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Working my way through Rectify. Very very good.
Boodles Gin and Fever Tree tonic. Unfortunately i'm out of limes
Thanks to the website I'm dying for an Italian Beef sandwich. Thankfully i'll be in Chicago in a few weeks
Picked 1mL sample vials of these from Surrender to Chance. Byredo Bal d'Afrique Byredo Gypsy Water Christian Dior La Collection Couturier Parfumeur - Granville Christian Dior La Collection Couturier Parfumeur - Leather Oud Christian Dior La Collection Couturier Parfumeur - Oud Ispahan
$50 a month is too much to protect your property?
I thought it was really good too. Didn't care for their inserting real footage into episodes. Didn't think it was necessary. Funny thing is, I can imagine some uninformed viewers thinking the bombings and self built/run jail were dramatized events
The one time I went to Atlanta, I was at Decatur. Very cool charming part of Atlanta that's also right off of one of the MARTA train stops. Miami is Miami. Can't speak for Houston though the Wall Street Journal had an interesting guide on what to check out there.
I find that saying something (and actually becoming engaged in the meeting) helps to stave off the droopy eyes - at least for a few 10 minutes or so. Torture is when you are the most junior person among very senior people and you have no reasonable excuse to even cough at the meeting.
I'm badly in need of some new ties so I picked up a swatch of these fabrics/colors: Sky Blue, Blue & Off-White on Burgundy Macclesfield Print Silk Tie #266 Navy Blue & White on Sky Blue Flower Silk Tie # 15 Dark Blue, White & Black on Purple Blue Macclesfield Print Silk Tie #287 Sky Blue, Blue, White on Burnt Orange Macclesfield Print Silk Tie #295 Burgundy Piccola Grenadine Silk Tie #3 Dark Red Faille Silk Tie #7 Navy Grenadine Grossa Silk Tie #10 Chocolate Piccola...
How do you suggest they find a decent definition of substantial? I think the token system is fine, teams get to decide how to allocate improvements to the engine during the season.I don't think anyone knows how much Renault is genuinely investing in their power units. It's arguable that it's the least of the 4 manufacturers. I'd bet Honda is spending among the highest while playing catch up.
New Posts  All Forums: