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ha that's the poster from last year. their 2nd annual party is tomorrow I just couldn't paste the picture but it's basically the same thing with some updated text
Must say, this was very informative. I might be willing to put up with a horse girl because she likely wont be poor and I'd get to check out her and her (undoubtedly hot) mom in their riding pants
Not to mention who would they defect to? If I recall correctly, many of the earlier defections were when the rebels were much more organized. I may be mistaken but apart from ISIS I don't think there' has been a more organized/fearsome group to defect to in the past year or 2.
it seems the point is to go to a protest well-armed.
I'm going to this party on saturday
Kind of like people with Dogs or Cats?
Possibly a form of phishing. They may be able to learn a lot about you (for potential identity theft) using what you may have posted about yourself on linkedin. Attractive or not I never accept connections with people I don't know. The only time I may do so is if it's a serial linkedin networker in my organization (who I can verify by asking our mutual connections).
I just caught a couple of episodes. I agree it's a very good show. A lot of fun and still pretty dramatic (nothing serious though). I think the cat guy would make a great halloween costume (hope I remember)
Who came up with this silly ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR5wGrT3LGg
I bought a pretty cool one with a wooden handle. Only to realize after I'd opened it at home that it's not dishwasher safe
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