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How so? Just because he brings in money doesn't mean he or his department has to be respected.
False. This is ridiculously easy in any major city.
Dunno why your panties are all up in a bunch. I thought it was a great episode. A lot of developments. Can't wait to see Locke and Jon Snow kick mutineer ass!
As a partner she wasn't kept in the loop of his return. I'd be annoyed too. Not to mention the company was chugging along fine without him.
Watch the original. It will put everything in perspective.
I don't think Webber was a weak driver at all. I think he was very very good (bordering on excellent) but Vettel was simply a further step above him (at the Hamilton, Alonso level). Despite his teammate killing reputation I don't recall anyone ever suggesting Webber was the hottest driver on the grid. Good enough to be ecstatic that he finally got his chance at a proper championship car.
Look at the poor mouse! You people sicken me
Exactly. Not to mention Schumacher struggled mightily in 2003 (relative to 2002 and 2004). No one is discounting his talent. Actually, maybe there weren't so many 1-2s because Webber sucked so much at starting...
Not sure how you compare someone with 4 championships to Damon Hill... He beat excellent drivers in great cars when the competition was closer (2010 and 2012) and blew people away when it wasn't - meanwhile getting everything out of the car with very little mistakes. Webber was a fantastic driver that also went head to head pretty well against Rosberg. He was no slouch but Vettel handily outshone him in a car and era that basically suited his driving nearly perfectly...
I wear shoulder straps when I please but I'm pretty mindful of making sure my jacket doesn't look stupid with it. It's doable if you're self aware Although I hate backpacks I use them quite often these days since I'm in grad school and head to class straight from work. Can't wait to buy a new filson tote though.
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