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I dont mind the B team idea for new teams but only for a set period of time then they have to build/develop their own components - excepting engine and maybe rearend. Say 2 years. They also don't compete for constructor prize money
I don't get why my coworker keeps hiring hot interns. One just started about a week ago and it's torture knowing I can't even flirt with her
You guys are really overthinking Narcos. It's good but nothing special
Just restarted watching a few nights ago and finished season 2. Great stuff! Will catch up season 3 which is on OnDemand right now
I've heard a lot about The Killing Lessons. Supposed to be pretty graphic stuff though
Risk or "holy shit hold on to every penny we've got!"?
Is that Sabina from the Brazilian Girls? Love their music.
I'm being forced to work from home all three days her holiness is in DC.
Dining/Clubing: Tao. There are two locations. I've been to the one in downtown manhattan. You could have drinks, then dinner, then stay for the nightclub. Or just the first two. Very lively atmosphere. If you can get in, try to go to The Box. You can get dinner, drinks, dancing and pretty wacky burlesque-type shows. There might be nudity but it's not a strip club - and any nudity will be tongue in cheek. It may be hard to get in without a reservation. So if you're...
Stopped watching Rectify after facepalm moment in episode 3 or 4 of season 2. Annoyed the hell out of me
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