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Wasn't Hamilton a genius in Monaco and MOntreal? Now suddenly he's a mess? He's been a ton more consistent than NIco this year. Even if Lewis loses the championship he's still up 2 to NIco's 1 (including 1 humiliation - last year)
So.... Corey Lewindowski is out....
Sounds like you're a small timer
That's weird. Buy them a very nice frame they can put a nice photo in. Go to ralph lauren or something and you can find something for $75. Why would you buy someone elses wife a personal gift?
Why would climate affect whether or not you wear suspenders? Thinking in buying a couple
Not sure how you'd like NBC to solve that. Anyway although I recorded the race I was able to catch it live on NBCSN due to the coverage switch. Unfortunately my DVR still has what I recorded on NBC so I can't rewatch the Rosberg-VErstappen scuffle
Haha I met Chris while I was in Seoul for work a few weeks back. Good guy
Can't tell if this is a slow burn or I just haven't been able to focus on it. It's been weeks since purchasing and I'm only in chapter 5 (about 60 pages).
Unequal distribution killed FOTA and also locked in "big teams" when CVC was planning an IPO. Both were to his advantage (it was merely convenient that it happened to be to the big teams' advantage too). Simple. Bernie will do whatever it takes to stay in power. If it happens to be good for the sport, great. Otherwise tough shit. The sport will get overhauled after he dies. OR if the EU Competition Commission ever rules against the sport
New Posts  All Forums: