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@SpooPoker do you have eBay notifications enabled on your iPhone, and if so, do you have the notification sound set to this? http://youtu.be/4qjyd0tZwtA?t=4s I have this mental picture of your Sunday evenings being one unending "CHA-CHING."
That's made by Caruso using Loro Piana cloth.
Ferragamo overcoat Pop No cashmere left behind Scarves for me Dunhill Zegna Zegna charvet NWT BB x2 Hermes
Ferragamo jacket. e: I am thinking Cantarelli?
What are the starting rates for sport coats?
Rookie mistake bra.
@SpooPoker this a thang? Made by Zegna 50/50 wool/cashmere.
Hello cousin.Speaking of morning Crüe my neighbor is already screaming on the phone about someone owing her five dollas so loud I can hear every word through the wall. And she's usually the quiet one.
What do I win?(Saw him on this August 28th. No one believed me then but they do now).Also, Rod Stewart is a pole hugger. What an asshole.
Yeah I had the same experience with the sleeve length but had some loyalty reports so snagged it mostly for flip/trade purposes - didn't even realize the retail on MB is like $500.Funny you mention the men going in there not being savvy - I got run over by a dude as I walked in yesterday who shoved back me and raced to the men's section - I almost gave up as he seemed like he might know what he was doing, and his first stop was the ties, but straight after that, he went to...
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