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Not sure I want to be in a car that doesn't deform at all during a crash. That usually means the occupant absorb much of the impact.
Obviously no. Hence the question mark... Don't mind being schooled on this.P.S. Go easy on me baby
I also forgot to add that unsavory people generally move a lot over relatively short periods of time
In my experience only unsavory people find themselves at the dmv more than once or twice a decade. The last I've been was when I lost my id 4-5 years ago. Now I have my id number saved so I can get a replacement sent in the mail
I think it's just you. I normally too hung over or tired to stay up more than 1-2 hours on a flight.Re people separated from children: I always select my seats (aisle please). Why don't people with particular needs do that?
Woah Chris Christie. You naughty [big] boy
Don't the cars already have higher top speeds compared to the V8s? Anyway, I think they could simply change the fucking tires without all the other fiddling to make the cars more challenging to drive.
I think the plan is to simply make the cars faster and more of a challenge to drive without hurting overtaking. I don't dispute your 2nd paragraph though.
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