handled.
There are older labels that have that, but I've seen recent stuff (FW2012) with that on the label which is where I think the current Yoox crop is coming from. It's really nice stuff, well worth picking up especially at some of the pricepoints of the recent drops.
You know who makes me nervous? The low feedback bidder who asks a question, then five minutes later does a BIN for the item for my optimistically high asking price without me answering his question.
New Posts  All Forums: