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Really liking Bloodline, as well.
"Fuck Marco Mattiachi"?
Why? He was there for five years and was an also ran. Why stick around indefinitely expecting next year to be THE year. He's taking a shot at something new. If it doesn't work out with honda least he tried something.
Damn I was just working my self up about my own family issues but I feel a bit better now.
Actually it's pretty low for me. I'll definitely be super pumped when it airs but I haven't been following any news about it during the off season so I don't even know what's in store.
Not watching the entourage movie. The last few seasons of the show were a waste of time, and no way the film will be an improvement.
What a great episode. Rough ending. I actually felt a little for Chuck when he came clean.
I watched Force Majeur last night. Very good film! The dramatic equivalent of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Great use of long camera shots to up the discomfort.
[[SPOILER]] Just tried this using a map of downtown DC. Awesome.
Was it really a big day for the sport or did a lot of people get their underwear in a tizzy after Australia?
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