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Didn't get the job I wanted.
I actually thought the episode was slow until all hell broke loose north of the wall.
5'9" is tiny?
Weren't you paying attention when he walked through the city to get to the Sept with the kingsguard? The whole city hates him and what he stands for. All hell would break loose if he attacked the High Sparrow. Perhaps if he got uncle Kev back to town with an army he could then attack and stamp out any insurrection.
I haven't rewatched the last season but I'm willing to bet Cersei hated or at least severely distrusted the Tyrell's before Joffrey was killed.I think you are overthinking things. And it's probably kills the fun watching the show if you expect every scene to match what took place in the book. The Kingsguard weren't allowed to see the High Sparrow even with the King present, why would they be allowed to enter with the Queen Mother (who might I add still believed she was in...
^ A pure King's Landing?Huh? In the show, Cersei's extreme paranoia drives all her actions.
Jared is such an awesome character. Love how he's trying to get the two females to be best buds.
One thing I like about Cersei is her single mindedness at protecting her children. Much of it is misguided and leads to disastrous consequences but it's a redeeming quality of hers. Tywin was very wise but it's arguable it's the one thing he never offered his children - he was singleminded about maintaining the strength of the Lannister name.
United Airlines apparently agrees with youhttp://www.tmz.com/2015/05/28/united-airlines-kick-off-crying-baby-sarah-blackwood-pregnant/
Ordered this yesterday:
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