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I never got past 30-40 minutes of the movie but I thought the score was spooky. Dunno if i'd say superb but definitely very interesting.
I also wasn't particularly a fan of the first epsiode. It wasn't bad but nothing great or memorable. 2nd episode was much more interesting. Not sure if the show will stick with me but I'll keep trying it out.
I just ate a great lunch of braised beef with rice and a honeycrisp apple. Now I need to take a leisurely shit. BUT I have an interview in 26 minutes!
Just started listening to London Grammar. Not bad
I take it to mean, she wishes she was married/engaged but doesn't want to scare off enterprising single men.
After a quick search, I decided to create a thread. I have some old but very good ties that are badly frayed at the tips. I think it's time to let them go as opposed to fixing them. As opposed to throwing them out I would like to find some use for the 80% of the tie that is in good condition. My thinking is to convert them into a canvas style (but is instead silk) belt that could be worn casually. However, I'm having a hard time finding any companies that accept old ties...
Pineapple Express wasn't even funny (I only liked it because of the Diner scene at the end). I don't know why Seth Rogan and James Franco keep being allowed to make films together.
I'm really intrigued about A Most Violent Year. I may drag myself to see it next weekend. Rewatched most of Lego Movie Saturday night (before passing out). Damn, that's a great movie. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. I also saw Her last night after the superbowl. Very very good (and one reason for my being 2 hours late to work this morning.
Personally I don't think the decision to pass on 2nd down at the goal was that silly. If it worked no one would bat an eye at the decision - some would probably call it "brave and inspired". The conservative (and boring) choice would have been to run it - which the Patriots were expecting.
New Posts  All Forums: