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After some consideration, I know you're still young but I think you should aim on increasing your independence. Don't know where you live but look into the public transportation options to the jobs you're interested in. Focus on getting your certifications - even if you have to pay for them somehow. Look at them as investments in your future and the key to not rely on your parents and siblings if you do not have to. Save some money so you can get your own car (whether or...
Unless reading something out of obligation (school, work) I don't see the pleasure in ultra fast reading. I like taking my time with my books.
Some great stuff Spark. Learned the hard way on my last domestic trip (1.5 weeks ago) that I really need to sharpen up my packing. Somehow wound up checking in my carry on bag. Thankfully I have global entry and TSA pre-check. Global entry is amazing. I have a new carryon bag and wheel brief case on my purchase list before my next trip in a few months.
Why? He wanted the job.
I like it
Just watched Dead Pool tonight. Pretty fun movie.
You couldn't tell from the trailers? I thought it looked stupid and never considered watching it.
I'm sure Ferrari isn't enjoying their past few "Italian" seasons
Really liked that movie. I mustve replayed the fight like 5 times (probably more)
Intruiged by Westworld
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