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Bernie was an amusing guy with a fascinating background but he definitely stuck around for at least 10 years too long. He was too driven by maintaining power than the sport's success. He and the sport was able to get away with it for a good while (early-mid 2000s) but increased competition and media changes have caught up with him/it. Anyway a welcome change but years late.
Who ares when there will be little of note to see during these launches. Not sure why sponsors aren't irritated by the lack of any publicity behind the car launches. Revealing your car at a test track to specialty press and photographers barely counts
Wrong ass thread, but is season 3 any good? I watched most of the first episode and it seems it largely deals with the teen chick who I have no interest in.
Great opinion article on management changes at Renault F1 team and some of the issues they're facing:
Just watched Changeling. Pretty good but maybe 15 minutes too long?
Just got through Goliath. Pretty decent show. Wonder what they'll do on Season 2. Just another david vs goliath case? May start the Americans since it's on netflix. Just don't want to get hooked on a show as I don't have their channel on cable.
Wow, we now live in a world where you have to look "disabled/handicapped" to be disabled/handicapped. Sickening.
Huh? What makes you think they don't do very well for their profession?
You could try mentoring and training people for a change instead of tinkering with your hot tub.
Some new fiction purchases for when I take a hiatus from LBJ
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