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Watching The Great Train Robbery. It's okay not particularly invested in the story but not bored with it. Watched The Rainmaker last night. Decent stuff. Claire Danes is hot as a damsel in distress. PS - I also saw MUD and The Act of Killing. Pleasantly surprised with the first and with the second.
The show doesn't need more time. We need less of the Betty and Sally story lines.
Actually what I posted wasn't supposed to be reassuring I was just telling you what I knew. If you're most interested in consulting Kogod may not be a bad bet. However, I imagine UMD or GWU will be have consulting recruiters also. So I guess my main question for you, with UMD's better rankings (and stronger name - at least in business) what's really driving your decision making process between choosing Kogod and UMD?
As far as I know UMD is a better program than AU or GWU. What has your research into these programs revealed about their focus and recruiting? I took a few classes at Kogod this past semester (I just finished up grad school at AU - not MBA though) and a lot of students were ambivalent about it. It seems this coming year would be the first where it changes its focus to prepare graduates for careers in consulting (its recruiting is DC/Federal consulting heavy). Bloomberg and...
How did he find out where the meeting was? I don't remember his finding out while at the bar with Mr. Media and if the planning was so secretive I doubt he could've called around easily for the details.
Nice tantrum acid!
I honestly don't get why he was introduced. I find Lou a ton more interesting.
Really? Tommen is just as reliable as Tywin?
It's not that hard to imagine the boat was eventually discovered, probably when the mist lifted.
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