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Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia All the films mentioned, for sure, plus a little Braveheart and Survivor: Africa. CGI was stunning. Really creative and very artistic. Worth seeing for that. Also, the 3D was in concert with the film; no crazy effects. Superb, in fact. But typical Cameron post T2, way too long and hampered by a ridiculous, cliched script. Pretty sure at this point no one familiar with Cameron goes to watch his movies...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint The only agression in this thread came from those who revealed their ignorance of a product they have clearly never owned, and are therefore not qualified to offer input. i.e. 90% of the posts on SF. You haven't been lurking here very long to get upset about this.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow Ridiculous. Love it.
Looking to pick up a few gifts for Christmas.. should I expect any coupons soon?
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 It was better than the Dexter finale. +1 For sure. Would have been better if the daughter spontaneously combusted... but we can't always get what we want. Don't understand how the girl thinks getting Hank arrested for statutory rape is helping him.. but w/e.
If it turns out that Rita is not actually dead and it was a hallucination/dream... Dexter will be dead to me.
Whether or not Iran is working towards the bomb doesn't change the fact that this is a lose/lose situation for the US (and its NATO allies). Inaction paints the US (under Obama) as weak, inspiring other more unscrupulous nations/organizations who previously feared retaliation to proceed with their own plans. Military action will would put the US into yet another war, burying the government under even more debt. Not to mention that strategically, Iran can actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower This place has a store in Toronto. Seems like a big selection: http://eperfumes.ca/home.php?cat=6092 http://www.theperfumeshoppe.com/scri...sp?showhover=0 http://www.shopmasc.com/store/intro.html Thanks mate. Looks like I'd be better off ordering from the U.S. to save a few $$.
Does anyone know of an online retailer of colognes based in Canada?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Any idea what Japanese store is best for Canada Goose? Looking for Calgary in Navy. There are 3 stores in Toronto that I know of that carry pieces from the Japenese line. I'm actually going to be scouring the city over the weekend looking for a CG jacket myself. If I run into a Calgary in navy, I'll pm you the store/price.
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