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Was going to be a mail box but I realized at the last minute it was going to look awful without decent prep. So I didn't dress up. Kind of glad I didn't bother
I had a project involving staff in Asia so our weekly calls happened at 730PM dc time and ~730AM their time. I was glad because I used the opportunity (downtime between 5pm and 730pm call) to drink with my teammember at our empty office. Kind of miss it.
Just rsvp'd. Hope to come away with a few ties.
Seeing Rufus du Sol in concert tomorrow so jamming to their latest album. Usually a lot of hot girls at the concert but I'm going with my co-worker that's a lesbian () but has a girlfriend ( ) Playlist available here:
Watched Europa Report a few days back. It's quite good.
Finally started watching The Larry Sanders Show. Hot damn!
Sounds more like being a proper man of the house.
Dark bags? I tend to prefer louder colors to help my bags stick out - particularly if I get suckered into checking in the bag.
What the fuck do you do that you have meetings at 6am?? Unless it's with someone in Asia? I'm livid when someone schedules 930am meetings.
Interesting, I always thought he was a bit clumsy.
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