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Great race. 1. Think starting under the safety car when it was raining that hard was a little obnoxious. Fortunately there was still plenty of drama during the race. 2. Congrats to Hamilton. Normally don't root for him but great to see him win under such circumstances. Also nice to see he has pulled closer to Rosberg. Maybe the championship will be interesting afterall. 3. Go Perez and Force India!! 4. Feel terrible for Ricciardo but great to see Red Bull humiliated....
Massa is still keeping up with Bottas who is highly rated at the moment so makes sense to keep him on. One wonders why Bottas gets so much hype if he's unable to beat Massa consistently.
Didn't know there were so many sword fighting experts on Style Forum. I thought the scene was fine.
Honestly as vicious as both are, im surprised neither kept their guard up at all times. Ramsay had every reason to kill Roose, not sure why Roose didn't anticipate it.
I'm actually kind of glad Ferrari is behind the curve this season. I'd like to see Sergio Marchionne wreck some shit - that's assuming that teddy bear has any claws
I have had great french fries that took 10% of that effort.
I must be their demo cause I largely forgot until I looked through a recap on SB Nation last night. Dorne story line sucked (sand snake girls were corny), I was confused by the killing of the prince on the boat - howd the get there so fast?? Whatever, show has been downhill since first season. Still highlight of my Sunday nights (Veep is for Mondays)
Dunno. If you're working on something special I would understand being proud of the amount of work going into the project. For instance I'm working on an exciting business trip that's forcing a lot of late night meetings. So hell yeah I don't mind working till 8 if it gets me 3 weeks abroad. But otherwise I do know people who talk about how busy they always are but are either lying (to make themselves appear to be hustling) or don't use their time wisely.
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