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I would rock that watch in a heartbeat, NS.
I want to dig this up just to point out that that was a tremendous comeback.
I got a Rolex from my parents when I reached the ripe old age of 21. Know another girl who got a Rolex after she graduated from college. Have no idea why I felt like sharing all that, but when I think about it now and look back, I led a pretty sheltered life pre-parental emancipation. Hmm... Great watch. The Cotes de Soliere finishing on the back is great to gawk at in real life. Love how they decided to go all stealth with the tourby, not unlike PP.For me it's a toss up...
How the gigolo business these days?(I keed, I keed)
Men have been striving to out do each other since time immemorial. We've moved on from banging each other with rocks, to stabbing each other with bronze spears, to slashing each other with iron swords, to outdoing each other at court with the best outfits and hairdos, to buying the best furniture to fill our houses, to dressing down and competing to capture the spirit of understated elegance, to sporting the most recognisable brands, to blinging it out and conspicuous...
Really, really, really disagree with this statement - there are so many interesting "dress" chronographs, past and present. Not to mention the perpetual calendar chronographs which are almost exclusively "dress" watches.Sure, I get the tool reference, but to extend the analogy - there are sharpened rocks... and then there are samurai swords. Both fulfill the same function, one just looks a hell of a lot nicer while doing so.
Nice designs, quartz movements from China.
Many older watches have acrylic crystals shaped like the bottom of a mason jar, which causes the optical distortion.Mmm, 5450... Now that would be a grail watch for me.Tentatively agree.For me I understand that there are different cultures at play with some obviously valuing ostentatious displays of wealth more than others (my MIL - "only immigrants drive BMWs in Sweden"... I couldn't help but LOL).That said... I also believe some cultures are perhaps... preferable to...
Feel obliged to mention that the Eulit Kristalls are quite stiff and very thin (much thinner than a regular NATO), so don't expect a soft and/or supple strap! They are actually (for me) marginally uncomfortable to wear initially but they do break in and soften, and the buckle/strap shortening system is pretty neat. The brown one is a muddy olive brown, not a brown brown.
NATO? Negatory for that watch IMO. That one would look fantastic on a perforated strap in black leather. Big holes ("racing style") might be better than small holes. Possibly contrast stitching too.
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