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I don't think that qualifies as news.
I think Nico was fortunate that the FIA waitied till after the race to issue a penalty. I think in some instances (if an instruction is given early enough during a race) the FIA may give a penalty more quickly. Something tells me it would be a drive through. Which is like a 25 second penalty.
Is the cat sleeping with the fishes?
Wow, after how many years I may actually be able to make this! Shoreman is still alive?
Arent the trains in Japan private but run on public tracks?
Just started watching Oz on HBOgo. How'd I miss this show all these years??
Difference is, Lewis keeps winning those encounters while it nearly always blows up it Nico's face. I still sort of root for Nico to win the WDC just so someone new gets it, however, I have little admiration for him. His bs in Monaco a few years back then these attempts at being an assertive defender are laughable.
I'm on the red line so my commute should be okay (and has been okay) until sometime in August. Will be authorized to work from home for most of 2 weeks but may end up biking in. Despite all WMATA's issues, I still think the DC rail system is the best in the country. I've never once been comfortable/impressed with NY; i've yet to see another in the U.S. that's any good. Now, that Taipei subway tho...
Dunno man, jaywalkers in DC are a little obnoxious. Some chick jakywalking almost walked right into a bicyclist (who had right of way and a kid in the carrier behind him) and kept moving like he didn't exist. Don't get me wrong I love to jay walk but I did admire some east ASian cities that totally respected cross walk signs.
I may need to start watching some of this show again
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