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Only you can answer that question. How can you expect strangers on the internet to make a decision that should take into account your taste, budget, circumstances, etc??
Ok. I think you are missing the point that Bounder is making though. You're turning it into some spontaneous sprezzatura born-with-taste straw man. He's not saying that. The point which he is making - which I agree with - is that "authenticity" should complement/augment the perceived beauty of an item, not be a bar that has to be passed first in order for something to be considered beautiful or not. I disagree with your opinion that "Authenticity is fundamentally...
Yet you want a Beni Ourain when you know next to nothing about what makes a good Beni Ourain? Sorry, doesn't add up. Where is the "knowledge and understanding to appreciate them"? Looks like you put cart before horse there.
Erm, more storage space? Ability to store umbrellas? MCM is done to death already?
I think "authenticity", as you define it, is fundamentally impractical. To take an aesthetic object from its original milieu and attempt to apply the same logic that brought about its existence to a completely different setting is an exercise in... I don't know what, but it's something I don't subscribe to.E.g. (using your own points) ...The symbols mean something... to the tribesmen who wove them. To us it's just a pretty pattern - mere decoration. Yes, the design of the...
I predict you will have a great life.
No need to get your panties in a bunch now...It's not that the photos are bad/useless per se. It's that they are less good and less useful than they could potentially be. A bit of context would help, even if it is just disclosure that they are work-related photos. Anyone can go to watches by SJX for great photos of various watches with bland or nil commentary. Or manufacture websites. Or flip through the 10s of watch magazines available at any airport kiosk.Adding single...
PP = polypropylene.
Forgot to mention that it's a Sam Maloof. And speaking of Maloof - went with a Maloof finish (1/3 Tung, 1/3 BLO, 1/3 PU) in the end as I didn't have the equipment to spray lacquer (and which the LOML vetoed a purchase of... ).
Or perhaps this?
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