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It also allows you to provide some context to what the reader will see in your resume. I hate sending them, but I always do it.
Do people really use the 3D function of 3D tvs? My parents bought one and the glasses still sit in the corner of the sitting room.
Possibly one of the oddest things I've come across at the office. My boss' number two gets a question from an attorney in a different organization. Pretty simple question that he forwards to me to answer - though he isn't clear about who will reply directly to the attorney. I answer the question and offer to reply directly to attorney. So this senior guy says "sure" but requests that he review it before I send it on. WTF? It's 2-3 sentence email answering a pretty...
I watched all 3 episodes last night. Entertained me but I don't get the hype here. Maybe it was because I spent an episode and a half trying to fix my damned nokia cell phone?
I read this and got a vision of you speeding through traffic just so you could keep your comeback fresh in your head.
DOn't you mean geology since the continental plates dictate what belongs to which continent?
Why is the witness referred to as a "customer"? What service did the panhandler provide?
I feel a little daft asking this, but I'm expecting a phone call from a recruiter at a leading consulting company (my resume was forwarded to a junior recruiter who emailed me to say to expect to be contacted by the senior recruiter). What can I expect in this call? I've been in government for a good while so I'm a little rusty with my private sector (not to mention consulting) recruiting/interview process. I intend to do some research on my own but wanted to see what...
Haha that's awesome.
The Owl Bar in the Belvedere building is pretty cool too. Apparently there's a lounge on the 13th or 14th floor of the building although I haven't been up there yet. The building is across the street from Brewer's Art.
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