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I thought a lot of the dialogue was cringeworthy. Why are so many of the supposed ballers seem so short?
Funny thing about my comparison to Stewart. He's said some very not nice things about Lewis - at least according to how the media portrayed it.
I guess you're not a fan of Jackie Stewart? He was probably the first driver that really knew how to promote himself and I'm willing to bet if it was available in his day he would be flogging every form of social media.
What's to stop Renault from dropping Red Bull and STR and offering discounted engines to poorer teams (say Manor and Sauber) just to see Red Bull fucked into being a customer team for a year or two?
Just started listening to Sun Kil Moon. Really digging them/him. Ironically, I decided to try his stuff out after his little tiff with Pitchfork.
Why would anyone pair up with Red Bull? They shafted Renault while they were winning championships (partly Renault's fault though), and were more than happy to shaft Renault when they're struggling. What's the upside? Btw, I just took a look at Lewis' instagram. What's the problem with it? Looks like he's having a good time
The 90% chance I get to crash at my friend's house (wedding groom) instead of spending $190 for a hotel room. P.S. - For those wondering, he (the groom) has made clear his fiance has no attractive single friends that would make keeping said room worthwhile.
Just saw this. Very good movie. I gave it a 3/5 stars too but that's quite good in my book. Netflix is pretty damn good these days
Because Pirelli screwed up again [by fiddling with the rear tires]?
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