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Heads up, I'm off to a meeting for the next hour and a half so everyone get ready for some sick sample sale shit to drop in the next fifteen minutes or so.
Longhi sells for $$$.
My wife and I recently redid our wedding photos. Bow tie, studs, and pocket square (white Chinese brocade) are all from Kent Wang (as are the matching studs and the Marcoliani socks).
You know who's a schmuck? Me, because it took so long for me to post unboxing photos. But you know who's awesome? Frickin' @Thrift Vader, who I was lucky enough to get for my Secret Santa: Thoughtful handwritten note (pic isn't uploading argh) Awesome Edwin Jacket: Assortment of wild handkerchiefs: Super cozy scarves: Honkin' huge PRL Belt: Action figure (in Vader's words "a daily reminder that our group of friends is worldwide) which now has a place of honor...
TOJ Somet Viberg
Holy Shit
JFC you thrifted a Dali on 3 January? Did Spoo even get a new Thrifties thread up?
Pretty sure you've got gren, shell, and the polo you're looking for in there.
@impuntura That was a good post.
My regret knows no bounds.Would this ever come back?
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