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it seems the point is to go to a protest well-armed.
I'm going to this party on saturday
Kind of like people with Dogs or Cats?
Possibly a form of phishing. They may be able to learn a lot about you (for potential identity theft) using what you may have posted about yourself on linkedin. Attractive or not I never accept connections with people I don't know. The only time I may do so is if it's a serial linkedin networker in my organization (who I can verify by asking our mutual connections).
I just caught a couple of episodes. I agree it's a very good show. A lot of fun and still pretty dramatic (nothing serious though). I think the cat guy would make a great halloween costume (hope I remember)
Who came up with this silly ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR5wGrT3LGg
I bought a pretty cool one with a wooden handle. Only to realize after I'd opened it at home that it's not dishwasher safe
I think that's great for non-Trump fans. As it should mean he could be in for another surprise tonight.
Saw this last night: It started off quite interesting and creepy but gets comical during the final 1/3rd. Still entertaining.
It's a little cheesy (and probably too PC) but I think it's reasonable as it emphasizes the man's role in getting the chick knocked up. Obviously "We're expecting" fits the bill without trying too hard.
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