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You are certainly not fucking around this week.
So that's where that Pvt. white went. Nice man.
Spew, what is this thred about?
I'm at just over 50% pre-taxes for the year using a similar formula as Brian which as a small-time/hobbyist seller I'm pretty happy with - I don't do enough volume and don't do returns so don't get FVF discounts, but I could probably improve this a bit by streamlining my shipping and maximizing the available discounts there.My formulas are:Pre-tax profit = Sale Price - Item Cost - Shipping Cost - Ebay Fee - Paypal FeeI then divide the pretax profit by my total revenues...
Two pairs of jeans -First off, any smaller bros interested in a pair of Simon Millers? A hint of fading on the pockets but no whiskers/combs developed. [[SPOILER]] Tagged size 29x34 but have been hemmed (not chainstitched) and either stretched or were vanity sized.Waist: 16.25"Rise: 9"Inseam: 27.5"Leg Opening: 7"Looking for $65 shipped.Also looking to pass on some 3sixteens, SL-100s. Tagged a 31. I picked them up on Yoox for $135, soaked them once and had them...
Anyone ever have luck getting their money back from USPS on a 1-day Priority Mail Express delivery guarantee that took more than a day to deliver?
Dapper Classics 20% off with code TT20 http://www.dapperclassics.com/
http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/samuelson-navy-water-resistant-hopsack If you're looking to return this in a 38 let me know.
Anyone want to proxy me a BB1 suit or SC?
I had to stop scrolling through the "sold-out" section of that sale (which was pretty much everything) out of sheer pain and frustration.
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