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I caught the first episode on Monday by accident. I was really distracted by Scully's raspy voice. anyway I've read the episodes get stronger down the line. I did use the opportunity to rewatch several episodes on netflix.
I believe there's a firm cutoff for millenials. My understanding is it includes anyone that was a teenager at any point during 1999 and 2009.
The vast majority of people incredulous DC shutdown do not live within 100 miles of it. Others are just flexing their "Federal Government sucks Private sector rulez " muscles. A half assed web search indicates the DC area got twice its annual snowfall in a weekend:I did however have a blast with my emergency booze, x-files binge, and decent food (not counting the tickets, tow, and burnt hand).
Windows 10 and not being able to install itunes or get any Office products working
Hmm not sure you will get a lot of people willing to split a $1000+ bill on the internet. Those things get stressful even with friends
I've already seen a bunch of those. Would've been glad to move the junk and put my car there but couldn't be bothered. Fortunately, I came by a dug out parking space without impediments and nabbed it. My car is 15 years old so I'm not worried about it being keyed.
HUh? It snowed nonstop from about 2 or 3pm Friday and stopped around 11pm Saturday. The main streets in DC (e.g. Connecticut Avenue) were clear by midday Sunday but not sure how you expect all the side streets to get cleared by then. Also, don't even want to know how bad the above ground metro tracks were. So for someone like me to get into downtown is no biggie (since I live off a major road), but people from the MD and VA suburbs would be a tough task to get in. I'm...
Cross post to say that on the brighter side, I'll be in Vegas in less than a week.
Grr found out my car was towed because it was on a "snow Emergency" route. $200 to get it out of impound, $250 ticket to pay within 30 days (or it doubles). I drive it maybe once a week so it didn't cross my mind to move it Thursday night before it started snowing (also because I rarely park on the street that is the snow emergency route). A quick web search indicates DC has towed 500+ cars for the very same reason. Not mad at them per se, more annoyed at the pointless...
New Posts  All Forums: