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In my experience only unsavory people find themselves at the dmv more than once or twice a decade. The last I've been was when I lost my id 4-5 years ago. Now I have my id number saved so I can get a replacement sent in the mail
I think it's just you. I normally too hung over or tired to stay up more than 1-2 hours on a flight.Re people separated from children: I always select my seats (aisle please). Why don't people with particular needs do that?
Woah Chris Christie. You naughty [big] boy
Don't the cars already have higher top speeds compared to the V8s? Anyway, I think they could simply change the fucking tires without all the other fiddling to make the cars more challenging to drive.
I think the plan is to simply make the cars faster and more of a challenge to drive without hurting overtaking. I don't dispute your 2nd paragraph though.
Suffering from a monumental cold or flu. Fever, stuffy nose, chills (thermostat is at 80 degrees), and I have to sit in on a conference call in 8 minutes. ALSO, it's pouring rain out here so I can't (really won't) go to the local CVS to get more meds. PLUS, I was supposed to go to NYC tomorrow and I'm not sure I will recover enough to make the trip. Which means another day working from home bleh
Just an update, this is an excellent book. Very tough to start with (until you look up the structure) but very touching.
What's your definition of good? I think they'll be a big improvement from last year but certainly not a "good" team (at least by their standards). I think their reliability will be much better but will have trouble finishing above 5th in the WCC. Which honestly will still be a big jump from last year.
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