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You guys should read the FIA regulations governing track characteristics. Pretty limiting.
You just realized he's an asshole/moron?
His hair cut is awful. And trudy is a goddess.
That looks like the shade of orange Bruce McLaren used when he ran the team under his name.
The main problem with F1 is that it has no visionary at the helm. It's most powerful figure (Bernie) is too old, sort of has a boss (CVC), and really only knows to play stakeholders against each other - not to mention his best adversary that kept him on his toes (FIA) is nowhere to be found. The sport is in a very tough spot (largely if not totally of its own making). Many of the issues Mark points out are true but there aren't a ton of solutions for most of them. I'll...
I waited in line for about 5 minutes and gave up (I got there around 11 and the line spanned two blocks).
I had a pretty good trip myself. The Philosophy event on Friday was a clusterfuck so I ended up watching the filming of The Nick around the corner.
It's fucking awful. DOn't know how that company's valuation is over $300
Stuck at the mahvalous office
I honestly thought Don was plugging Peggy (and Ted and his secretary) for ideas for the speech he's ghost writing for Roger. I find it amusing he can't BS his way toward a solution.
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