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I'd hook my siblings up with a little lovin'. Most are self sufficient so it'd basically be a treat as opposed to my replacing their welfare checks.
Ugh my old Nokia phone had that feature when I had the navigation app activated. took way too long for me to figure out how to turn it off.
I take great pleasure parking next to people who try to act like their cars are special flowers. Especially when they park super far away from most other cars.
Do you mean to say speedometer? Or some kind of audible/visual alert when you cross the speedlimit?
Why it's so cold in my office
Yep. Finished it a few weeks back. Debating starting The Man in the High Castle but I'm usually really hesitant on committing to new TV shows.
Congrats. It's all your fault.
Mind my asking what you happen to be sitting on while you wait?
Found it! It was at a different restaurant than I expected (honestly, I was bar hopping so only noticed I didn't have it when I switched locations). It's near my office so I can get it monday. I think that's the last time I take it with me when Im not going straight home.Nonetheless, I appreciate the tirade, Harold.
E Street CInema? I saw it there before christmas. I thought it was really well shot but I couldn't understand a thing they were saying. Fell asleeo for like 10 minutes too
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