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According to one of the stewards (former Le Mans winner) there is a regulation that a driver must leave a car widths room for the 2nd driver. Apparently Magnussen didn't
I honestly don't think Hamilton got prerential treatment to Alonso or Kovaleinen while at McLaren. As Sugarbutch said, Alonso didn't get what he thought he deserved (or was promised) - particularly as Hamilton was apparently very well trained up to go ahead of his first season. Kovaleinen was simply not up to snuff. Button though... he wasn't nearly as fast as Hamilton but had some great seasons while teamed against him. I really think Hamilton, for some reason,...
As YRR92 said, a light tie like silver or grey with a white pocket square. Dont get your belt hoops removed. Rock the belt you'll be fine (though most on SF swear against suits with belt hoops).
Sounds like your issue is quite specific (particular people you work with) and not general. You should've saved us time by saying so upfront. Anyway, if the person is older and bad with technology, they are quite likely your senior so don't owe spending their time to tell you every single calendar slot that's convenient for you. It's actually your job as the meeting planner to handle the logistics (which by their nature are boring and tedious).
I don't get the confusion. You ask a time that works for people and they give you a whole block of hours. That means you can then choose a specific time within that block that works for you.
I actually like The Counselor. First time I saw it I found it very confusing (I started early but thought I missed a ton of story line - didn't know it was meant to be that way). It's grown on me. Saw Jodorowski's Dune last night. Something tells me it would've been a disaster if it was made but it'd have been cool to see some of the concepts seen through.
Thought it was a racing incident from the get go. Clumsy for sure. But to hear Nico wanted to "teach Lewis a lesson" is crazy. Bizzare he'd be foolish enough to admit it when any driver with half a brain would immediately make it public. Hilarious, also, that Ricciardo has a shot at the championship!
Serves you right for not password protecting your phone!
New Posts  All Forums: