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Great race! Was hoping for a great result for Force India and Williams. Wonder what caused Massa's running into Perez.
She has more than a great voice
What he said was pretty fucked up and obnoxious. Like she was supposed to be excited to settle with a gay dude because she can't find a man. If she was interested in just shacking with anyone I think she could land a richer, straight guy. However, there'd probably be no "agreement".
Damn, that was the finale? Hope the show comes back as strong as Veep did.
Why? As a no to spoilers person, I made a very big concession by manning up and simply creating a no-spoilers thread. I would think you'd be ecstatic this was created so strict viewers stopped derailing the other thread.
A NEW GAME OF THRONES NO-SPOILERS THREAD IS AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.styleforum.net/t/396830/official-game-of-thrones-non-spoilers-thread-repeat-no-spoiler-tags/0_30 - This thread is dedicated to viewers of the show that are not familiar with the books, do not want to know how the show diverges from the books, and do not want to trip over spoiler tags. - The thread is purely dedicated to discussing the show, reacting to episodes, speculating on where things lead. No...
To end the endless argument in the other thread now dominated with [[SPOILER]] tags.I have created this thread for people who want to talk free about THE SHOW without tripping over distracting spoilers tags. To be clear crybabies [like me] who want to watch and discuss THE SHOW get to play with helmets and kneepads here.Given the above, I do not agree with placing a moratorium on freely discussing a recently aired episode should be given to people who DVR it. I personally...
The beginning of the thread is pretty safe because there was another thread dedicated to viewers who had read the book. For some reason, that thread was allowed to die out. So this thread is now inundated by posts between 6-10 people with spoiler tags which limits its utility.
HUh? The show has made it clear multiple times that it IS a small group of Wildings attacking defenseless people. The small group are trying to lure out Jon Snow and Company while a BIGGER wildings group attacks from beyond the wall. There's a whole reason why every scene at the wall are a bunch of people arguing about attacking the small group of wildings. They cant because they know it's a trap and are more worried about the BIGGER group. Looks like the big fight is...
So did Ken permanently lose vision in his eye?
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