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Any of you familiar with La Cherche Midi? I received No.1 and No.2 as a gift a few years back but am only getting around to using it. So far like the No.1 for the summer.
Can we get back to the subject at hand. @noodles, what are you going to do with your shitty suit now?
Am I the only one here watching this show? Apparently it's getting very good ratings (beyond what Starz normally gets).
Interesting HF... i've always treated restraining orders as merely a test to see how interested I am in a woman. I'm immediately friend zoned when I back off - you can see by their weary looks at me that they're disappointed I wouldn't fight for them. I've never forgiven myself for the few times I've failed the restraining order test. These days, I look at a restraining order as a challenge and I tell you, once we get "intimate" it's pretty intense. I mean scars, bruises...
Thanks for the well wishes guys! Very excited about the move.
Just for the record, I'm quite proud to have stumbled upon this SF meltdown recap thread. My fantastic July continues.
Seconded. I never fuck with oysters unless they're bland.
Boom got (and accepted) a job offer a few days after returning from my trip. Funny thing is, I interviewed over the phone during my vacation and I thought it didn't go particularly well. The new office should be a good group too with decent travel. What a great month.
Boom: : http://www.roomandboard.com/catalog/living/sectionals Made in Freedomcountry.
Seems like you just wanted to show off your apartment. A 2 second web search pulled this: http://www.homedepot.com/b/Decor-Blinds-Window-Treatments-Window-Film/Heat-Blocking/N-5yc1vZarc3Z1z139w7#notjealousatall
New Posts  All Forums: