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Some great stuff Spark. Learned the hard way on my last domestic trip (1.5 weeks ago) that I really need to sharpen up my packing. Somehow wound up checking in my carry on bag. Thankfully I have global entry and TSA pre-check. Global entry is amazing. I have a new carryon bag and wheel brief case on my purchase list before my next trip in a few months.
I like it
Just watched Dead Pool tonight. Pretty fun movie.
You couldn't tell from the trailers? I thought it looked stupid and never considered watching it.
I'm sure Ferrari isn't enjoying their past few "Italian" seasons
Really liked that movie. I mustve replayed the fight like 5 times (probably more)
Intruiged by Westworld
It's because they're embarrassed.
Interesting because I liked it alot
He was also in a submarine movie (forget the name). He's really good at playing assholes.
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