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PM/Payment sent. 'Bout fucking time you got something nice with a [[SPOILER]]
Also interested in what color might be available for the Harrington - sand or navy? I'm assuming pricing would be on par with full leathers?
Simon Miller my size x2? Ok.
None of those remotely in my size neighborhood but wow is that TF the Fuck You-est.
Both are C&J. Nice.
Was there ever a theoretical pricepoint put out on the helmet bag?
Admirals Peacoat.
Yeah, I am really really happy. I also had this look of douchey smug satisfaction when I tried it on:
J Press York Street x Ovadia and Sons Trench. My size, and to quote Gmmcl "fits like a glove" so N/A. The valet on which it's resting is also new, been looking out for one for a while and finally snagged one!!
If any of the Bogliolis are a 38 give me a shout.
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