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Drinking a hot toddy. First I've ever made. Unfortunately I put too much bourbon
I'm down to the last episode of Jessica Jones. My main observation is that although entertaining, many elements have gotten on my nerves. Her sarcasm and constant scowl are grating. Kilgrave is a very fun badguy, but I've found this season long cat and mouse tiring. The writers barely attempt to explain why he hasn't been killed somehow much earlier in the season. Finally, I find all the supporting cast members irritating. Trish is hot but her attempts to get involved are...
At that budget, overstock.com
By no means an audiophile so my Monoprice ear buds do a great job.
Irunfast, I can't speak much about NYC neighborhoods. However, the young people in the UES all seem to hang out at the bars between the 70s and 80s of 2nd ave. The Stumble Inn (divey, douchey) and Penrose (much better) attract relatively young crowds (I'd say 25+ for Penrose).
Looks like my 7 year old PS3 is dead
I love this little local burger spot in Bethesda, MD (suburban DC) called City Burger. Think I'll have me some today!
Crap I just started watching Hand of God at like 930 tonight. Really good show. It's taken a lot of willpower to stop at 12am after 3 episodes. I wish I'd use my weekends to binge watch a new series...
I was at their store on Madison Avenue and their casual shirts look fantastic. Didn't bother trying them on though but I have them in mind when restocking. Their ties are pretty solid too.
Yo, just helped you out with that type .
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