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That's a pretty ironic comment.
Watched 3 episodes last night. I really don't see what people enjoy about the show.
Seriously considered it but some other travel got in the way Next year!
Watched "Wish You Were Here" a few nights ago. Pretty decent.
I finally went to www.breitbart.com I'd be fucking paranoid about a global anti-Trump conspiracy if it was my main source of news. Also funny that it's all that is covered on the "news" site.
Just wrapped up The Means of Ascent. Can't wait for more LBJ shenanigans in Master of the Senate. Will order next week. Considered re-reasing Barbarians at the Gate but gave up as I generally loathe to re-read books (except A Distant Mirror and Liars Poker).
Personally, I'm super heroed out. Not sure I will do another season of Jessica Jones but I'm all in with Daredevil.I tried watching American Oddysey but gave up after 3 episodes because the acting was so awful. I dunno how it has 3.5 stars.
I'd start Romo once he's ready. Clearly Dak is the future so even if things work out for Romo they release him at the end of the year. If not, they restart Dak.
Been wanting to watch it but don't have the channel. I've read the book and film though
After some consideration, I know you're still young but I think you should aim on increasing your independence. Don't know where you live but look into the public transportation options to the jobs you're interested in. Focus on getting your certifications - even if you have to pay for them somehow. Look at them as investments in your future and the key to not rely on your parents and siblings if you do not have to. Save some money so you can get your own car (whether or...
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