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Ah, so I'm definitely not geeky enough. Can't stand the thought of ever watching that show
OMG the kid in Babadook was incredibly annoying!
No, the TV series is an adaptation of the books. They have no reason to stick exactly to the books and no obligation to make GRRM happy. I think I read somewhere he was okay with the showrunners taking the show the direction they liked however, they've chosen to keep GRRM involved.
I thought it was funny. Maybe I'm not geeky enough?
Honestly? I think only Ravens have it good in Westeros.
Melissandre has banged into his head for how many seasons that he's the chosen, true, king. Also mentioned to him sacrifices must be made from time to time. This was one of them. For some reason something tells me it'll blow up in his face.
I intended to watch it drunk last weekend but never got around to it. Doubt I'll have the chance with Dope coming out soon.
I keep forgetting to go here when I'm in NY. Thanks for the suggestion to make a reservation, never knew.
So, uh, who is the lady with the ripped white jeans with floor seats?
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