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You could try all modern. I just did a quick search and they seem to have a ton of options.
The thought behind a thank you note is what matters. Who cares about the quality of your writing? If you're that insecure about it, perhaps write more slowly and carefully so its halfway respectable?
Agree anyway and still have a blast without them
I tried watching "Under the Skin" tonight. Wtf
MA in International Affairs, American University '14
Watched Locke two nights ago. Great stuff. Crazy to be totally riveted watching a guy talk on the phone in a car.
I just went through some K-9 Winter Ale. Sadly, I used to be fine with it when I saw it on draft at bars but after going through a 6 pack of the stuff over a few nights.... Can't say I'm a fan anymore. Meanwhile, I've been working on some Troegs Perpetual in the fridge.
Been obsessed with Spoon's "They Want My Soul". Purchased the CD so I get to obsess in my car now ALSO just discovered Andy Stott and La Roux. Good stuff
Interesting, I very nearly watched that last night. I ended up watching Snitch Cartel. Not bad
How old are you folks?Generally I would say, plan for 4 beers per person. If they're young, buy 4 30 packs of something cheap. If not, buy a small keg of something good.One bottle of Whiskey, tequila, vodka and bottles of mixers (sodas, juice, redbull etc.)2-3 bottles each of red and white wine.Plastic cups.I rarely eat at parties but these are usually good: Cheese platter, cured meats platter, bowl of olives, large bowl of popcorn/potato chips, maybe some chips and salsa....
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