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My 15 year old car failed emissions so I have to spend ~$400 to fix it.
Cute, Piob, I'm sure you're fishing for someone to implore you to post the finished product.
Just purchased
So far Oud Isaphan is my favorite. The damn thing never goes away. I like gypsy water too. Haven't worn Granville or bal d'afrique yet. leather oud is good but already worn I before plus its a little too obvious if that makes any sense
Just saw The Martian. Very solid film. Uplifting and cheery without being cheesy
I like the idea of every team manufacturing their own chassis but customer cars is nothing new to the sport.
I dont mind the B team idea for new teams but only for a set period of time then they have to build/develop their own components - excepting engine and maybe rearend. Say 2 years. They also don't compete for constructor prize money
I don't get why my coworker keeps hiring hot interns. One just started about a week ago and it's torture knowing I can't even flirt with her
You guys are really overthinking Narcos. It's good but nothing special
Just restarted watching a few nights ago and finished season 2. Great stuff! Will catch up season 3 which is on OnDemand right now
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