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Mind my asking what you happen to be sitting on while you wait?
Found it! It was at a different restaurant than I expected (honestly, I was bar hopping so only noticed I didn't have it when I switched locations). It's near my office so I can get it monday. I think that's the last time I take it with me when Im not going straight home.Nonetheless, I appreciate the tirade, Harold.
E Street CInema? I saw it there before christmas. I thought it was really well shot but I couldn't understand a thing they were saying. Fell asleeo for like 10 minutes too
I just saw it last night. I definitely wasn't bored but was underwhelmed and confused with all the hype at the end.
My Filson zippered tote bag stolen at a restaurant Thursday night. Not sure why I didn't just leave it at my desk. Worst part is I only remembered my favorite sunglasses were in there this morning. FML
Let's get things back to reality
Just because something is sourced "locally" or "home made" doesn't mean it will be made well or even taste good. Reminds me of an interesting quote from someone who said grass-fed beef is finally being developed well (because growers are aging the cows properly: 27 months instead of 18 months)
I still have yet to see Sicario unfortunately I can't seem to locate it on VOD.
I watched Dope last night. It was a fun but grating movie.
just had a marvelous snack: Smoked salmon, olive tapenade on a crostini
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