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Why not x3 today. N/A unless you really have to have it.
My favorite this week were the Bean boot titles.
Not shell. Also I am very nervous of the seller notes on that listing: "“Relishing, buyer dining pay yet and won't communicate."
Available if it's a small?
Yes, C&J. I'm a 9D in AE and am a 9D in the Marlows, though as always YMMV.
Jeez if one of you is an 11 that should be a no brainer.
Fucking awesome saved you a click - one of my photos
Also, RE: concerts, my favorites so far was when I got to see Sleep last year at House of Vans. My ears are still ringing, Matt Pike is a god.Close second was COC, front row, right in front of Pepper Keenan.
There's a wide range of Tom Waits - his more standard jazz ballady stuff ("Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" is one of my favorite songs ever) is really great as opposed to some of his over the top "circus music."
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