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Interesting, I very nearly watched that last night. I ended up watching Snitch Cartel. Not bad
How old are you folks?Generally I would say, plan for 4 beers per person. If they're young, buy 4 30 packs of something cheap. If not, buy a small keg of something good.One bottle of Whiskey, tequila, vodka and bottles of mixers (sodas, juice, redbull etc.)2-3 bottles each of red and white wine.Plastic cups.I rarely eat at parties but these are usually good: Cheese platter, cured meats platter, bowl of olives, large bowl of popcorn/potato chips, maybe some chips and salsa....
Moved on to this last night:
The main difference is button placement (apart from Hamilton's brake bias setup). I believe drivers in other teams have steering wheel preferences. Not sure Autosport or F1 Racing have ever done a feature rounding up the differences.
It's been a few years since I was last there, but I started a thread about my trip which includes some suggestions: http://www.styleforum.net/t/268090/weekend-in-san-diego/0_30 In general, go to pacific beach. Maybe mission beach (although I've never been). little Italy has a lot of restaurants - craft and commerce isn't far and was very trendy when I had a few drinks there. La Jolla is very nice little area just north of pb. The downtown/gas lamp district is great for...
Make introductions and start up a conversation between them. Normal guests will do the rest themselves. Circulate around the party chatting with different groups of guests.
Was the victim of your bad day ever put on notice for his obnoxious behavior? Also, I think companies are very wary of wrongful termination.
Yes he will. And he'll probably remember to bring his knife to punish any suckers that dare give him too little money. I rarely give money (mostly cause I don't carry much cash) but I do from time to time if the mood grabs me.
Documentary of Fernando Alonso's last race with Ferrari. Spanish but with English subtitles. Part One: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4yzEP2JVbwhhf9x4r2 Part Two: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2d07ge_fernando-alonso-documentary-my-last-race-at-ferrari-part-2_tv
Bought and decorated a christmas tree for the parents' house.
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