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Starting my next Patricia Highsmith book tonight
Caught the last 15 or so laps of the race. Interesting stuff. Too bad Rosberg made a mistake. The scenes in the driver's green room (whatever they call the waiting room before the podium ceremony) was pretty cringe inducing (for Nico).
Watched Puncture with Chris Evans last night. I thought it was very good. Nothing really comes to mind that I thought was a negative. Thought the boozy, drug addled protagonist (co-protagonist?) was a cliché until I saw the end. Dunno how people complain about Netflix lack of content. There's tons of stuff there I'd never watch unless I didn't stumble upon it.
Even worse. I walked over to a bagelry down the street for me and ordered cheddar cheese pizza bagel with pepperoni which was then placed in their oven for a few minutes. It still was tasteless.
Watched Beasts of No Nation. Great movie.
Flavorless pizza bagel
Why don't you just hide posts from annoying people? My facebook feed is pretty tranquil
Where'd you see this? Would like to take a look....Sorry (I'm not actually) to keep the Russia bit going but here's a link to an interesting interview with Bernie on RT: https://www.rt.com/shows/sophieco/318842-sport-speed-formula-one/?TL;DW[atch]:- A lot of kow-towing to the Russia audience.- Some sour grapes against the US (probably because Americans aren't tripping over themselves to pay for F1)- Touching thoughts on Jochen Rindt (nothing I haven't heard before) and...
You've never seen a man looking at his cell phone while driving? you must be sheltered.
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