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The show had a lot of great pieces (ie. characters), but in the end I can't say I'll miss it much. I was watching some clips on youtube, and I loved that Gyp Rosetti tantrum scene at Nucky's NYE party. I feel like I should watch season 1 and or 2 again to familiarize myself with Jimmy Darmody and the commodore
Go to Brewer's Art for dinner and drinks. Walk around the Mount Vernon area (where Brewer's Art is located).
Yeah, I think the Sheppard would work for a few drinks on a first date. It has a lively yet intimate vibe - dark, good music bu not loud no standing room but still fits in a decent number of people).
Huh? Just because you were in the vicinity of people infected with ebola doesn't mean you have it. Where was he supposed to go after his stint was over? There are pretty straightforward guidelines to follow for the medical workers. He apparently followed them closely and sought treatment when he thought he was developing early stage symptoms.
^ Why haven't we met up? Granted I never seem able to make the DC meetups that I don't arrange (at least the past few years). Honestly, though I love the place I rarely go to Jack Rose for "grown up drinking". There are a handful of whiskeys I know to look for (and rarely experiment with much else), beer, and mint juleps. Anyone try The Sheppard? Granted I've only been once but I had a nice drink (off of their very limited menu). I personally like Pearl Dive and Fainting...
Thanks all for all the feedback. Honestly, I'm not huge on traditional forms of tourism, plus I have a free place to stay in Hyderabad. I'm actually banking on the touristy party scene in Goa, but I'm not opposed to another location for a 2-3 night jaunt. I'll be making the final choice about whether this trip will certainly happen hopefully by this Saturday given I'll have to then arrange for medical (check up, shots) and a tourist visa.
My boss that sits 20 feet away from me takes every damn call on speakerphone.
The 2nd looks pretty cool but I think I'd tire of it. I have finally gotten around to buying some supplies to do some in door herb planting. I have the pots, a bag of potting soil, and a bag perlite. Could I reasonably make decent potting mix with just soil and perlite? If so, what's a good ratio? Some web searching I've done so far suggests I'd need some more items like moss in addition to soil and perlite. I'm not a serious gardner (at least for now) so would really...
Ah forgot to record the show and didnt stay up to watch the 11pm replay. Will try to watch tonight!
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