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I find it hilarious people are up in arms about ballghazi. They fail to realize that the NFL has managed to keep itself near or at the top of the news during a TWO WEEK gap between games. Particularly with a pro-bowl in between that no one cares about.
Very underwhelming way to inaugurate a new season isn't it?
I still dont know if I should be upset with myself for seeing Nightcrawler instead of Whiplash. I enjoyed Nightcrawler but get the impression Whiplash would've made a bigger impression on me. I rarely go to the movies so it was a tough decision for about 30 minutes.I read an article about Chris Kyle where I got the impression he was a massive douchebag bible thumping meathead. I have no desire to watch the movie. I think it was in the New Yorker. However, I did enjoy...
Fuck you man.
What's wrong with an iron clad prenup? Just make sure you get something decent (I'm cool with $25 mil)
Started season 2 of The Fall last night. So awesome.
You could try all modern. I just did a quick search and they seem to have a ton of options.
The thought behind a thank you note is what matters. Who cares about the quality of your writing? If you're that insecure about it, perhaps write more slowly and carefully so its halfway respectable?
Agree anyway and still have a blast without them
I tried watching "Under the Skin" tonight. Wtf
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