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How do you suggest they find a decent definition of substantial? I think the token system is fine, teams get to decide how to allocate improvements to the engine during the season.I don't think anyone knows how much Renault is genuinely investing in their power units. It's arguable that it's the least of the 4 manufacturers. I'd bet Honda is spending among the highest while playing catch up.
Correction, your wife fucked up by not handling the cooking herself.
I'd lose the flower and wear a simple flat pocket square
Thanks for the support guys in my time of extreme discomfort
This is quite the depressing read
A lot to cover so far this week (there's some spillover from last week too) 1. Partied too much the last month so my August CC statement is obscene. Why can't I stick to a budget?? 2. My "eco-friendly" dishwasher nugget/pod leaves obscene residue all over my dishes. Why did I take a chance on "eco-friendly" junk?? 3. Need to buy a new suit, shirts, ties, and wool trousers. Seemingly all at once since I'm unhappy with most of my wardrobe. 4. Cute girl I met last night and...
Ended a little Entouragey but no major complaints from me. Not sure how I feel about the lack of a villain (even one you love to hate)
The Fall Wallander (the British version though I haven't seen the Swedish version yet)
I thought it was made clear Hungary flattered them and they expected to struggle at Spa and Monza?
This week I've seen: 1. A Most Wanted Man - thought it was quite good. Not sure what the previous hate was all about. 2. Collapsed - Low budget movie I found on demand. A pretty tense thriller although the acting wasn't particularly good. Quite obviously done on a tight budget. I wasn't bored when watching it.
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