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The way I reason is why are [certain] companies fighting against mandatory labeling so much? If they're afraid it will scare away customers why not educate them? the lobbying against GMO labelling is extensive so I find it hard to believe they couldn't spend the same amount of money on a marketing campaign.
I meant was it Alonso that wanted to match Senna as his dream or Hamilont that said it? Anyway, I get your point about counting the previous season. The big difference though is Nico caught his wind after Hamilton clinched his 3rd WDC. Key is will Nico make it stick all season long? There's nothing to point that he will. Time will tell of course. But I feel regardless of what happened the tail end of last year (when it arguably didnt matter) Nico hasn't shown he can as...
It's quite possible. He's matched Senna which he claims was his goal (or was that Alonso?). However, pretty silly to make any calls after RACE 2 of 20 or 21.
Anyone familiar with a Japanese denim brand named Kuro? Will be in Tokyo in May for work and may have some time to wonder around and hopefully pick up some interesting things. So I came across the brand. No idea from their website what their prices are like $200 is my max for jeans). If it doesn't ring a bell, any stores I should try to stop in?
My TV is 8 years old this May and still going strong
Yeah I didn't particularly like Sicario either.
Daredevil's code is very inconvenient for anyone stuck with him during a fight. I would constantly nag him about it if I were in the same situation. I do agree with the undead ninja angle. It does nothing for me. Anyway, anyone watching Vinyl on HBO? It's an entertaining show but a little cliche in my view. However episode 7 ends in a pretty wild note. I'm wondering if people have thoughts on it.
Thanks for the input. I normally roll my clothes (not suits) in my suitcase which I find minimizes wrinkling and saves space. Don't mind ironing/steaming items when I get to the hotel. Given the length of the trip I definitely plan on using hotel laundry/dry cleaning services so won't plan on having a fresh item for each day. I actually don't mind packing shoes as they're where I normally stuff socks, ties, and underwear. May have to come up with a new system for my ties...
I used Free Tax USA (web based service) and it seems to work well. Owed a trivial amount last year but got a refund this year. Not really sure what Turbo Tax or CPA would do differently. Not to mention my stuff just isn't that complicated.
Clearly Mexicans, moslems, Hillary, and MSM fault!
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