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I think I missed the memo on this
Lol he's totally got into your head, beta
Yeah that was a pretty laughable statement by Find Finn
Working through season 4 of House of Cards now. So many plot holes. Seems like the writers have gotten pretty lazy
Blow off steam? It'd do wonders for my credit card if I stayed in more on Fridays. Anyway I generally prefer Thursdays (fewer rookies out) and Saturdays (Last night of the weekend!) but I still wind up out on Fridays more often than not.
Is it just me or is it strange as fuck that suddenly Mitt Romney is being looked at as the wise man of the Republican Party?
Worse than Obama?
JUst ordered a new set of contacts from 1800contacts. Saving $50
Not sure I want to be in a car that doesn't deform at all during a crash. That usually means the occupant absorb much of the impact.
Obviously no. Hence the question mark... Don't mind being schooled on this.P.S. Go easy on me baby
New Posts  All Forums: