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Buy shit from their registry.
I don't know if it's still available but I saw "Witness" with Harrison Ford a few months back. Great movie. Loved the last 15-20 minutes
Bigger question is why didn't Sauber get any "premium" money? They'd been in the sport roughly 20 years when those deals were made. Also, why is William's so much lower than McLaren? They're roughly on equal terms w/r/t success
Thanks for the updates. A bit of a claustrophobic location for the toilet.
IF it looks okay when you look in the mirror, go for it. I hate the feeling of my uncovered arms in the sleeve of a jacket but I'm not completely opposed to it. You could also wear summer weight long sleeve shirts. Wear summer weight jackets (very light wool, linen, unlined cotton). Ditch the jacket if not wearing a tie.
Why? No one that matters will notice.
I wore the socks on Friday and must say I thought they were a little short. We'll see what happens after I wash them.
Nothing is untouchable. France (the birthplace of Grand Prix racing) has been gone for years. Canada was off the calendar for a year or two. As much as I criticize him Bernie is doing his job. F1 races are once in a year events, there's no reason to expect them to be particularly cheap (and silly for some to compare their pricing to EPL matches). Not sure what the hell happened with Germany regarding the atrocious crowds last year. That's the race promoter's fault -...
It's punishment for being so prissy about your car.
Stopped in last weekend to pick up a belt. Left beltless but with a wallet (blue card case), socks, and handkerchief.
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