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There was a shitty company like this in DC called Home Made Pizza Company. I never understood the concept behind going to a store, purchasing a $20+ pizza you have to cook yourself. $10 frozen pizza, sure, but $20+??? Why not just call and have delivered to you? Thankfully the one near me shutdown and is now a Jetties.
I dont get it. I suppose they used CGI for the list and somehow accidentally (??) duplicated it? If so, why was CGI necessary for a piece of paper?
Waze was an independent company before joining google. They've likely kept the Waze team independent.
This explanation from Slate is awesome and makes me appreciate the story (not execution) a lot more: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2015/08/03/true_detective_season_two_a_guide_to_the_plot_of_this_confusing_season.html I'm begining to seriously think the show/season is purposefully meant to be difficult to follow.
The funny thing about the article is how little I can recall character's names. The show is fun to watch though.
Have been listening to Tycho "Dive" and "Awake" albums for the past week or so. Taking a break with Emancipator for now.
No, since this is the "...new york sucks" thread.
In my experience the oblivious, obnoxious ones are never hot.
Just saw Fury and Foxcatcher over the weekend. Both very good films
Why don't you put the money/check in an envelope? That way no one knows what's being given?
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