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My boss that sits 20 feet away from me takes every damn call on speakerphone.
The 2nd looks pretty cool but I think I'd tire of it. I have finally gotten around to buying some supplies to do some in door herb planting. I have the pots, a bag of potting soil, and a bag perlite. Could I reasonably make decent potting mix with just soil and perlite? If so, what's a good ratio? Some web searching I've done so far suggests I'd need some more items like moss in addition to soil and perlite. I'm not a serious gardner (at least for now) so would really...
Ah forgot to record the show and didnt stay up to watch the 11pm replay. Will try to watch tonight!
I only ever watch MotoGP when I stumble across it on TV. I enjoy it but dont normally seek it out.
Thoughts on last episode? I thought it was fantastic and find Ben Seagall to be an amusing character. May try to rewatch some of the scenes again
Do you have any back story on this? What was her reasoning (did she refer to some kind of ettiquette manual?)?I think she has many gifts already:1. Engagement ring which she can flash to her friends for months.2. Wedding Ring3. Wedding - whole massive too expensive party where she's the center of attention.
The scene in the cabin where the big black guy kept staring at a puff of smoke only to allow the tied up douche to threaten the baby's life was Nice to see only big black guys can single handedly kill a bunch of zombie.
Really fun episode.
Hi, I'm considering taking a week long trip to India in about a month. I have a friend working in Hyderabad for a few months and he's offered to put me up and maybe do a side trip while i'm there. So far the itinerary would be: 1. Fly into Hyderabad from Washington. This will be our base and where I will depart India from. 2. Spend a 2-3 nights in Goa. Questions 1. Any one with experience visiting either of these two places? I'm doing some independent research and it...
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