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Fok, just got one of those stupid mobile popups: Had to click OK, took me here: https://s3.amazonaws. com/mybenefit/fb/mobile/us/k001/a200.html?sid=STYLEFORUM.NET#b
For the sleeve extension you're probably stuck dealing with Barbour direct. I've also used these guys for reproofing and repair with good results.
Are there any kickers on the current BBBF sale? I'd love to grab a few more buttondowns but would love to save a few bucks if possible.
Spent the last three weeks traveling for work, just met up with my wife in Paris for some R&R. Hit a thrift, first thing I touch is this (needs a press and crap photos but). Found nothing even remotely buyable beyond this but that's ok : Why not? Made by Boglioli for those wondering at home.
Good pickup at $25 I'd say if they are in good nick - particularly for personal use.
Southwick x Todd Snyder my size and minty... NWT Shockoe Rainbow Neps size 31, avail N/A navy satin Slim 38S, avail And finally...sure, why not? Slightly over 10% rule but for p much unworn Aldens in my size, I'll allow it...
Wow. Just wow.
For the record I haven't actually blocked anyone (this includes drlivingston and gmmcl as well as all you other dudes who quoted me yesterday Koala-T and vexco are the only two I can remember off the top of my head), and I only mentioned by name Spoo and barrel by name because the morning exchanges are a great running joke, and woofa because he cracks me up because he spells always spells Spoo's name in all-caps.To drlivingston's point above - what is annoying is that I...
Please stop doing this. Read the goddam thread. Read the last goddam thread. Use eBay completed listings. If you think there's a chance it's not a thing, then it's probably not a thing. If you won them for GBP2 and GBP1 respectively they are almost assuredly not things, barring any severe misspellings because things that are things almost never slip through the cracks, and certainly don't do so if they are made by Brooks Brothers or RT.Christ at this rate the only people...
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