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http://gothamist.com/2014/05/27/matthew_weiner_talks_about_the_mad.php#. Some interesting observations here. Weiner mentions why Joan treats Don the way she does this season. Dunno why it's hard to comprehend for some people.
For a beta, he does pretty damn well (success, arm candy) although he'll never be satisfied with what he's got.
this is gonna be a great season. I can imagine utter chaos between Lewis and Nico by the time its July. Regardless of whether the Monaco incident was purposefull or not (if it was a mistake, I'd be too embarrassed to be as celebratory as Nico was on Saturday), I'm rooting for Rosberg because he wasn't whining on the radio and moping as much as Lewis does.
I enjoyed it but didn't think it was all that great.
Is there an explanation why the SF group always has the parties?
According to the preview it's somehow up to Sansa to tell "the truth" (I'm assuming the scene showed has something to do with it)
No. It's a ton harder to learn your parents' language when growing up abroad and when you're older. When the kid is older and knows the local language and his mother tongue, he will be thankful. I wish my parents spoke to me in igbo when growing up. I know they regret sticking to english.
Name them and the respective firms. I don't think it's as many as you think
Great book. She's one of my favorite authors: you may want to try The Zimmerman Telegram and A Distant Mirror at some point.
That makes me think... if most of those potions are illusions, does that mean the smoke baby (?) was some kind of trick?
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