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Ham and cheese sandwich when you're hungover
Made a rookie mistake this weekend and forgot to replace my 3 players on their bye week. Easily lost 40 points to the worst team in my league.
WTF. 100 pages in and I'm still reading about the history of the senate - I get it the Senate can be slow and ponderous and had too much influence over US government policy. Damn, Robert Caro can be frustrating. I'm spending more time re-reading Barbarians than this book.
Some of the episodes in season 2 are pretty good. Season 3... not so much
Was going to be a mail box but I realized at the last minute it was going to look awful without decent prep. So I didn't dress up. Kind of glad I didn't bother
I had a project involving staff in Asia so our weekly calls happened at 730PM dc time and ~730AM their time. I was glad because I used the opportunity (downtime between 5pm and 730pm call) to drink with my teammember at our empty office. Kind of miss it.
Just rsvp'd. Hope to come away with a few ties.
Seeing Rufus du Sol in concert tomorrow so jamming to their latest album. Usually a lot of hot girls at the concert but I'm going with my co-worker that's a lesbian () but has a girlfriend ( ) Playlist available here:
Watched Europa Report a few days back. It's quite good.
Finally started watching The Larry Sanders Show. Hot damn!
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