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Just watched this. TARFU is accurate
Cause he's a very good driver. Dunno about great, but certainly solid. I feel Renault should've taken him on instead of Palmer.
Very personable guy. Fun to have around.This is ridiculous. If true it should be humiliating for the drivers (Vettel largely since he's the apparent lead driver) or the organization. How can you finish behind a team with a lesser package? Not going to read the article as the headline is pathetic or the premise is laughable.
I think Barichello is different. Hard to take someone seriously after renewing contracts to be a contractual number 2 driver. The first couple of years would've been fine since he was young and coming from a low level team. 1-2 years showing you can qualify close to the lead driver and some strong finishes and he could arguable switch to another top team. I don't believe anyone in mercedes is suggesting the 2nd car will be a contractual number 2.
Came back from a confusing date late last night and started streaming this: It's very good so far. How do I keep missing these shows on PBS??
Watched this last night. Didn't think it was a bad movie but I thought a lot of the techniques to ramp up the tension were cheap and unnecessary.
It depends on the driver and where they are in their career. Sainz, Hulkenberg, Peres, Grosjean and Bottas, would be most interested in getting access to a top car (finally for some of them) so they can at least have a shot at winning races. There's only so much impressing you can do finishing in 5th place.
Maybe, but it's not the same as hunting down your teammate in the same car and making a move stick.
Don't think this has been posted before but a pretty good top 10 list for 2016. The journalist does the NBCSports coverage from the race track. The Rosberg section made me think a bit: https://willthef1journo.wordpress.com/ Not that it's anything I already didn't know but for some reason some points hadn't been highlighted by other journalists' reactions to Roberg's requirement.
Hmm, I did hear he was wearing Red Wing boots...
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