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For sure. I've watched a few of the episodes again. "Who goes there" is probably still my favorite.
I personally believe that cancer toys are an excellent idea.
Because they're cheap and look pretty good ??
I tried watching Bronson and couldn't hack it. Only God Forgives was awful. I made it about halfway through. Literally (literally!) obnoxious.
Yes, otc, I missed the that part . Just rewatched the last half of the final episode and was like "oooh"I was expecting Frank or Walker and Christina. Meechum was truly left field and disappointing. I was actually hoping they'd take him under their wing (which I suppose they could do).
Fantastic show. A few episodes to go. Who knew Peggy Olson could be attractive, bad ass, an not annoying?
Why do fancy schools find it necessary to offer exams using "high tech" software? Instead of a prompt and blue book, Georgetown decides to use some "Exam4" software. Great, it has spell chek and you can see your word count, but then I complete my exam and select "submit electronically". Done. Now the screen won't close. I can't ctrl-alt-delete my way out. Professor says just "shutdown and you'll be fine". I get home after a few celebratory drinks, open my laptop and the...
Damn, I must've been drunk or tired when watching the last couple of episodes. I don't recall anything in the spoiler. Yet my netflix says I've viewed the episode. Something to watch tonight I guess.
I don't dislike any of the characters. OF course there are many I wouldn't want to catch in a bad mood but they're all watchable and compelling.
I agree about the threesome. Came out of nowhere. I wasn't shaken up by it but it was certainly bizarre. It's like they wanted to toss in a curve ball because they could. It would've been more interesting (if not predictible) if they took him under their wing like a son and it became a "blindspot".
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