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Hate to pry, but is that Windows XP on your computer?
How do you get away with travelling (at least by air) with your handgun and bullets? Do you really only travel with one shirt? No pants or underwear? What about shoes?
This is the dumbest thing I've read in a while
I'm not opposed to hunting in general but the pictures (which were shared ages ago) are a little sad. I wouldn't turn down a chance to take down a hippo or water buffalo though - those fuckers are dicks.
Because you can't give yourself blow jobs
What do you guys think of Sierra Nevada Summerfest? It's nearly perfect.
What kind of shit ditch do you live in that you can smell candles in other units?
Someone very special was wise enough to schedule a meeting at 4pm tomorrow. Lovely.
Quit whining, I dont see a lot of luck in penalties and it's a reasonable way to end 2 hours of play.
I would and do.
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