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Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 T minus 4 days until modern warfare 2...I probably wont even touch the single player. Won't touch it all. Way to castrate the PC version of the game, IW
Looking for Ultimate Alden Indy's in size 10.5D. Preferably new or like-new condition. Please PM with price. p.s. Actually doesn't have to be specifically the Ultimate but the Commando Sole is a must.
Anyone want to recommend some good denim that will prevent my nuts from freezing off this winter?
lol macs.
I'm looking into getting a pair of Indys. Are the Leathersoul Ultimates really worth an extra ~$100 over the stock 405s?
Here's looking at you, kid.
Quote: Originally Posted by melwoesblvd blame it on the 905ers with unrefined palettes i suppose really? I mean...really?
Looking to buy a NEW or like-new Belstaff Panther in Large. Shipping to Toronto, Canada. PM with $$. Thanks.
So where online does everyone buy their PS boots (besides the offical site of course)? Are there any sites with good deals to be had?
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