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Anyone else find the term "franchise" grating?
It was a strange season - very much of a slow burn. I kind of feel I just watched filler for an explosive season 4.
You're welcome.
I think the show clicked for me this last episode. I honestly didn't know it was a scam until the fat guy got up and shook his hand Also, what are you getting at with the "Saaaaaaaal, good man" thing? Don't get it.
Why are you arguing? Some like not having keys (one less thing to carry around). You do.
Lose 20 pounds and you should be okay
Totally forgot to watch last night and instead vegged out to Vanderpump Rules. Can't wait to catch tonight
Shoulda known he was gay with the perfect clothes and grooming in the middle of the apocalypse
There's a thread somewhere where I list all of the stuff I've lost over the years. Granted I'm usually drunk, but I've had some moments when sober.
In what favela were you raised in?
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