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That looks awesome. Could consider it at $60 since I don't play a lot of console games these days
Wynona Ryder Watching The Last Kingdom at the moment. Pretty cool show about England during the viking invasions. May try Stranger Things after. I've kind of given up on Oz :/ I'm half way through the 4th season and I think some of the story lines are gimmicky. Like McManus being fired for like 2 episodes.
None of this would've happened if Hillary Clinton was prosecuted for the Benghazi cover up.
I don't think that qualifies as news.
I think Nico was fortunate that the FIA waitied till after the race to issue a penalty. I think in some instances (if an instruction is given early enough during a race) the FIA may give a penalty more quickly. Something tells me it would be a drive through. Which is like a 25 second penalty.
Is the cat sleeping with the fishes?
Hey, if that means we can get the Acela amtrak trains running near full speed, it may not be a bad thing
Wow, after how many years I may actually be able to make this! Shoreman is still alive?
Arent the trains in Japan private but run on public tracks?
Just started watching Oz on HBOgo. How'd I miss this show all these years??
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