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Interesting. Though I really enjoyed the first season, I strangely have no interest in watching the 2nd. I'm a bit fearful it's going to get silly like Sons of Anarchy
All sports show clips of any celebrities that happen to me viewing in person. It doesn't bother me.Despite all the acrimony sorrounding the business side of the sport (Bernie's bribery case, collapse of one or more teams), I thought it was a great championship with a lot of interesting plot points. Let's recap:1. Intense battle for the championship between Nico and Lewis.2. Collapse of Alonso-Ferrari relationship3. The rise of Ricciardo, Bottas.4. Revival of Williams and...
Jamming to Portugal. The Man this week. A little bit of Moderat on the side.
Apart from being hungover and/or late to work, I find going out on weeknights (Wednesday or Thursday only) to be more fun than weekends.
My apartment of just over a year has carpeting (bizzarely they newly renovated it by replacing parquet hardwood with shit carpet). I hate it. It'd be a non-starter for me to consider a house/condo that required the use of some form of wall to wall carpeting.
I have had 2 really bad roommate experiences One in college, the other a few years after graduating. The rest (in college) have been fine. I live solo now and don't plan on having a roommate again. However, if I were to change cities, I would get a roommate.
"Dude, I'm getting off at the next stop!"
Interesting, in my experience it's usually the guys that start shit with all their attempts to throw their weight around. Women I've worked with have usually been the straight shooters.
It also allows you to provide some context to what the reader will see in your resume. I hate sending them, but I always do it.
Do people really use the 3D function of 3D tvs? My parents bought one and the glasses still sit in the corner of the sitting room.
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