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Yeah, Ricciardo seems like a good driver and a swell guy. I like that he's all smiles too. I hope there's some drama between him and Vettel this year.
Since you're wife is a woman she may need to read the links (and comments) included in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/384021/how-not-to-negotiate-a-job/0_30 Keep in mind every poster in that thread is a world class negotiator. Good luck and let us know how things go.
There are a lot of not nice things you can do to yourself and others with a belt. Question is, why weren't inmates given properly fitting pants...?
I dont know how you compare tips to salaried wages. Last I checked starbucks employees received wages too.
My friend's response to my question about "the assholes that leave tips at starbucks (and the idiot app starbucks made to make it easier to leave 15-25% tips)(I guess the taxpayer comment has to do with my working for the government).
Had a great time. Pleasantly surprised with Brooklyn. Made out with a stunner at Zombie Hut on Saturday night but somehow managed to lose her. My one regret of the weekend. By the way, Clover Club is pretty great.
Just got through episode 2 of season 2 of the walking dead. Awesome shit.
About to purchase another chunk of this ETF - VTI. Probably on Friday.
I think I've asked this question ages ago. But I'm serious, let's say I bought a fancy jar of pepper corns and wanted to purchase a new mill (for instance to replace my OTC McCormick black pepper). I can't just purchase an empty mill and pour my fancy new pepper into it. I have to either toss what's in the new mill or go through what's in it.
New Posts  All Forums: