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Agree anyway and still have a blast without them
I tried watching "Under the Skin" tonight. Wtf
MA in International Affairs, American University '14
Watched Locke two nights ago. Great stuff. Crazy to be totally riveted watching a guy talk on the phone in a car.
I just went through some K-9 Winter Ale. Sadly, I used to be fine with it when I saw it on draft at bars but after going through a 6 pack of the stuff over a few nights.... Can't say I'm a fan anymore. Meanwhile, I've been working on some Troegs Perpetual in the fridge.
Been obsessed with Spoon's "They Want My Soul". Purchased the CD so I get to obsess in my car now ALSO just discovered Andy Stott and La Roux. Good stuff
Interesting, I very nearly watched that last night. I ended up watching Snitch Cartel. Not bad
How old are you folks?Generally I would say, plan for 4 beers per person. If they're young, buy 4 30 packs of something cheap. If not, buy a small keg of something good.One bottle of Whiskey, tequila, vodka and bottles of mixers (sodas, juice, redbull etc.)2-3 bottles each of red and white wine.Plastic cups.I rarely eat at parties but these are usually good: Cheese platter, cured meats platter, bowl of olives, large bowl of popcorn/potato chips, maybe some chips and salsa....
Moved on to this last night:
The main difference is button placement (apart from Hamilton's brake bias setup). I believe drivers in other teams have steering wheel preferences. Not sure Autosport or F1 Racing have ever done a feature rounding up the differences.
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