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User kidcoin on grilled usually has some pairs up for good prices and reasonably fast ship from Germany.
I went with a small which they say is equivalent to a 38. I've owned a few other RM pieces and have always gone with a 38 which have fit me well, so fingers crossed.
Yeah I almost grabbed some stuff when they ran a 40% off on Memorial Day - glad I held off. Snagged the Real McCoys Waterfront coat (if it ships) for just over three bills.
Bench and Loom at 60% - some exclusions but works on a lot of good stuff still.
Are you in NYC because I saw that exact same orphan this afternoon...
Just want to say thanks to @Brianpore for facilitating my contribution while I'm traveling! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BOGLIOLI-Red-Orange-Grenadine-Knit-Silk-Mens-Scarf-37-x-35-ForBrian-/142033365771?hash=item2111d92b0b:g:vpIAAOSw~bFWGdU~ http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BOGLIOLI-Green-Woven-Grenadine-Knit-Silk-Mens-Scarf-37-x-35-ForBrian-/131855861913?hash=item1eb338c899:g:3jAAAOSwYHxWGdYP
Dude don't question just embrace and make that moneye: see: Robert Graham
Those are the Artisan label. Sortof a Golden Fleece level label. Retail on those puppies was ~$275 so good snag. What's the size by the way? If small or 15/15.5 x 33 dibs
?QQuoting for truth - this is very well said.
I really don't get it. Are they targeting metaldads? Not a massive market I don't think. As far as Metallica goes, I keep trying to convince myself they have any cred left but this has really turned their "Whore" up to 11.
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