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Hell yeah.
Interest check - thinking about trying to sell my Fishtail - Black, XS.
Stop lying Nat, we all remember that Tom Ford haul...Hans, if your dogsitter bails give me a call...
Call back to a conversation a few month ago - this is the new Boglioli label in case anyone is wondering: e: not something I thrifted, just a photo I found.
Great post Hans. Agree with having Spoo put this in the first post - a few other forums I post on have similar Original Posts to which newcomers can be directed and that hits a lot of useful points in one place.Also, just added you on Instagram - you have a very good dog.
Man those look good. Can't wait for the blue linen stripe in particular to drop. And also really excited to hear about the cuff adjustment - I did an adjustment to my Napolis myself to tighten the fit a bit and having the extra button will be great.
Speaking of the summer linens, is there a preview on the fabrics? Also, I thought you mentioned the fit for the dress shirts was being modified to be slightly roomier - is that still the case or am I misremembering?
I also found myself drawing comparisons of YH to Epaulet as the feel is the same for both companies. I really enjoy and admire both for having a passion and a vision and chasing it from nothing.The major attraction for me with YH (beyond the great pieces!), that it's a true labor of love. I have met Rob a few times and we've talked about all sorts of details on the process, the products, and the history of the company (starting on the kitchen table), not to mention the... :low whistle:
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