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Guess what: people don't like talking to you.
I should be able to make it
What's the etiquette for directly contacting an in-house recruiter for a company on linkedin? I'm preparing an application for a mid- to early-career position (5 years experience and masters preferred) with a multinational. I do not have any personal contacts at the company and the job announcement does not have a specific contact attached to it. Will I be out of line messaging one of the recruiters and asking who to get my application to? Or should I submit my application...
Thanks for the responses. It's not on the lawn actually. It's in a large garden bed that is elevated and blocked by bricks from the lawn grass. It is not presently populated with other plants (apart from an herb garden set off to the side). So I think the only issue would be periodic edging to keep the plant from getting onto the lawn.
Man, that a frustrating match. Nigeria had no rythm.
Spent a couple of hours saturday doing some weeding for my parents - holy shit forgot how much work that could be. Any recommendations for plants to use as ground cover to discourage more weeds? COnsidering ground ivy, sedum angelina, and creeping thyme. Will probably use two out of the three depending on the area.
Really digging the crotch shot on the home page.
A dedicated thread has also been created here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/398332/the-official-styleforum-world-cup-2014-pool/0_30
Sign in here: http://www.pooltracker.com/join.asp?poolid=97162 Pool Details if Needed Pool ID: 97162 Pool Name: Styleforum World Cup 2014 Pool password: styleforum. Picks are due before kick off of every match!
Getting in in the morning is already unbearable. I'd rather deal with 6 degree weather than this shit
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