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I don't get the confusion. You ask a time that works for people and they give you a whole block of hours. That means you can then choose a specific time within that block that works for you.
I actually like The Counselor. First time I saw it I found it very confusing (I started early but thought I missed a ton of story line - didn't know it was meant to be that way). It's grown on me. Saw Jodorowski's Dune last night. Something tells me it would've been a disaster if it was made but it'd have been cool to see some of the concepts seen through.
Thought it was a racing incident from the get go. Clumsy for sure. But to hear Nico wanted to "teach Lewis a lesson" is crazy. Bizzare he'd be foolish enough to admit it when any driver with half a brain would immediately make it public. Hilarious, also, that Ricciardo has a shot at the championship!
Serves you right for not password protecting your phone!
Weird there's another thread or two (from a few years back) about VSP. I replied then and now that they fucking great. They cover a ton for your eyeglasses lenses and cover a big portion of the frames - every year. My Oliver People eyelglasses cost ~$200 instead of $700 for frame and glasses. ANyway, who knows it may have more to do with my employer than the insurance company but from what I know other vision insurance providers offered by my company don't offer anywhere...
Saw Arcade Fire last night. Made the excellent choice to take Monday off work.
Damn I'm dying for a new[er] car: either an s2000, z4 or audi tt. I'm nowhere near making the move to buy one but s2000 makes me drool anytime I see it on the street. And it looks like the s2000 and z4 with relatively low miles (sirca 2004 for the s2000 and 2007 for z4) can be had for under $20k
Potentially, If the driver didn't do all that was possible to avoid the person. Certainly if the driver tried to "scare" the fool on the road but hits him by accident. Not sure how advanced sprint cars are but if there are onboard computers the telemetry should be able to indicate whether Tony did anything that could've caused the collision - like turning into the other driver or speeding up during a full course caution while others slowed down. Otherwise Tony can and will...
I'm all for reading and drinking while taking a bath, but how do you keep the book from getting wet? Dont know about cigars in the bath - what with all the cigar smoke...
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