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fake it till you make it.
Milk in tea just seems wierd to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by doubleb I always thought they were Gino's and Gina's, not Guido's and Guida's. Pretty sure that's a Toronto thing.
Champagne absolutely does not sit well with my stomach. Nights involving champagne almost consistently result in disaster.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy How about tickets to a special event, like a play or a concert? Then you can make a special evening out of it as well. +1 People tend to remember experiences much more strongly than materials. Recently got this. Fits slim, looks good, etc...
Shut. Down. Everything.
persian tea, tyvm.
My wallet SE You win again, good sir.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf Brian Greene's book is fantastic - highly recommended. +1 Great book for an introduction to string theory.
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