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Started this last night. Pretty excited
I finished Making a Murderer last night. Great show but really sad.
I may be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas in Manhattan. 2nd time for me. I'm looking forward to it!
Saw this last night. Interesting. Strange ending
I don't think the solar industry is very healthy right now. There has been a glut in supply for years and some high profile companies have gone out of business. Anyway look up the companies you are interested in. Do a news search on the companies and the industries. When you meet with them try to apply some of what you learned from the news to ask well thought out questions to get an idea of what the company may be facing in the short and medium term. Good luck!
You can't fuck anything up by buying/giving a thoughtful gift. It could be expensive or cheap or somewhere in between. If for some reason value is a factor I would say you should be safe between $50-150, above that could be considered overkill for so new a relationship.
I have a navy wallet from Kamakura. I like the quirky color
Just unfollow the people reposting political stuff. OR select "hide post" over time you'll see less annoying shit. My facebook is pretty well curated so I actually do not mind using it.
About 2/3 the way through and pretty disappointed. Love the author but can't say I buy the premise of the book. I may have to go and read about the British POV of the revolutionary war though.
If he's below 35 I'd suggest ditching the doctor and pursuing her romantically (note you need to switch doctors then ask her out again... if she says no you're gonna be out a doctor with nothing to show for it). If you're over 45 maybe you stick with the doc.
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