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Every democrat I know is blaming the Russians, racists, sexists, and/or 3rd party voters for the loss. Something tells me The Party is doing the same at this moment.
Are you saying if I'm wearing suspenders I cannot take my jacket off in the office?
Gave up during the 2nd or 3rd red flag.
You've never had multiple tickets for the same infraction?
Media and campaign arrogance don't help turn out voters
Dunno, there were so many issues this election but I think the top 3 were key:1. People really dislike Hillary Clinton as a person (whether or not its deserved, you have serious personal flaws if people are naturally or easily convinced to dislike/distrust you)..2. Hillary is a terrible politician. She somehow let a black, muslim, Kenyan beat her. She had a "tough battle" with a non-democratic jewish guy in her Primary3. Hillary has terrible judgement - email scandal over...
You misunderestimate her ambition to break the highest glass ceiling.
Ham and cheese sandwich when you're hungover
I would love to buy Ann Coulter a drink. Think Off the Record or Four Seasons lounge would suffice?
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