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Just unfollow the people reposting political stuff. OR select "hide post" over time you'll see less annoying shit. My facebook is pretty well curated so I actually do not mind using it.
About 2/3 the way through and pretty disappointed. Love the author but can't say I buy the premise of the book. I may have to go and read about the British POV of the revolutionary war though.
If he's below 35 I'd suggest ditching the doctor and pursuing her romantically (note you need to switch doctors then ask her out again... if she says no you're gonna be out a doctor with nothing to show for it). If you're over 45 maybe you stick with the doc.
Thanks for the articles. Not sure George Lucas and Lewis Hamilton can be genuine friends. Maybe pretty friendly acquaintances? Anyway, I don't think Lewis is really losing support. Rosberg made hard work (more than necessary for sure) of keeping Vettel at bay for 2nd place in the WDC this year. Not sure he would make a good enough team leader. And if not who would replace Lewis as the lead driver (yes, IMO, at this point Lewis is lead as it's up to Nico to assert himself...
I like to think I have nice clothes and shoes but I would be pretty about displaying them in my living room.
I don't know what I'd do with my life without seafood. Love it.
I think the outrage is irrelevant. How does Trump suggest implementing the muslim ban? How does his plan account for U.S. born muslims that may turn to terrorism?
I'm in the market for gloves. I was originally looking at Chester Jeffries (Paris or Steward model) but today, learned about Hestra (Matthew or Andrea model) . It seems CJ is well regarded but what about Hestra? They run about the same price give or take $10-15. Finally, there seems to be little to no wait for Hestra to be shipped out.
Watched this a few weeks ago. Very good. Also very bleak as it reminded me of Gomorrah Watched this Saturday. I thought it was very good. Still a little confused with the ending.
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