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Gomestar, you were partly right. NY was relatively quiet. However, I had a great time. Dinner and drinks at ACME on Friday. Afternoon ride around central park on saturday. Drinks at the Thompson hotel, then ECC, then a nightcap with a cougar at Phoenix park. May go again in August when it's even quieter
Ordered Snowpiercer ondemand a few nights ago. Great stuff. Over the top but a lot of fun. Kind of depressing ending. Rewatched City of God last night. Love every minute of that movie. Despite 90% of the characters being shitty people, they're all compelling. The movie very serious but at the same time totally enjoyable.
Finished this great book last night. Apart from All Things Fall Apart, only my second book I've read by a Nigerian author.This is on the way...
Will be in NY this weekend. What should I do?
Actually I would say they simply don't care. Whatever text they're receiving or updates to their newsfeed trumps the movie they spent $$ to see or other people's enjoyment. It's not even to be mean, it just doesn't register. Same as in office meetings, dinner/lunch, walking down the street etc.
You wanted to go to a bar with groceries?
I don't believe going on safari is synonymous with a hunting trip.
Thanks to the mention of Boss here, I caught up on the show during the past week. Great stuff. Really wish it had a proper conclusion (it probably could've been wrapped up in one more season).
The energy bills saved by not installing the wine thingy would afford you a nice wine collection. Not sure about the rest - possibly the 5 minutes are all it takes to discuss the nice wine collection (or nice wine within the nice collection) before you go back to your primary hobby - sports.
From what I read you have a bad manager. Not sure what that has to do with being African.
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