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Damn. I remember being chased by this unchained dog (pitbull I think) my final year of college. Fortunately found a house with an unlocked patio door. I did get mauled by my family guard dog (chained up 80% of the time as is the Nigerian way) when I was 5 or so. Still have scars on my shoulder from it. Needed rabies shots for a while.
I finally watched the finale last night. I thought it was a solid episode. However, it should be noted that I've generally been lukewarm about the show for the past few years. I truly believe a lot people took the show too seriously. Edit - I seem to have forgotten while watching the episode and typing the above that I waited a whole year for the last 6ish episodes. Crazy. Anyway, episode was still okay.
I thought the episode was okay. And honestly, the Sansa scene didn't bother me.
Watching Belgian show called Salamander. Only one episode in but it's interesting so far.
Buy shit from their registry.
I don't know if it's still available but I saw "Witness" with Harrison Ford a few months back. Great movie. Loved the last 15-20 minutes
Bigger question is why didn't Sauber get any "premium" money? They'd been in the sport roughly 20 years when those deals were made. Also, why is William's so much lower than McLaren? They're roughly on equal terms w/r/t success
Thanks for the updates. A bit of a claustrophobic location for the toilet.
IF it looks okay when you look in the mirror, go for it. I hate the feeling of my uncovered arms in the sleeve of a jacket but I'm not completely opposed to it. You could also wear summer weight long sleeve shirts. Wear summer weight jackets (very light wool, linen, unlined cotton). Ditch the jacket if not wearing a tie.
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