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Quit whining, I dont see a lot of luck in penalties and it's a reasonable way to end 2 hours of play.
I would and do.
A lot of Phosphorescent
THat's actually a better time to troll, no? At least in the trolling handbook I have.
Just saw World War Z. Good stuff. Netflix is a desert for stuff to watch right now. I think I've seen everything worth seeing. Whatever happened to that thread of recommended Netflix movies? Edit: I guess this is it. I forgot the title to this thread
Just saw World War Z. I thought it was a very good, entertaining movie. The trailers I saw before it's release looked awful. Not sure why the filmmakers bothered with the comical zombie animation but otherwise 7/10.
I used google drive extensively for a grad school class. It could be a real pain to use for complex documents that need to be shared among multiple users.
Ok, I'm working with excel sheets with formulas and over 10000 lines of data. How the fuck am I supposed to find the reason for a $30 difference between sheets?? FML
Damn really want to go on a bike ride but I also want to finish the match. Decisions!
Gotta love an internet cat fight over how to pack clothes. Apart from a garment bag, I have found a few ways to pack clothes efficiently and minimize (but not eliminate wrinkles). There are ways to fold a jacket into a suitcase. Shirts should be rolled. Socks, underwear, tie placed within shoes (ties rolled lightly). Don't delude yourself into thinking some ironing won't be needed. Suit should be immediately hung once you arrive at your destination. Not sure if the above...
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