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Do you really have to quote the guys post and then quote him in your post?
I only figured that out the first time after I looked at the tag, it says "Outlier NYC" on there. What clued me in even to check on details was the "Made in NYC" by the swan logo - going off the assumption that anyone who pays to have their line made in NYC must be making decent quality stuff (as opposed to all the So and So NYC lines made in Bangladesh you see running around [Jack Spade I'm looking at you]).And don't worry, I have some serious goofs I remember (I...
Love of the game thrifting today. Robert Talbott madras tie. Thurston braces - these are a thing yeah? NWOT. Another Outlier OCBD And very excited about this- my wife mentioned she wanted one the other day and I just happened to stumble on one. Now to get her to mention in passing she'd be interested in some Kiton suiting.
Man I need to make some friends.
You probably thrifted half his stuff anyways man!
Hey Ian FYI that is A Thing.
Few things recently. RLPL N/A NWT Filson bush jacket 2XL avail AE macneils N/a
Wait are these mega premier photos or just regular photos?
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