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At NYC Goodwills, a "sale" is when they don't mark a dated EZ for Barneys double breasted orphan with mothholes and piss stains (yes, on an orphan) up to 49.99 and just choose bend you over for the minimum odd jacket price of 14.99.
BRB need to unRSVP from my cousin's wedding.
What is that
Thread is going places.
Are Bench and Loom going out of business? They haven't restocked anything since their last blowout sale in July or so.
If you're feeling spendy, the Epaulet x American Trench N3B is really, really nice. I handled one in store on Friday and it's the real deal.http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/american-trench-x-cockpit-special-edition-n3-b-snorkel-parka-blueIf not, I really like the newer Spiewak N2B and N3B jackets which can be found for reasonably cheap on the 'bay and grailed (make sure to size down at least one if not two with those tho).
Picked up a super nice watch cap yesterday. Unfortunately the label was cut out but I'm pretty sure it's either Buzz Rickson, Eastman, or true vintage issue. The difference in quality between these and the current issue ones I've had is massive. Wet because I just washed it. Anyone have any clues on how to definitively ID the maker?
Was at an event tonight at the Penn Club, needed to look good so went for my Drakes for Luxeswap tie natch:
Are any of you guys topshelfapparel on eBay? I forget if that's a member or some bigger operation.
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