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Pineapple Express wasn't even funny (I only liked it because of the Diner scene at the end). I don't know why Seth Rogan and James Franco keep being allowed to make films together.
I'm really intrigued about A Most Violent Year. I may drag myself to see it next weekend. Rewatched most of Lego Movie Saturday night (before passing out). Damn, that's a great movie. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. I also saw Her last night after the superbowl. Very very good (and one reason for my being 2 hours late to work this morning.
Personally I don't think the decision to pass on 2nd down at the goal was that silly. If it worked no one would bat an eye at the decision - some would probably call it "brave and inspired". The conservative (and boring) choice would have been to run it - which the Patriots were expecting.
Odd location to place a television, but I wouldn't mind using it.
What kind of weird place did you rent? Don't you own an M3/M5? Why couldn't you move into a normal apartment building? I've been renting for 7 years and the only major issue I've had was a roommate that decided not to pay his share of the rent for 6+ months.PS - do you really need an attorney for small claims court? I can see why lawyers wouldn't be interested in going to small claims for $170. May as well raise the stakes by going to district court.
Took me a while to noticeI never watch the half time show but I can't wait to see what she'll wear on stage
Huh? Since when has Clint Eastwood been a liberal?
Where do you guys get all these documentaries? The Movies? If I'm lucky I find some good ones (like To Catch a Trader) on Netflix
Yes, very compelling show. I also liked how the show didn't shy away from showing very tough murder scenes that you'd expect at any time the victim would be saved. Gillian Anderson was super sexy too.
Yes, I have. It's been mentioned a few times in the Netflix thread.
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