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Working through Happy Valley right now.
Weird. Great for the ego but I'd be pissed if I had to let all that interview time go to waste.
I find the store's selection vastly exceeds the website. Unless you're shopping for fairly basic shirt/tie colors, I dont think it makes any sense to buy online if you live in NYC.
Why, you travel with used paint cans on your back seat?
Just watched A Weekend with A Champion. Film by Roman Polanski covering the 1971 Monaco grand prix with Jackie Stewart. As an f1 fan I loved it, but I think even non fans will enjoy it as well.
Stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and what do you know, Tony Kornheiser is chatting with some lady directly in front of me. We made eye contact as I walked passed them. He's a lot taller than I expected.
I dont mind the ban on giving drivers instructions. Odd they made it an immediate change though
I only order Mighty Leaf teas. Working through a box of vanilla bean now
to look for that look just do an internet search of "stylish men in blazers", then dig around until you find pictures that you like. Generally you shouldn't use a suit jacket without it's matching pants but if it's solid (no pinstripes or pattern) most people won't notice.
Though a genius at bringing revenue in, Goodell has made a mess of managing the NFL's reputation. This season is going to be dominated by this story (not the Rice angle but the NFL's culpability).
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