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I trust she's the primary user of the vacuum? If so, not your problem.
Why should I care about anything happening (or not happening) in The Young Pope?? I watched an episode a few weekends ago and it only kept my interest for an hour because I couldn't wait to see something consequential happen. That never happened. I looked it up online and apparently it has good reviews. Help!
Zzzz. I'm all for not penalizing for every racing incident.
Sounds like small timer problems.
I actually think it'll be pretty interesting to see in someone's house. But I wonder how the leg's wouldn't break easily
Don'y you have toilets at home??
Saw this last night. Would've been 9 when the bombings happened so have no recollection of them. Anyway very good movie
I saw this a few weeks back. Entertaining and no real complaints although forgettable.
Terrible idea. May as well just stick with DRS. I don't mind stops but maybe they can make it more interesting by capping the number of personnel that can service the car - say 6 (which would serve the same purpose of the suggestion i bolded).
Maybe not at $20 million+ a year. I think both sides should compromise. Cousins will earn and is worth over $15 but not at the risk of compromising the rest of the team (ie defense that needs some TLC)
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