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World Cup Pool Created! Follow the link below to join. Pool details are also provided if needed. http://www.pooltracker.com/join.asp?poolid=97162 Pool ID: 97162 Pool Name: Styleforum World Cup 2014 Pool password: styleforum. Picks are due before kick off of every match!
The W hotel roof top lounge in DC. Taking off work early.
Is it weird that I sometimes get an urge to paste some of the ridiculous shit posted here onto my facebook status just to see how my friends respond?
I can see how that would piss you off. Modern art is for chumps
Saw that earlier. Very helpful. Perez can be such a twat. The selfie Massa took at the hospital was
I can't believe the battle is generating so much hate. The first half hour drove me crazy
I'm talking about the characters not the people IRL. Wouldn't mention Sansa if I meant IRL
False. Cersei, then maybe Missandei, sansa has an awkward hot nerdy look to her - she looked smoking when she vamped it up for Petyr. Ygritte was actually the one female love interest I had no interest in. Not into the tough chick routine.
Well I am partial to Cersei so...
Great battle scene. I was pretty frustrated with so much attention given to Sam for the first 25-30 minutes. However once the battle started I was mostly on edge of my seat. I feel more could've been done with the first half of the episode. Glad to see Ygritte gone. Dumb, ginger, bitch.
New Posts  All Forums: