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My 80 year old dad is. No idea how he found out how to navigate Netflix. May have to check it out
I don't consider myself a fan but I admire the relentlessly consistent machine they've put together.
Caught a highlights clip on F1.com. Would've been great to watch live but had to run out for lunch. Reminds me of the German GP of 2004 and Japanese GP of 2005 that I missed.
Wouldnt a wall prevent US guns from fueling the narco wars in Mexico?
Every democrat I know is blaming the Russians, racists, sexists, and/or 3rd party voters for the loss. Something tells me The Party is doing the same at this moment.
Are you saying if I'm wearing suspenders I cannot take my jacket off in the office?
Gave up during the 2nd or 3rd red flag.
You've never had multiple tickets for the same infraction?
Media and campaign arrogance don't help turn out voters
New Posts  All Forums: