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I'd lose the flower and wear a simple flat pocket square
Thanks for the support guys in my time of extreme discomfort
This is quite the depressing read
A lot to cover so far this week (there's some spillover from last week too) 1. Partied too much the last month so my August CC statement is obscene. Why can't I stick to a budget?? 2. My "eco-friendly" dishwasher nugget/pod leaves obscene residue all over my dishes. Why did I take a chance on "eco-friendly" junk?? 3. Need to buy a new suit, shirts, ties, and wool trousers. Seemingly all at once since I'm unhappy with most of my wardrobe. 4. Cute girl I met last night and...
Ended a little Entouragey but no major complaints from me. Not sure how I feel about the lack of a villain (even one you love to hate)
The Fall Wallander (the British version though I haven't seen the Swedish version yet)
I thought it was made clear Hungary flattered them and they expected to struggle at Spa and Monza?
This week I've seen: 1. A Most Wanted Man - thought it was quite good. Not sure what the previous hate was all about. 2. Collapsed - Low budget movie I found on demand. A pretty tense thriller although the acting wasn't particularly good. Quite obviously done on a tight budget. I wasn't bored when watching it.
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I'd wager keeping it all to himself was the point.
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