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I'm down for $20 buy in. I'm traveling and don't get home until the Saturday night. so 10/11 pm est should be okay for me. Sunday would be better I'm a fantasy virgin so go slow ok? Tks. Also, so I'm not a total 'tard, where can I do some reading on all this terminology and strategies?
Although I won't miss Massa I wonder the point with keeping Bottas. He's barely shown much - he's not bad but you'd think he'd be dominating given the age difference and Massa getting schooled by Alonso. I'd say they should take a younger driver and see if Bottas is worth shit
I think Vice Principals has gotten really strong the last two episodes.
Imagine the stir it would've caused if it happened while playing in DC.
he does have silver hair...
Somehow finally got myself to watch Stranger Things. It starts off kind of slow and annoying but by episode 4 or 5 I was finally really interested. I'll return for season 2.
Count me in!
Because most people aren't bitches and can finish a bottle in a day or two.
Afraid you'll get nightmares?
oops wrong thread!
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