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Quote: Originally Posted by jet i got jackets and blazers i aint seen in months apartment at the trump only slept in once?
I like to mix in a non-fiction book every now and then.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart have had 2 wallets, the first was the kind where it has a photo printed inside. The one you linked ^^ has that purple thread wrapped around the corners...mine did too and that bit gets worn fast and the thread unravels/breaks off. the current wallet I use is a burgundy wingtip-brogued wallet which has been awesome. No thread on the corners to unravel and it's gotten better looking with...
Nothing to do with PS shoes... but any opinions/experience with Paul Smith wallets? I'm looking to pick one up for a friend's birthday:
show up as a ninja
Anyone been to Jezebel on Ossington? A friend recommended it for a birthday party... but his suggestions don't live up to his hype.
With the cognac lens or similar. Need shipping to Canada. PM with price.
Harvey's Angus Burger /w cheese /thread
+1000 shipping to canada
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