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Finally started watching The Larry Sanders Show. Hot damn!
Sounds more like being a proper man of the house.
Dark bags? I tend to prefer louder colors to help my bags stick out - particularly if I get suckered into checking in the bag.
What the fuck do you do that you have meetings at 6am?? Unless it's with someone in Asia? I'm livid when someone schedules 930am meetings.
Interesting, I always thought he was a bit clumsy.
Are you crazy? We're getting the real Sebastian Vettel in those moments. He was nice and boring when he had a dominant car and he's a whiny brat with a little adversity (which we actually saw when he didn't get his way when racing Webber). Anyway, the man is nearly 30 and a multiple world champion, so if he can't handle his radio I'm not sure why we'd rob viewers from some entertainment.
You liked it a little, huh?
Watching some Black Mirror. Generally underwhelmed but "White Bear" episode was awesome.
According to Will Buxton Vettel was the one that advocated for the rule clarification. How ironic.
For some reason I have been hesitant to commit to this. But I suppose I'll give it a try
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