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Just because something is sourced "locally" or "home made" doesn't mean it will be made well or even taste good. Reminds me of an interesting quote from someone who said grass-fed beef is finally being developed well (because growers are aging the cows properly: 27 months instead of 18 months)
I still have yet to see Sicario unfortunately I can't seem to locate it on VOD.
I watched Dope last night. It was a fun but grating movie.
just had a marvelous snack: Smoked salmon, olive tapenade on a crostini
Sucker, why would you party the night before NYE?
What's the over under the number of times this dude gets laid a decade? I say -3
Finally purchased a bike trainer after many months of putting it off. Finally purchased a cellphone case
Trip went well. On Christmas day we did the touristy thing and tried to check out the window decorations along 5th avenue (like Bergdorf Goodman) as well as get an evening picture of the tree in Rockefeller Plaza. How does that dierks bentley song go... "What was I thinkin?" 5th avenue was a madhouse for about 10 blocks, so was rockefeller plaza (we didn't bother trying to get a picture in front of the tree). Friendly Rockefeller Center employee managed to drop and shatter...
Edit : accidentally quoted a six year old post
Started this last night. Pretty excited
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