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Some episodes are underwhelming while others are pretty great. Loved White Rabbit
Haha yeah. Can't wait for tomorrow
Uh, really? I thought the story line was a little silly.
I have him on my team too. Fortunately my 3 Redskins players and La'Veon Bell just owned:slayer:
Accoridng to WSJ, Malaysian GP contract won't be renewed after 2018.
Is this online only or even in person orders? If so, I'll have to pay them a visit next week.
My 80 year old dad is. No idea how he found out how to navigate Netflix. May have to check it out
I don't consider myself a fan but I admire the relentlessly consistent machine they've put together.
Caught a highlights clip on Would've been great to watch live but had to run out for lunch. Reminds me of the German GP of 2004 and Japanese GP of 2005 that I missed.
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