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Ah, the famed "venus fly-trap" approach.
Devils Backbone Striped Bass Pale Ale. Pretty good
I remember watching a lot of the TdF 2 years ago (or whenever BRadley Wiggins won) but watched little last year and haven't bothered this year. Not sure why. I do love reading about it though
So what? Don't see the point of putting it online but people take pictures at memorials. And I'm sure most aren't in tears while posing for the camera
Who the fuck is Harvey?
You should be relishing the opportunity to rip your nemesis apart
Damn! The one race I miss turns out to be great (a la Japan 2005). Will try to catch it on replay
I've been following this thread for a while and finally had the chance to go to their store in NY this past weekend. The main reason was to get a feel for the fit difference between Tokyo and NY slim fit shirts. I also had the chance to look at their other acessories and I'm curious of people's opinions of their ties and belts. The ties looked and felt good in person but other thoughts/insights would be appreciated. How do the ties stack up against some of the other tie...
Gomestar, you were partly right. NY was relatively quiet. However, I had a great time. Dinner and drinks at ACME on Friday. Afternoon ride around central park on saturday. Drinks at the Thompson hotel, then ECC, then a nightcap with a cougar at Phoenix park. May go again in August when it's even quieter
New Posts  All Forums: