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Imagine the stir it would've caused if it happened while playing in DC.
he does have silver hair...
Couldn't find another place to post this questions: Am I crazy to take a connecting flight through Istanbul? One flight is a 2 hour lay over the 2nd is overnight. Always wanted to visit that city.
Somehow finally got myself to watch Stranger Things. It starts off kind of slow and annoying but by episode 4 or 5 I was finally really interested. I'll return for season 2.
Count me in!
Because most people aren't bitches and can finish a bottle in a day or two.
Afraid you'll get nightmares?
oops wrong thread!
Umm bombard their congressmen to oppose any judicial nominations by Pres clinton? I took the statement to be purposefully vague. I don't think he seriously meant to do her harm but I think he knew some would interpret it that way and create a media "storm". It gets him the media coverage but I don't see how it helps him in the long run.
It's going to be a long 3 weeks...
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