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Why would Lewis race with Sebastian when he can barely handle Nico?
You have to be a pro at self promotion, have great connections in your local community (for instance do you already socialize with see and be seen people? do you already go to "invite only" parties with photographers?). If you don't already have these, you need to develop them.
I watched Paid in Full (gangster movie from the early/mid 90s) over the weekend. Not ground breaking or anything but pretty good. A few characters from the wire make an appearance.
What would you suggest the FCC spend its time on? They're making a ruling based on a complaint filed on a product sold over communication medium. That's their mission.
What are you smoking? The government makes all sorts of decisions every day. This was just one of them.You sound a little butt hurt. Will you be all right?
Why are beers from Stone so expensive?? Just ordered (for delivery!) Stone's Ruination IPA. It cost $12.99 and was a 4 -pack (I found out when it was delivered). Fack!
Started watching Robber last night. Interesting movie so far but got to finish it tonight or tomorrow.
Sneezing, headache, and have to listen in on this training program for two days! Gah
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