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Great, it's my first day back in the office after a great vacation BUT just realized I made a monumental mistake months ago that's come back to haunt me. This should be a great final hour of work, great week, and great summer. Going to be hard to live this down.
Taking the day off (today - Monday) after returning from a week long vacation. Genius
I leave for a week long, somewhat all-expenses paid vacation on Friday. BUT I have to get through 2.5 days of bullshit at the office first.
2nd episode was a big improvement. Can see myself enjoying this.
Saw this last night. Pretty good. There's a real live Eric Cartman in it too.
Saw that a little while ago. I really liked it. I found it akin to curb your enthusiasm - it can get pretty awkward at times.
G&Ts all week.
Care to explain your OP then? I'm still confused by it.
I looked it up online (IMDB and a random USAtoday article) and it appears to have very good ratings. No idea what those reviewers were watching but I'll give a few more episodes a try.
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