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^ A pure King's Landing?Huh? In the show, Cersei's extreme paranoia drives all her actions.
Jared is such an awesome character. Love how he's trying to get the two females to be best buds.
One thing I like about Cersei is her single mindedness at protecting her children. Much of it is misguided and leads to disastrous consequences but it's a redeeming quality of hers. Tywin was very wise but it's arguable it's the one thing he never offered his children - he was singleminded about maintaining the strength of the Lannister name.
United Airlines apparently agrees with youhttp://www.tmz.com/2015/05/28/united-airlines-kick-off-crying-baby-sarah-blackwood-pregnant/
Ordered this yesterday:
There are definitely weak points (Danny, Bran), but as I've never read the books AND largely stopped following this thread, I'm still enjoying the show. The Sand Snake titty scene was appreciated but totally unnecessary. Note, I certainly find the first season to be the best, but I'm not sure if it was simply because the show/subject matter was completely new to me AND I had yet to start digging into threads, wikis, recaps of episodes.
Yes, dumb decision by Mercedes AND Lewis (since it appears he was part of the decision making). I say "thanks!" because it was an uneventful race until that happened. Get's Nico a bit closer in the championship (probably won't help much). Saves us from talking about claiming how shit F1 is for another 2 weeks. Re: strategy... even with all that data, human beings still have to do something with it AND try to consider what the opposition (with similar data and more or less...
If putting the dog down would make the owner sad and hopefully more attentive, I'm all for it. Having been attacked by a dog and chased years later, I'm very wary of piece of shit owners. Unfortunately for the dog, it has to be the one that goes, not the owner. At the very least ruin the owner's summer with a nice lawsuit for the emotional distress the incident caused you and your family.
I make pretty awesome stuff at home and routinely stink up the office when microwaving left overs. So happy to do so, when I see my coworkers with their subway subs and tv dinners.
Yes, Don starts off very dapper, mysterious, and cool. Until you learn it's all a facade. That was one thing I liked about the show (the protagonist was quite awful) although it lost its direction once Betty found out the truth about Don. Unfortunately, most of MM viewers had their heads too far up Weiners ass to notice.
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