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I love this little local burger spot in Bethesda, MD (suburban DC) called City Burger. Think I'll have me some today!
Crap I just started watching Hand of God at like 930 tonight. Really good show. It's taken a lot of willpower to stop at 12am after 3 episodes. I wish I'd use my weekends to binge watch a new series...
I was at their store on Madison Avenue and their casual shirts look fantastic. Didn't bother trying them on though but I have them in mind when restocking. Their ties are pretty solid too.
Yo, just helped you out with that type .
actually ^ would be great for this thread as opposed to 11 pages on whether or not to buy 1997 M3 instead of a 1999 M3. Please indulge us!
Thank you. That was a confusing as hell post
Aw poor 3x wdc can't pass with impunity. Seriously, if the championship was still open he'd find a way. But at this point of the season why would the team let him? They have nothing to gain especially if it keeps their 2nd driver happy enough to be mostly effective for another year. Too bad Nico wasn't driving like this earlier in the season. F1's loss. I guess....
Watched two episodes last night. It's an amusing show but I don't actually find it that funny. I guess I need to watch more before it grows on me.
The National Arboretum in North east DC is great. I've only been in the spring so can't comment on a December trip. H st NE is great for trying out restaurants. Ocopa, Toki Underground, Boundary Road, Maketto, Granville Moores - probably many others. Maketto is new and probably the main destination. Toki Underground is a very tiny pho restaurant. Go to the dive bar downstairs while waiting for your table. 14th Street is kind of the hotspot for DC restaurants these days....
I think my 7 year old PS3 is dead. The bummer is that's the only way for me to get Amazon Video (no I wont watch on my laptop). I'll have to find a way to get the app on my Tivo cable box.
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