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Best upcoming phone is without a doubt the Motorola Droid: http://gizmodo.com/5396168/motorola-droid-review
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Anyone who doesn't care about being rejected is probably a sociopath. The key is to not let it bother you too much. After some conscious effort, it just doesn't phase you anymore. It's all in your head and once you fully realize that, it becomes easy as pie.
Some really noob questions, but searching a massive thread like this is a bitch. Going to get a pair of APC NS: 1) Presoak - Yes/No? I can't seem to find a definitive answer on this. (If it requires hulk strength to get the top button done before a soak... am I buying too small?) 2) "Size down X".. size down based on what? Thanks.
Queen's Boulevard. Someone just hurry up and copy & paste the IMDB top 10.
cardigan is dope. p.s. I think you need more shoes.
Spending hundreds of dollars to look like a Lumberjack. Do Not Understand. (Unless you are a lumberjack. Then I totally understand.)
theonion.com - Amusing and suprisingly accurate. Or suprising and amusingly accurate? I'm not sure. Oh and the Daily Show of course. Much thruthiness to be gleaned from this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pressfan You could try Knapp's in Listowel (http://www.knapps.ca/) or Fodemisi's in London (http://www.fodemesi.com/) for Indy boots. It's a little strange how there are no Alden dealers closer to/in the GTA. I mean, it's the only city in Canada that matters, amrite? /flamesuit on
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam wtf shipping from alden internationally is 135$. If I'm in Canada, what is a good place to get the indy boot? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor I agree completely. I think Payman had the best idea: go commando with your body wrapped in a snuggie. FTFY
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