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That would be possible if the show ended a season or two after Betty found out about his true identity. Don't know the point these days.
I also have to add, I think the ban on "driver coaching" has really hurt Nico. He can't seem to get the most out of the car without a lot more information from his engineer.
I dunno. It's been weak for the past few seasons and there aren't that many episodes left.
Not at all. I have a lot of plain kitchen towels that act as heating pads from time to time. If desperate I use my large oven mitts (if I don't need them for a while of course). Also, if they're free I just place them on the cooktop.
I thought it was great.
I don't remember Nico being all that much faster than Webber at Williams. Lewis showed up Nico last season, but Nico did a great job nearly making his WDC lead last - at least until Spa when he finally tripped over himself. For now, Lewis still has that edge he gained on Nico. Hopefully Nico bounces back but it's pretty amusing to see him fall apart so much. Has this happened before?
The 2nd because it doesn't have the extra detailing of the first (silver buttons, brown velvet collar).
Apparently (according to James Allen anyway) the tires this year suck and fall apart if you follow the car ahead to closely. The car behind needs a much larger speed differential to overtake than last year. Although I didn't see the incident when I fast forwarded through my DVR recording, I would imagine actual team orders ("Nico, hang back and let Lewis have this one") would have played out differently - for instance, nico wouldn't allow himself to sound like a whiny...
Any one else watching this show? I think it's fantastic (acting, soundtrack, sets). Sunday this time of year just became heaven - Wolf Hall, Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, Mad Men
This show has turned into a soap opera. Bizzare.
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