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Honestly, I believe getting actual high performance tires would go a long way of challenging the drivers and improving the quality of the spectacle (not the overtaking spectacle but challenge). I was supportive of restarting a tire war until I heard teams' reasoning for hating the idea: 1. It's great if you have the right tire. Sucks if you don't (sounds like today's engine issue). 2. You have to build your car around the tire - similar to point 1, if you're stuck with...
Is one better than the other?
If you had any class you'd copy and paste the exchange here.
Just watched "Wolf". Very very good. So you don't mistake it with the Jack Nicholson version...
He's on Aya's list of people she would like revenge on and potentially a catalyst to diverting her attention away from the many faced god. Id say he's pretty important (for now)
Ah, so I'm definitely not geeky enough. Can't stand the thought of ever watching that show
OMG the kid in Babadook was incredibly annoying!
No, the TV series is an adaptation of the books. They have no reason to stick exactly to the books and no obligation to make GRRM happy. I think I read somewhere he was okay with the showrunners taking the show the direction they liked however, they've chosen to keep GRRM involved.
I thought it was funny. Maybe I'm not geeky enough?
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