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Which do you prefer? Or what are the pros and cons of each as you perceive them?
Hey at least you'll have that moment in your life you will never forget: that time metro went on sick leave.Anyway, realized at the last minute I can mostly get to the office just by taking bus. Will make a game time (morning) decision about teleworking or not.
Just started watching "Flaked" on Netflix. Pretty good. Makes me want to quit my job and live in Venice Beach
HoC Season 4 definitely had a promising ending. But again, there's so many problems with the writing. How is it possible that just about everyone remotely near the Underwoods is so helpless and weak? It'd be much more interesting if some people pushed back at their "threats" and we got to see how the Underwoods worked their way around such obstacles. Using silly foreign policy "crises" to drive the plot is lame. The show is so much stronger when it focuses on "in the...
The point is he's killing it in states with relatively few delegates or electoral college votes. Michigan is the only significant/large state he has won. Perhaps now things may change for him - Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, etc. We'll see.
Sad, really.
I think I missed the memo on this
Lol he's totally got into your head, beta
Yeah that was a pretty laughable statement by Find Finn
Working through season 4 of House of Cards now. So many plot holes. Seems like the writers have gotten pretty lazy
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