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Honestly, I'd start modest for your first work suits. Go to suit supply and you can get a couple of solid suits (navy, darkish shade of grey) that will serve you well for work. And for about $400-600 a piece. They're good quality and will fit well. For shirts I'd go to Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers when they're on sale. After you've settled in at work and figured a bit more your likes/dislikes (plus lurked around SF for discussions on professional dress and brands),...
The first thing you think of in the morning [while hungover] is what you may've posted on SF?
Watched Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid two nights ago. Good stuff. Was really turned off by their run in with the Bolivian police toward the end. Douche bags.
Recently discovered Mogwai.
Made myself a decent old fashioned with some Pikesville Rye Whiskey, lemon peel, a few too many splashes of bitters, and sugar.
Not a fan of having bragging rights?
Too long but I'm excited.
Just watched The Right Stuff. It has nothing on the book.
The way I reason is why are [certain] companies fighting against mandatory labeling so much? If they're afraid it will scare away customers why not educate them? the lobbying against GMO labelling is extensive so I find it hard to believe they couldn't spend the same amount of money on a marketing campaign.
I meant was it Alonso that wanted to match Senna as his dream or Hamilont that said it? Anyway, I get your point about counting the previous season. The big difference though is Nico caught his wind after Hamilton clinched his 3rd WDC. Key is will Nico make it stick all season long? There's nothing to point that he will. Time will tell of course. But I feel regardless of what happened the tail end of last year (when it arguably didnt matter) Nico hasn't shown he can as...
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