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Ended a little Entouragey but no major complaints from me. Not sure how I feel about the lack of a villain (even one you love to hate)
The Fall Wallander (the British version though I haven't seen the Swedish version yet)
I thought it was made clear Hungary flattered them and they expected to struggle at Spa and Monza?
This week I've seen: 1. A Most Wanted Man - thought it was quite good. Not sure what the previous hate was all about. 2. Collapsed - Low budget movie I found on demand. A pretty tense thriller although the acting wasn't particularly good. Quite obviously done on a tight budget. I wasn't bored when watching it.
edit wrong thread
I'd wager keeping it all to himself was the point.
You mean sick piece of shit, right?
I like my dress shirts long as well and NEVER wear them untucked. I buy certain shirts for leaving untucked (and usually have them shortened even more so they dont look silly). However, OP, if you're dress shirts are uncomfortably long, why not just have them shortened a few inches by a tailor?
I'm happy with cage free.
Who knew a SF member would be one of those people taking photos of their food at a restaurant.
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