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What's the problem, it looks like he knows what he's doing
Just saw The Place Behind the Pines. Very good. Rewatched Warrior the past few nights. I can rewatch the final 20 minutes over and over again.
Sorry (not!) for the necro revival but I love this movie. JUst saw it last weekend and I still think about it.
Yeah maybe I'm slow but I thought the thread was where we lament "the things your dumb friends post on facebook". Maybe I can't read and that isn't the title. If I happen to be right, your post effectively called either the mother or the profile owner "dumb" and I think that was uncalled for (at least based on what you posted).
You realize cars come with horns right? They can be used to alert drivers/humans infront or around you that they may be doing something stupid, and should either knock it off or move out of the way.
Why do you refer to Tony Romo in the past tense? Weird.
So when is it a good time to ditch an older car? My 2000 Mitsubishi Galant just came home after $1100 in repairs (mostly to replace a bumper which was my fault and replace the driver side window regulator which was partly down to wear and tear) which is roughly 1/3 the cars value. Mechanic I've used for many years (and I feel is trust worthy), is now saying I need to replace 4 engine mounts for another $800. There is significant rattling around the engine bay when the car...
Nice of you to note the misspellings in what must be a real crappy time to message a family member that's incommunicado while facing serious family issues. Not sure if this qualifies for the thread. She probably posted it on his wall hoping to get his attention having failed other methods.
Will try to attend but I have class across town that night. I may consider skipping if it's not too intense a course. I have a black tie so if I can make it I'll definitely rock it
From what I watched I don't remember seeing/hearing much disagreement in their recounting of what happened. Particularly case related items. Also don't see much difference (if any) on all the other stuff.
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