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About halfway through. Crap, RM was a dick. Reading through the west side highway development has been a little depressing.
I haven't cared for him lately. But you've got to admire his achievements given that he's been around the block for a good while.
^ Do an internet search of "NFL + Patriots + Double Homicide"
I don't mind the radio communication honestly - the faster/better driver usually still prevails so it's not like it really assists the undeserving. However, if the sport can properly police or adhere to it, I'm intrigued as to how/if it makes the racing more interesting - more mistakes, better ability to observe strong drivers properly reading races.
Purchased batteries and film for this bad boy:
Watched Blue Ruin last night. Awesome film.
Finally spending some valuable time with Boards of Canada. Great stuff
Apparently the teams are talking about banning some forms of radio communications between the pitwall and drivers. Basically to limit instructions on how the driver should drive.
New Posts  All Forums: