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Good stuffs today:Two shirts that fit like a glove!Cherry pop! N/A:Dat button:Loro Piana N/A:Magnanni 10.5SICK partially lined khaki cashmere peacoat overcoat thing - 50EU/40US. Leather collar detail is great. [[SPOILER]] @Spoopoker Fake? [[SPOILER]]
Heels aren't original.
Allen Edmonds recently opened up a shop in Center City. You could also probably check in at Boyds.
Thrift thread xpost - I think these are Edward Green for Alan Mcafee? Same script as the Cheaney's GMMcL posted above, but I believe the "89" is the last reference given the location as well as none of the other numbers turning up anything, and EG is the only English maker I can track down with that last. Or maybe Alfred Sargent? Anyone have any insights? [[SPOILER]]
Cheaney Edward Green? (Am I reading this right they are on the 89 last?) for Alan Macafee shortwings - 11.5UK. Less red than the photos make them out to be. [[SPOILER]]
Top one is Corneliani. Is the bottom photo just the other side of the label?
Massive disappointment yesterday, which actually reminded me of what's become an unconscious thrifting strategy - I now look over everything I pick up off the rack searching for reasons to convince myself not to buy something. 99 times out of 100, if something's at the GW, it's there for a reason, and the more rigorous I've become in really checking things over for problems, the less crap I've come home with.Point in fact, I pick this tie up:Looks good, feels good, ooh, 7...
Cheaney, on the 175 last (second from the right):http://www.cheaney.co.uk/cheaney-size-fit.phpe: that's older Cheaney - they've moved to a handwritten script for their interior labeling. Don't have a photo handy for comparison tho at the moment.
Discount store post: was at a consignment shop today and stumbled on this. Pricey, but I have never even seen this label before, and I never find stuff in my size.
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