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I didn't do any clubs while there last summer but Big in Japan and Plan B are worth a trip for drinks.
I watched several episodes on rerun after I saw Cobie Smuthers on the cover of Maxim and realized she was on the show. Never found it funny.
Somehow lost a ton of progress on one of 4 papers I am writing (and behind on) for my capstone. I'm not even that upset just totally demotivated. Worst part is the sections I lost were written just right and I doubt I'll be able to recreate it. It may wind up better (that's happened before) but goddamn it, what an awful feeling. I think "gutted" is the right word.
Weird finale. The fight with the gang was kind of anti climatic. There wasn't much of foreshadowing that the gang were on Rick's trail. How did Rick head butt the leader when rick was sitting and the leader was standing? Why didn't the pedophile kill the kid or injure him when rick kept advancing? Who shut the rail car door when the whole group got inside? Why did so many gun shots miss rick and co when the snipers had a clear line of sight?
I absolutely hate doing performance plans, but when done well they're very very good and necessary. No less painful though.
I was going to post something snarky but I think you're right
Piece of shit uberx driver somehow managed to make a 4 mile drive 12 miles +. 3x surge pricing = $101 uber. Submitted a fare review with uber we'll see if they fix it. If they don't I'm cancelling my account.
Is Red Bull Racing really connecting with anyone? I didn't see a lot of kids wearing red bull or Vettel t-shirts when I was at the Canadian GP last year or even on television.
How does one even know how to search for this thread?
You're assuming someone has been using the gas at that house continuously since the outrbeak. Also, as far as I know community/city/neighborhood wide gas lines should last a long time particularly if your neighbors are all dead or missing.
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