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http://uncleotis.com/?proId=41995&gi...7695B64B1B3407 Recently got this. Fits slim, looks good, etc...
Shut. Down. Everything.
Not that I care about 'merican politics, but you would think the folks at MIT are a little bit better at math than the average person: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1109/29959.html So who is right?
persian tea, tyvm.
My wallet SE You win again, good sir.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf Brian Greene's book is fantastic - highly recommended. +1 Great book for an introduction to string theory.
If the DEA bitch gets out alive out of the first episode next season, I would be very suprised/dissapointed.
+1 SF in general has made me buy less but buy better (in everything). Quality > Quantity. Having too much shit around not only resitricts your physical space but clutters the mind too.
Quote: Originally Posted by dganderson Mix up a few white russians, used to start a lot of conversations when I was in college. the dude abides (bring your own fresh milk)
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower How about a couple who stops to talk right at the top of an escalator? HULK SMASH!
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