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Right, you want to share your situation room with a guy who purposefully leaked information to his mistress
Wasn't Hamilton a genius in Monaco and MOntreal? Now suddenly he's a mess? He's been a ton more consistent than NIco this year. Even if Lewis loses the championship he's still up 2 to NIco's 1 (including 1 humiliation - last year)
So.... Corey Lewindowski is out....
Sounds like you're a small timer
That's weird. Buy them a very nice frame they can put a nice photo in. Go to ralph lauren or something and you can find something for $75. Why would you buy someone elses wife a personal gift?
Why would climate affect whether or not you wear suspenders? Thinking in buying a couple
Not sure how you'd like NBC to solve that. Anyway although I recorded the race I was able to catch it live on NBCSN due to the coverage switch. Unfortunately my DVR still has what I recorded on NBC so I can't rewatch the Rosberg-VErstappen scuffle
Haha I met Chris while I was in Seoul for work a few weeks back. Good guy
Can't tell if this is a slow burn or I just haven't been able to focus on it. It's been weeks since purchasing and I'm only in chapter 5 (about 60 pages).
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