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Much of the extra $11000 is marketing, maybe limited production runs, and because they can. I mean is a birkin bag really worth $5000+ just because of materials and labor? I'm shocked this conversation is happening anywhere on this forum.
Unfortunately I can't make it for this one.
Yup. Only a fool wouldn't admire the skill to pull that off too.
HUh? How's she overrated? I don't think anyone has said she was great or even good (not that she isn't).
Red Bull being Red Bull. Direct attention away from cost-cap that's arguably doable to something that's definitely a nonstarter - banning a piece of equipment teams have already spent 10s of millions on. If 6+ teams rent out their windtunnels (to who exactly?) on top of the other commercially available windtunnels (Toyota's old f1 windtunnel for example) won't the value of the service plummet? Won't a cost cap be another way to force teams to rely on brain power not...
What happened to Nick Foles hype?? I could've sworn he was being hailed as the 2nd coming a year or two ago. Some details please?
This house is really beautiful.- Joffrey
Yeah, they lose $30 million (or was it $50?) in prize money from last year if they don't race and it's shared by the rest of the teams.
A lot of action in the past few weeks. What are your thoughts on 1. Alonso missing Australian Grand Prix due to concussion 2. Manor F1 (formerly Marussia) has been saved and intends to race at Australia ?
Ha. I was smart enough to read the book first. When I saw it in the theater my friends (who hadn't read it) were lost too.
New Posts  All Forums: