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Tru Dat. I always wonder how he got away with his allegations. I seem to recall that he barely fought them.
hydroplane? There was water on the bathroom floor? How much cleaning was required before you used it again?
FML, was in the bathroom stall working on some stuff when my favorite pen fell out of my hand and rolled into the adjacent stall. This stall happened to be occupied. The occupant didn't kick the pen back toward me and just let it sit there by his foot. I of course, didn't ask.
Looks like Alonso will finally get shown up as the fraud that he is. ##Forzabutton
Well once it's over, it's all yours for 30 years !
Do it bro!
I don't live in NYC but want to believe it sucks. May some of you please share why de Blasio's is pulling NYC down (weblinks to articles will suffice)? Thanks!
I ordered a tie from HY that came in last week (on time).So he's certainly still shipping. It looks and feels great, so as usual I'm not going to have to deal with returns.
Thanks for the reply. I actually bought "Case in Point" before I saw your reply. That sounds like an immense time commitment. What kind of preparation is involved? Just studying and analyzing each case and its solution/structure? I hope to do a few live ones with my friend in the industry (different firm) at some point before the big day. Fortunately I have until next friday.The interview is with the public sector practice of a company outside the top 3. Happy to chat in...
Looks like I'm set for an interview next week. How much time should be spent preparing for the case interview? My contact indicated I should look into their interview tips/tutorials on their site and youtube. Will buying a book like "Crack the Case" or "Case in Point" be overkill since I'm not doing multiple rounds with multiple companies? Apparently, I'm just having one round with 2-3 people.
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