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So what you're saying is...it's heaven?
Just snagged one of these from the FSC sample sale. So disgustingly thick and warm yet very well tailored. I've never had a Harris Tweed for like this. Well worth checking out along with the Drakes sale if you're in NYC. http://shop.freemanssportingclub.com/products/sport-coat
I thought about that sweater. So thick and cozy but I have too many knits and too many in that earth tone as is to justify it.
I saw one or two maybe but heard them saying they were going fast. Didn't catch a price though.
Loads of ties at $60 a pop, some shirts, pocket squares, and scarves. Also a bunch of sweaters at $90 each.
^^not Samuehlson. They are Canadian and that is a US union label.
Spoo: ..."still going."
They aren't super heavy like you'd think of with a Harris Tweed or something, but are still sufficiently warm - I wore a pair yesterday in the sub-zero wind chill NYC weather and was comfortable, but they aren't overly hot in a heated office environment. I also haven't found them to be overly itchy, but the fact that they are lined to the knee would also mitigate that quite a bit.
HAUL YEAH!Church's New York, Barker, Barrie Ltd. All my size THIS NEVER HAPPENS.Shirts (TOP - BOTTOM) Steven Alan XXL, Gant Rugger XXL, Barbour Country Shirt L, Barbour International Flannel (NWT L) [[SPOILER]] L APC Shirt with removable collar [[SPOILER]] Size 40 Chipp Trench with removable wool liner [[SPOILER]] APC Blazer in my size - fits perfect, exactly what I've been looking for for months. Dual vents too woop woop! [[SPOILER]] And the piece de resistance:Oxxford...
I was walking by and spoke with the guys at CHCM today - they said last year was 28 boxes, and this year they have 35.
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