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Um, couldn't you wear black shoes?
Kinda/sorta. I've been here fr 5 years, been promoted well and make solid money. Anyway, I already hit decline on the invite and he's cool with it. I'm just gonna have to do this stupid work for a few hours so I can get my drank on.
So, my boss plans a holiday outing that is "voluntary" however at our staff meeting yesterday he now says if you cant go you're stuck at the office working on some lame project. Now he's added strings to it, I'm thinking of skipping the outing, doing the project quicker than normal and crashing some holiday parties thrown by some other offices in my building. What say you all? Am I a giant turd by skipping my office holiday outing? IN case you're wondering, the outing is...
how are your non "fb friends" able to view or comment on your posts? You sound like a attention seeking fb whore
^ It took me ages to get around to reading that (despite being of NIgerian descent). However, I finally did and it's fantastic.
Just watched this on netflix. Pretty good.
Yes, incredible movie. Hell of a commitment to watch in one sitting though but it's worth it (admittedly the first time I watched it took two sittings since I started watching after midnight).
Never. References may not matter if you know someone that's hooking you up with a job (but then again that connection is basically your reference since they're going to bat for you). When you're c-level or senior management references matter because a ton is at stake. When you're entry level references matter because a shitty one is good reason to take candidate 26 of 71 off the list. References really are a pretty dumb thing to worry about. Always make sure you have...
This pissed me off for about 30 seconds... This evening after my usual lackluster workout (lifting skipped cardio), I decide to relax in the sauna. All is going fine while I'm reading my printout from the ny review of books. People come and go. After just under 10 minutes in, I'm sitting by myself still reading. An old man walks in and sits somewhat near me (not uncomfortably so). Out of nowhere, in a soft voice I hear "you have nice eyes". WTF?? I do nothing for 15...
Finally purchased the following book which has been sitting in my shopping list for at least 6 months.http://www.amazon.com/The-Sugar-Barons-Family-Corruption/dp/0802777988/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1387315443&sr=8-2&keywords=the+sugar+barronsVery engaging stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: