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Those video are great in terms of giving a much better impression of the demands required to drive F1 cars. Today's cars to some extent could do the same but a lower camera position and getting rid of much of the lateral head protection would be needed.
Dunno. I get Rick's point to a certain extent but it seems like he and Carol have a screw loose at the moment.
I see people walking on the street that do this shit too.
Fyi, Paul Stuart is opening in City Center sometime this spring.
Bizzare. 2002 and 2004 were worse than last year in terms of domination. I can't believe people are complaining when you have a dominant car with drivers that can and do race each other. Last year was a very good season. Not a classic but very good. Unfortunately f1 did a really good job of selling the low points. W/r/t aero... although I hate DRS you can't tell me the cars are harder to pass than the 2000s era cars. The racing I think isn't as good (thanks to DRS) but...
Huh? And spilling a cup of coffee on a cop to steal his notes in his coat pocket with only a whine from the cop and his partner was incredibly realistic? Somehow knowing the money is in the bathroom and not the garage, bedroom or kitchen wasn't far fetched? How did Mike know there was no alarm system? How did Mike know the man would throw the trash out and see the money? It's a TV show man, sit back and enjoy it.
I think it's incredible F1 cars are so damn fast using 1/3 of the fuel they used to use. People could give a shit because the sport is inept at promoting itself. Oh and the tires are awful. #bringbackmichelin
Based on the final scene (and further research), Ed Snowden's partner is very worth a look.
Much of the extra $11000 is marketing, maybe limited production runs, and because they can. I mean is a birkin bag really worth $5000+ just because of materials and labor? I'm shocked this conversation is happening anywhere on this forum.
Unfortunately I can't make it for this one.
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