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It's going to be a long 3 weeks...
Been listening to a lot of Bonobo. Good jams
Although I'm still watching The Night Of the first episode had so many ridiculous moments.
Not sure who that is but I think it may make sense if it carries technical diagrams or drawings.
If it's considered to wet to start without a safety car why not just delay the race for 15 minutes or so? Meanwhile they have the safety and medical cars circulate the track to disperse the standing water. I feel like I've seen that done previously.
Honestly if the items fit well you can get away with nearly any color. Traditional would be a shade of grey, blue, brown.
Yeah I was frustrated that Kimi just kind of accepted it. Perhaps because he already saved a shit qualifying position with decent points.
That looks awesome. Could consider it at $60 since I don't play a lot of console games these days
Wynona Ryder Watching The Last Kingdom at the moment. Pretty cool show about England during the viking invasions. May try Stranger Things after. I've kind of given up on Oz :/ I'm half way through the 4th season and I think some of the story lines are gimmicky. Like McManus being fired for like 2 episodes.
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