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More intense scrutiny of what? How a battle in a world with wildfire and dragons should look like?I think I mentioned before it's hilarious how this thread evolved from spoilers (I stopped reading it) to complaining.
Agreed. Dont know how hearing an engineer tell a driver to change a few knobs on a steering wheel "adds to the show" or is insightful radio messages for the TV audience. I really don't believe drivers need to be able to adjust ALL settings at any particular time. I'm quite certain certain settings can be race/track specific (and disabling others) while others can be automated.
Womp Womp. Why did it only happen to Raikkonen then?
How do you know the Horse didn't get to where the two would've met quicker? all you have is a shot of the two about to meet. There's no indication that that spot is equidistant.
Right, you want to share your situation room with a guy who purposefully leaked information to his mistress
Wasn't Hamilton a genius in Monaco and MOntreal? Now suddenly he's a mess? He's been a ton more consistent than NIco this year. Even if Lewis loses the championship he's still up 2 to NIco's 1 (including 1 humiliation - last year)
So.... Corey Lewindowski is out....
Sounds like you're a small timer
That's weird. Buy them a very nice frame they can put a nice photo in. Go to ralph lauren or something and you can find something for $75. Why would you buy someone elses wife a personal gift?
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