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How do you know everyone in that universe is aware that all are infected with the virus? Don't forget Rick heard direct from a CDC guy and shared with his group. Who would've shared with the Bob, the hunters, or anyone else?
Why couldn't you go to a private shop that's authorized to service Audis?
Who's the girl in the green top?
All the girls I see wearing Hunter boots are hot. If you're girl is hot, buy those. Tretorn also makes winter/rain boots (the winter boots are essentially rain boots but with thicker lining).
On its face it is strange to start randomly talking to a stranger on the street. There's nothing wrong with it if you're a gentleman about it and time it well (small talk/witty comment/quirky compliment at a cross walk). And in my experience girls above a 7 are more receptive/polite about attention than girls
According to this "article" this guy got a wedding gift from his wife, so maybe it's not all that strange: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-10-15/what-i-wear-to-work-morgan-stanleys-michael-outlaw
Wait, the dumb hick that shot Nucky was Darmody's son? What'd I miss??
Unfortunately, I've effectively given up the show by dropping my showtime account. Will watch if it materializes on Netflix.
Get a proper welcome mat and wipe your shoes outside?
Ah, the benefits of shitting on another department's floor.
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