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For around $1500 you should be able to get a made in italy RL Blue Label suit.
He wouldn't be in Breaking Bad if he took it on, would he?
My friend sent my mother a Nest CO/Smoke Detector and has offered to send over a thermostat once I figure some electrical/heating thingy. Not looking forward to having to drill the damn detector into the cieling.
Can't see myself rewatching it. I grew tired of it a season or two ago. Maybe the first season.
Didn't much care for the episode. What was the deal with the diner hooker?
Really liking Bloodline, as well.
"Fuck Marco Mattiachi"?
Why? He was there for five years and was an also ran. Why stick around indefinitely expecting next year to be THE year. He's taking a shot at something new. If it doesn't work out with honda least he tried something.
Damn I was just working my self up about my own family issues but I feel a bit better now.
Actually it's pretty low for me. I'll definitely be super pumped when it airs but I haven't been following any news about it during the off season so I don't even know what's in store.
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