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Urban dwellers generally don't need to buy a lot of stuff. I've found that living in the city with relatively less space (no basement, no garage, less cabinet space) forces me to decide what I really need to purchase for decorations and food. Unless you're a parent cooking regularly for 4+ people, do you really need those trips to costco? What could you possibly store in all those cabinets in larger kitchens? How do you prevent all the stuff in your commercial sized fridge...
Just started: Supposed to be one of his best. Struggling with it so far though
Wow, I think I was sold during the first episode. Drew close to home with some of the family dynamics too.
You ought to read more if you want to learn something.
Also, if you're spending much of your time downtown you could also try Centrolina (10th and K), Boss Shephards (13th and E), Central (11th or 12th and Pennsylvania). Enjoy and report back!
What are you looking for? A lot of places getting great reviews. Newish Fiola Mare - seafood, DC Waterfront (Georgetown area) Rose's Luxury - Barracks Row/Capitol Hill. Tons of hype, I don't know anyone that's been disappointed Kapnos - Greek, 14th St Del Campo - Chilean or Uruguayan (Penn Quarter) That's just a handful of newer places I could think up (strangely havent been to any of these yet). Not so New but Excellent Mintwood Place - Adams Morgan. Has been on my to...
I caught 2 episodes of The Man in the Hightower last night. Interesting show. Not sure I get all the hype. I also watched an episode of Mozart in the Jungle. Might give it some more attention.
Regardless of the comment, they all looked ridiculous
So... it looks like the trousers for to my favorite suit are fading. It's noticable to me while wearing it (it's fading around the knee/lap area) but no one has pointed it out. As the suit is 9 years old is there anything I can do to salvage/restore that portion? Almost everything else looks great. Given it's age I'm not sure I can find the fabric to buy a replacement pair of pants. They're RL Black Label navy pinstripes
I was surprised but indifferent about David Bowie, but this I find sad.
New Posts  All Forums: