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I doubt who ever buys it would move it frequently. Their cleaning service would probably have a vacuum with decent attachments to clean around tough spots.
Discovering a service called Doctors2you.com You can call and have a real live doctor able to give you advice for treeating not too serious injuries. Was able to have a guy walk me through treating a prettypainful burn in about 5 minutes
What, you dont think he could be president? Quit hatin
I just got through The Man in the High Castle. Who knew Hitler was a nice guy? Dont get the ending though..
I dont get the shock... No one a Manning or Carson Palmer fan?
My pics: Denver-Arizona-Patriots-Carolina
cost of living comparison? Figure out how much more cost of living is in London than Raleigh and adjust salary (in dollars) accordingly?
That article started off with promise and turned out pretty amazing. Not sure I can ever take Vice seriously now
Urban dwellers generally don't need to buy a lot of stuff. I've found that living in the city with relatively less space (no basement, no garage, less cabinet space) forces me to decide what I really need to purchase for decorations and food. Unless you're a parent cooking regularly for 4+ people, do you really need those trips to costco? What could you possibly store in all those cabinets in larger kitchens? How do you prevent all the stuff in your commercial sized fridge...
Just started: Supposed to be one of his best. Struggling with it so far though
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