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Started watching Robber last night. Interesting movie so far but got to finish it tonight or tomorrow.
Sneezing, headache, and have to listen in on this training program for two days! Gah
I'm immensely hung over.
You clearly haven't seen Top of the Lake
Wow this thread pisses me off less now I've added a certain someone's posts to my block list. Is that ironic?
Email. Reiterate you enjoyed the opportunity to interview and wanted to check in to see what the next step would be.
What's the most a pair of pants can be taken in at the waist? I normally wear a 29W but may get a suit (jacket fits just fine) which comes with a 32W pants. Taking in by 3 inches reasonable? I seem to recall the recommended is no more than 2 inches. I may be able to life with 30W.
Very clever prediction.
Edit - Wrong thread!
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