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Why do you care how people use the vacation time they earned? It should be up to managers to decide whether it's reasonable for someone to use a major chunk of it at a time. If someone chooses to basically retire early by using a major chuck of PTO before their retirement, so what? Chances are the organization will be able to have someone (possibly younger and more productive) assume the retiree's duties.
Not streaming exactly but just started watching Power on Starz. Very good. The romance is grating though. How do they manage to make 35 year olds (give or take) seem like they're in middle school? It's not cute at all.
Really liked the episode as well.
Why can't my co-worker cry to my other co-worker about her marriage troubles in the conference room or my boss' office (he's out for the day)? Not that I really mind (I find it amusing...unfortunately), it's just strange.
Where'd you find the sample? Don't think anywhere in DC carries the stuff. Will be a while until I'm in NYC again.
Any thoughts on Byredo and the Dior Private Collection? I really liked Bal D'Afrique when I smelled it (didn't try on) at Barney's a few months back, and loved how Dior's Leather Oud lingered.
You mean its reputation for shitty food and awful teeth?
Shitty return from vacation is turning out ok (fuck up quoted above may be a blessing in disguise for everyone).
If you listened to Washingtonians, you'd think DC's subway was modeled after New Delhi's. It has it's problems but it's by far the best I've been on in the US (Chicago, Boston, NYC).
Wrapped this up a few days ago. Very fun. Lost track of which character was which after a while but didn't affect the enjoyment: Going to have to wait a while for a new book.
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