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No. It's a ton harder to learn your parents' language when growing up abroad and when you're older. When the kid is older and knows the local language and his mother tongue, he will be thankful. I wish my parents spoke to me in igbo when growing up. I know they regret sticking to english.
Name them and the respective firms. I don't think it's as many as you think
Great book. She's one of my favorite authors: you may want to try The Zimmerman Telegram and A Distant Mirror at some point.
That makes me think... if most of those potions are illusions, does that mean the smoke baby (?) was some kind of trick?
You're wrong, Joan actually has a family - loving mom, nice kid, that she seems quite attentive too. She just hasn't tried settling [again] because she's afraid of being an older, single mom. Pete, Don and Peggy are nowhere in that regard. Pete hate's everything and would likely ruin his relationship with the smart and hot real estate agent, Don has a shitty marriage and doesn't interact much with his kids, Peggy let her child go and has no man on the horizon. I too hope...
I hope not. That would piss me off to no end
Made chicken adobo for the first time. First time I've eaten it too. The recipe was really simple.
Just watched Wolf of Wallstreet last night. A lot of fun. Very surprised not to be bored for a minute during the 3 hours plus I sat through it.
There's already one. Dunno why these jokers keep posting the shit here
New Posts  All Forums: