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Thanks for the input. I normally roll my clothes (not suits) in my suitcase which I find minimizes wrinkling and saves space. Don't mind ironing/steaming items when I get to the hotel. Given the length of the trip I definitely plan on using hotel laundry/dry cleaning services so won't plan on having a fresh item for each day. I actually don't mind packing shoes as they're where I normally stuff socks, ties, and underwear. May have to come up with a new system for my ties...
I used Free Tax USA (web based service) and it seems to work well. Owed a trivial amount last year but got a refund this year. Not really sure what Turbo Tax or CPA would do differently. Not to mention my stuff just isn't that complicated.
Clearly Mexicans, moslems, Hillary, and MSM fault!
I'm wondering if Apple used their court fight as a distraction while helping the FBI access the phone behind the scenes. because yeah not much to gain by someone hacking into your supposedly secure device.
Will be in Tokyo for work for a few nights in May. Will watch this thread closely although I'll probably lean toward cheaper eats for meals.
5/5. Funny I stayed at the same hotel they wind up in at the end.
So I started a new job a few months back that includes significant business travel. I've already been on two domestic trips, have more upcoming this year, plus significant international travel in between. As I always seem to forget something (toiletries, PJs are only some minor things I've left behind), I would like to see what others experienced with business travel are keen to pack with them. 1 major question I have is what's a reasonable length of time to rely on...
Shouldn't you fear that your son might've killed the dog? What's the saying about the guilty party getting the best night's sleep?
That's what you get for failing to avoid a closet fatty
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