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^^Budd makes for Huntsman. Not sure if they were formally acquired or not but yeah
These two are still available, hit me up.
Sup insomnia crue.
Sure, why not? Particularly with 20% off!
Ha I almost @-ed you on that too glad to see it wasn't necessary.These as well? Never seen grenadine on a not tie before. (Navy is a PS, orange and green are scarves)
The circle of thrift.
True story, I've consigned that exact Lanvin tie to you.
True story - walked into a thrift today, made my usual beeline to the shoe rack. Dude pulls off a pair of shoes that look head and shoulders above the rest of the drivel on the rack. I see doze ripples. Oh, they're shell all right. He's lookin' hard. Mention I'd be interested if he passes. He Googles. He moseys to checkout. The Alden Shell Cordovan PTB... ...the more you know??? Oh the pain.
Ethrift - Ovadia and Sons glen plaid wool tie - can't wait for winter...
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