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Lose 20 pounds and you should be okay
Totally forgot to watch last night and instead vegged out to Vanderpump Rules. Can't wait to catch tonight
Shoulda known he was gay with the perfect clothes and grooming in the middle of the apocalypse
There's a thread somewhere where I list all of the stuff I've lost over the years. Granted I'm usually drunk, but I've had some moments when sober.
In what favela were you raised in?
Wait.... is wearing a suit without a tie and flip flops SF-approved?
Not netflix but I powered through the whole season of Bosch on Amazon prime. Good stuff.
Finished this about a week ago. The book is especially interesting given Russia is back mucking around in the Crimea, and China is reengaging with Afghanistan.PS - The book is about the British and Russian empires competing to gain control of Central Asia (the Stans, Northwest China). A couple of lesson's from the book (that mostly took place in the 19th century): never ever trust a deal with the Russians - they'll break it eventually and don't fuck around in Afghanistan...
I never got past 30-40 minutes of the movie but I thought the score was spooky. Dunno if i'd say superb but definitely very interesting.
I also wasn't particularly a fan of the first epsiode. It wasn't bad but nothing great or memorable. 2nd episode was much more interesting. Not sure if the show will stick with me but I'll keep trying it out.
New Posts  All Forums: