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Was at an event tonight at the Penn Club, needed to look good so went for my Drakes for Luxeswap tie natch:
Are any of you guys topshelfapparel on eBay? I forget if that's a member or some bigger operation.
Mostly Thrift/discount fit: Jacket - Luigi Bianchi Mantova, true thrift Shirt - Yellow Hook - sale Tie - RRL, true thrift Belt - Epaulet retail Trousers - Howard Yount, courtesy @SpooPoker Hoofs - C&J for Polo shell Marlows, underpriced consignment
On Sunday I had a chance to meet up with Rob in Brooklyn. We ended up having a great conversation - it was a pleasure to meet him after having seen his fits on the forum for so long and having been a big fan and tracking the work of Yellow Hook from day one. The purpose of our meeting was for me to pick up a buttondown shirt. For sizing reference, he and I are pretty much the exact same size across the Board. If it's useful to anyone else, I'm a 15x33 in BB ESF shirts, a...
Tom Ford calfskin suede loafer. Leather piping at collar and vamp. Penny saver strap. Apron toe. 1" flat stacked heel. Leather lining and sole. "Hugh" is made in Italy. Size 12, lightly worn. Asking $250 shipped to the USA.
Decent deal on some shell if you're a 9.5/10. https://www. grailed .com/listings/973173-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Bench-Made-in-England-Shell-Cordovan-Bluchers
I almost put it back because the collar point was so massive and the label looked dated and I thought it was true vintage and not worth the effort. The made in Portugal tag caught my eye and was what gave it away tho - the newer LVC tags look like this (great photos but you can kinda see).http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/ZnQAAOSwLpdW8wjI/s-l1600.jpghttp://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/t5IAAOSw1h5XQQDd/$_1.JPGAlso, on the care tag it says "Levis Vintage Clothing" and is...
LVC CPO True thrift. My size and fits good and looks great but I'm going to flip anyways just to piss off that guy from yesterday who thinks you should only thrift for yourself.
Ethrift from the weekend just came in- NWT flannel FSC suit at 15% rule. Fit is perfect just need to get the pants hemmed and sleeves finished. Quick and dirty @SpooPoker impression - Shirt is Ascot Chang for the Armoury true thrift. Tie is a navy Zegna cashmere from @YellowHookTies not thrift.
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