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Good job making the show sound lame.
I use my dishwasher about twice a week since I live by myself. I did have an apartment without a dishawasher for about 2 years. Not doing that again. My parents' dishwasher hasn't worked for at least a year and they seem happy to stick with hand washing. I'm pretty certain what ever is wrong with it is minor but they haven't asked for me to look at it so I'm not bothering.
Really digging Bon Ivers latest album
Apparently another reason for selecting Massa was Martini required a driver old enough to reasonably market their products
Lol you have a DVD player
Looks like Massa will definitely be back racing and Bottas will switch to Mercedes: Look forward to seeing Bottas in winning car. Kind of dissapointed Massa was the only viable option for Williams. I think he's well past his sell by date.
Just wrapped the show. PRetty good but a lot of build up for ho hum ending.
Discovered the show last night. I think it's very good (at least through episode 4). As usual I'm quite worried about where they plan on taking this. But so far so good
You sound old, and wrinkly
Should have looked at the forecast before coming to town. Was caught with the absolute worst possible shoes (suede boots). Some how managed to get by without ruining them.
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