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You didn't notice the smell before purchasing? If the sellers were desperate I would've tried to get them to cover some of the cost.
A little internet sleuthing will quickly reveal her facebook profile.
I can imagine it's an uncontrollable urge. Like using ear-swabs every time you come across them
The scene with Don on the airport escalator - he looked so haggard.
What a shit episode.
Stefano Domenicali has been replaced as head of the F1 team.
WHy don't you just ask?
I was so happy to hear him (Luca) sound miserable when leaving the Bahrain track (early) because Ferrari was fighting for p9 and p10. I'm not normally a Ferrari hater but it was great given all his trash talk.
Haha. I'm taking a supply chain management class and it seems every company that has improved their supply chain management shared software (usually inventory management) with their suppliers
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