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Yeah, I am really really happy. I also had this look of douchey smug satisfaction when I tried it on:
J Press York Street x Ovadia and Sons Trench. My size, and to quote Gmmcl "fits like a glove" so N/A. The valet on which it's resting is also new, been looking out for one for a while and finally snagged one!!
If any of the Bogliolis are a 38 give me a shout.
Oh roight.
Why not just hang on to those for a few months and try again - they are still a bit out of season (POLAR VORTEX) but might do better come May or June?
Wait, you can strip the color off dark brown suede? I thought that only worked on smooth leathers.
A-2 Ordered 20 June, Tracking 7 January, received 8 January.
Though in all seriousness, the best NYC area thrift I've hit is the Bronx Unique at 218 W 234th street - you can get there quite easily on the 1 train from 42nd street Times Square:https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=Unique+Thrift&fb=1&gl=us&hq=unique+thrift+store&hnear=0x89c2e08bea1f4105:0xc9a6488c48b356c2,Bronx+County,+NY&cid=8020602635277076411&ei=ZSkvU4ynJOnA0AHqnoDQBw&ved=0CKwBEPwSMAo
Do you really have to quote the guys post and then quote him in your post?
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