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Ugh just remembered I dont have ESPN Edit - correction, I get to see a beat down on ABC.
Love that book. For some reason, I am always able to open it up to a random page and start reading.
Finished with that epic and have moved on to:Read this in between the two Caro books over the course of a vacation just outside Cannes. I now have "Prince of the City" and maybe "Q&A" on my must watch list.
Wrapped up season 2 of Narcos tonight. Good shit. Would love [the actress playing] Tata Escobar to be my baby mama
Hi, if it's not too late I just sent you a PM. Will need to have an invite resent to a new email. No worries if you prefer to move on without me.
Oh yes I will. Just can't do it using my phone. Will he be back Saturday night!
Lonely alleyway in Cannes
I may have to wait till I'm back in the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ to figure my shit out πŸ˜•
Yahoo won't let me join because it can't verify my age. Wtf halp!
I'm down for $20 buy in. I'm traveling and don't get home until the Saturday night. so 10/11 pm est should be okay for me. Sunday would be better I'm a fantasy virgin so go slow ok? Tks. Also, so I'm not a total 'tard, where can I do some reading on all this terminology and strategies?
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