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I think they're really cool but they make great lobby chairs.
Happy to have discovered Low Roar and Junip thanks to Bonobo. Spending some quality time with the trio so far
I fell asleep ... what happened?
Thinking of all the randoms killed in the GTA games pains me
Not at all. Especially if you find a house party.Thinking of being a half-assed cardboard box (find old cardboard box, cut it up, stick pieces to body). OR thinking of attaching a gift box to my groin (maybe Tiffany & Co?) and inserting penis (possibly real, possibly fake).
I don't know what to be for halloween
They're both dead. A lot of the rule jiggering has been for "safety" purposes. Particularly the VSC
That's a pretty ironic comment.
Watched 3 episodes last night. I really don't see what people enjoy about the show.
Seriously considered it but some other travel got in the way Next year!
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