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Carcetti really went off the reservation since getting elected.
Like Bert said, the firm was doing fine without Don. Don was pretty deluded in whole heartedly believing the praise people heaped on him all those years, which led to his abusing many people's trust. Yes, he's a massive talent but he isn't indispensible. The world will keep turning without him. With him being on probation, it was pretty obnoxious for him to swing into Bert's office with the new business idea (particularly for a puny company). Bert, Joan, Peggy saw through...
i actually liked it a lot. Will miss Locke
WTF i gotta buy vinegar?? Considering taking them to this fancy shoe store that does great restorations (Sky Valet). They're not cheap though.
False. Just watched Don Jon last night. Pleasantly surprised as I had no interest (minus ScaJo's assets) to watch when I first saw the trailers. I loved how he and just about all the characters exuded douche and douchette
THanks to the severe rain we've had the past few days in the DC area, I have some serious water damage to my fancy Allan Edmond's shoes. After a day in their trees, they accumulated some of that dried, washed out look in some sections that won't go away even after a polish (polish covers it up temporarily but becomes dried out again).
Hate to be that guy but if you did a search of this subforum, several threads will come up on this subject. They include many good ideas.
Interesting. Love the little fart but the sport's been overdue for new leadership for at least 10 years.
How so? Just because he brings in money doesn't mean he or his department has to be respected.
False. This is ridiculously easy in any major city.
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