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I was surprised but indifferent about David Bowie, but this I find sad.
I don't think you need experience you just need to find ads you wish you'd created (if you were the creative type). You may get some confused posts which I think wouldn't hurt the discussion/activity on here. In my case, I'm simply too lazy to do it.
Is there some kind of way or app that allows news articles to be downloaded to my phone at certain times of day? For instance I love the News app on iOS but you need to have a data or wifi connection to update and read the articles. Since my subway system here has limited to no data access (for non Verizon users) I would like to have a way to have certain amount downloaded before I get on the train (say at 8am sharp). I know the FT app used to (still?) updates when you...
I'd hook my siblings up with a little lovin'. Most are self sufficient so it'd basically be a treat as opposed to my replacing their welfare checks.
Ugh my old Nokia phone had that feature when I had the navigation app activated. took way too long for me to figure out how to turn it off.
I take great pleasure parking next to people who try to act like their cars are special flowers. Especially when they park super far away from most other cars.
Do you mean to say speedometer? Or some kind of audible/visual alert when you cross the speedlimit?
Why it's so cold in my office
Yep. Finished it a few weeks back. Debating starting The Man in the High Castle but I'm usually really hesitant on committing to new TV shows.
Congrats. It's all your fault.
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