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Lol, for all the Lewis hate, Ayrton Senna was probably the whiniest driver. Don't get me started on Gilles Villeneuve who threw a tantrum because his teammate wouldn't let him win! "No fair, he lied!" I don't really root for Lewis and I know he has placed himself in a position where it's impossible to be indifferent about him. But I seem to recall 2010, 2012 championships where the best car nearly lost the whole thing. Think what you will about the Mercedes dominance but...
Strange. I had to redo (!) a root canal and I wasn't giving any pain killers just antibiotics. It ached for a few hours then nada. More or less the same experience after the first procedure. So why are you a bitch?
No. That happened several days ago and didn't spoil anything. Don't read the thread if you aren't up to speed. Especially since the forum established spoiling shows based on books wasn't a big deal. Edited the offending post but will leave this for posterity.
Lewis his first couple of seasons was also very carefully packaged by his dad and Ron Dennis. Like him or not, he's who he is and he's also still one of the more interesting drivers in the championship (in addition to Button, Alonso, Ricciardo). At least you feel something (immense irritation?) when you think about him.
Never seen a "Call Me" option. I use those web conference for conference calls so I like them so I don't have to worry about patching any one through if 10 people called my office phone. Don't know of anyone complaining about using the dial in and passcode for conference calls.
Sorry to hear. I wish you well with the sale and in the future!
Cross post from "What TV Series are You Streaming Lately?"
Edit - took out my post since it was in the wrong thread.
Well made turkey is fine but it certainly requires a ton of work to get there.
Looks like they warrant a yelp review
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