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Just an update, this is an excellent book. Very tough to start with (until you look up the structure) but very touching.
What's your definition of good? I think they'll be a big improvement from last year but certainly not a "good" team (at least by their standards). I think their reliability will be much better but will have trouble finishing above 5th in the WCC. Which honestly will still be a big jump from last year.
Hot vermouth (a play on a hot toddy - sustitute vermouth for whisky). A damn good idea since I seem to be coming down with something and dont have whisky
I've done a good deal of manual labor and I don't think tipping is necessary. If for some reason the delivery folks do more than deliver a product (like say move some other furniture around a la Piobaire) then yes tip them.
Just started watching The Heavy Water Wars. Very good. Unfortunate I only discovered it on a weeknight. Starting episode 4 against my better judgement.
error 53
Forgot to fix that sentence after I made some other revisions. Fixed now.
Just because the FBI director is on record asking for a back door to all encryption does not mean they will get one in this case (of course he'll ask for more than he expects to get). Apple's push back (since whenever the FBI first approached them) offered them the compromise of helping them hack into one phone.I don't get why their complying would suddenly grant the FBI and awful regimes immediate access to all phones. What's wrong with the FBI and any other government...
In case you were wondering, the party sucked.
Why? it's clearly possible and would not necessarily apply to all phones any time: http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2016-02-17/the-apple-fight-isn-t-about-encryption Similar steps are already taken with other items. With a warrant law enforcement can search your private property (home, vehicle, person). Why is your phone exempt?Anyway, Apple is clearly covering their backside in this situation. They can't be seen to be too eager to help the government hack their own...
New Posts  All Forums: