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Big shoutout to Brian on this one! P sure Spoo remembers because I self-nominated for the Thrifties for that one Yeah I looked him up - was surprised to see he made his bread makin' bread, was expecting an oil magnate or something. Dude also looks like he wouldn't be out of place in a WWE ring.Yup.
Dat Charvet.
Outlier is thing. If EG is a S let me know so I can send you a PM
Got dam
Good to see you sampling your own supply with dat Bissinger.
Hustle knows no holiday.
FWIW I'm a 9D Barrie/Trubalance and I'm a 8.5D in 1ks.
Spootaclause in the house doling out knowledge like candy canes.
That is awesome.
You think this shit is bad? You should see the AAAC thrift exchange thread.http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?57921-AAAC-Informal-Trad-Thrift-Store-Exchange
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