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Always thought the character was a nutcase.
You sound like the kind of person that made sure toy guns were made extinct
Yep JLD is 23 times hotter than when she was on seinfeld. Love the tight fitting dresses she wears on the show Meanwhile the assistant or whatever to the investor on Silicon Valley is smokin
You realize no one goes to school to learn how to write, right?
That's what you get for answering your phone during your time off. OR having a staycation. Rookie
Don't know what part of Maryland you live in but I haven't seen that many cockroaches - especially flying ones. Now, move to the actual tropics in West Africa.... those guys are serious over there!
How do you get 150 people to give a shit about an 8th grader's graduation?
I like the show a lot.
Can anyone here count the number of great things Don has done for the company within the past couple of seasons? A lot of people seem to only remember his high points which were few relative to his fuck ups and treating people like they should be glad to know him. Some people have some heavy blinders on. Which I guess is some very good work on Weiner and Hamm's parts. SAme with Roger Sterling who is generally loved despite his awful behavior.
Carcetti really went off the reservation since getting elected.
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