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Don't care. The "17" year old Don provided a cigarette to was smokin'. Sally was pretty spot on with how Don and Betty (mostly Don though) can't help themselves. The copy writer was on the same track too - although he really made his own bed. All in all, entertaining episode.
Who was Ecclestone speaking to? And did the journalist (?) follow up with "who would be your replacement?"?
Wow, no one? I think it's great. Fantastic score.
Lol at that Targaryan bore. Got too cute and now has mayhem on her hands.
Antibes is nice
Thanks, this reminds me to check out their store next time I'm in NY.
Welcome, and for your sake, DO NOT go to the "Dumb Threads" portion of this forum.
What's Lazy about the writing? What I didn't like about the scenes you refer to is it killed some of the shock/surpise, but that was the intention. What's quite interesting and thought provoking is how they get there. I'm curious (nervous) about where they plan to take the show from where the season ends.
I have some left over ingredients after making a dish earlier in the week. Is there anything I can make out of a limited number of sliced mushrooms, 1/3 empty jar of sun dried tomatoes, half an onion, and some prosciutto? It can be a very small dish. I can imagine simply sautteing them and mixing with some kind of pasta would be edible but wondering if there's more I could do. I have normal stuff in my pantry (garlic, spices, olive oil, vinegar, rice, pasta, etc.).
Anyone watching Daredevil? I'm hooked!
New Posts  All Forums: