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The 2nd because it doesn't have the extra detailing of the first (silver buttons, brown velvet collar).
Apparently (according to James Allen anyway) the tires this year suck and fall apart if you follow the car ahead to closely. The car behind needs a much larger speed differential to overtake than last year. Although I didn't see the incident when I fast forwarded through my DVR recording, I would imagine actual team orders ("Nico, hang back and let Lewis have this one") would have played out differently - for instance, nico wouldn't allow himself to sound like a whiny...
Any one else watching this show? I think it's fantastic (acting, soundtrack, sets). Sunday this time of year just became heaven - Wolf Hall, Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, Mad Men
This show has turned into a soap opera. Bizzare.
For around $1500 you should be able to get a made in italy RL Blue Label suit.
He wouldn't be in Breaking Bad if he took it on, would he?
My friend sent my mother a Nest CO/Smoke Detector and has offered to send over a thermostat once I figure some electrical/heating thingy. Not looking forward to having to drill the damn detector into the cieling.
Can't see myself rewatching it. I grew tired of it a season or two ago. Maybe the first season.
Didn't much care for the episode. What was the deal with the diner hooker?
Really liking Bloodline, as well.
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