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It depends on the driver and where they are in their career. Sainz, Hulkenberg, Peres, Grosjean and Bottas, would be most interested in getting access to a top car (finally for some of them) so they can at least have a shot at winning races. There's only so much impressing you can do finishing in 5th place.
Maybe, but it's not the same as hunting down your teammate in the same car and making a move stick.
Don't think this has been posted before but a pretty good top 10 list for 2016. The journalist does the NBCSports coverage from the race track. The Rosberg section made me think a bit: Not that it's anything I already didn't know but for some reason some points hadn't been highlighted by other journalists' reactions to Roberg's requirement.
I haven't written a christmas list in decades - and I'm 32. If you're in no mood for gifts, just provide 2-3 names of charities you'd like them to donate to in your name.
Plowing through The Night Manager now. Pretty decent so far
I guess I'm watching the show wrong? Been purposefully trying to steer clear of too much analysis of the show or episodes (aka no reddit so far).
Not all that shocked. Unexpected development but if you think about it it makes sense. Where were things at Mercedes really going to go from Abu Dhabi? He won his championship, finally beating Lewis and getting the "2nd best" monkey off his back. What would happen at Mercedes for next year? Would he up his game, do it all over again or just lose to Lewis and prove 2016 was just an anomaly? He reached his target why not just exit and focus on his family. I'm happy he won....
I guess I should give this another shot. Tried watching and lost interest after 11 minutes
She gets stabbed quite gruesomely then she runs away and has no blood on shirt or scar.
Ooops my bad!
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