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I leave for a week long, somewhat all-expenses paid vacation on Friday. BUT I have to get through 2.5 days of bullshit at the office first.
2nd episode was a big improvement. Can see myself enjoying this.
Saw this last night. Pretty good. There's a real live Eric Cartman in it too.
Saw that a little while ago. I really liked it. I found it akin to curb your enthusiasm - it can get pretty awkward at times.
G&Ts all week.
Care to explain your OP then? I'm still confused by it.
I looked it up online (IMDB and a random USAtoday article) and it appears to have very good ratings. No idea what those reviewers were watching but I'll give a few more episodes a try.
I thought a lot of the dialogue was cringeworthy. Why are so many of the supposed ballers seem so short?
Funny thing about my comparison to Stewart. He's said some very not nice things about Lewis - at least according to how the media portrayed it.
New Posts  All Forums: