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Forgot to mention that it's a Sam Maloof. And speaking of Maloof - went with a Maloof finish (1/3 Tung, 1/3 BLO, 1/3 PU) in the end as I didn't have the equipment to spray lacquer (and which the LOML vetoed a purchase of... ).
Or perhaps this?
Those tie knots.
A simple English oak sideboard.
"More elegant Swiss watches with minimal clutter" - LOL.
I think the 1815 ab/auf in PG is the perfect everyday watch for me. Perfect size, perfect design. Photo from another watch forum: (sadly, not mine)
Slightly tangential to the OT, but what the heck lets give this a go. Here is one of a set of 3 nesting tables that I have just started to refinish. A flea market find. The previous owner painted it with a horrible, horrible opaque brown paint - here it is freshly stripped and very lightly sanded. Top/aprons look like oak, legs like walnut. To achieve a finish with great depth/lustre but not a mirror gloss, what do I use? Wax over shellac? Wax over oil?
I would rock that watch in a heartbeat, NS.
I want to dig this up just to point out that that was a tremendous comeback.
I got a Rolex from my parents when I reached the ripe old age of 21. Know another girl who got a Rolex after she graduated from college. Have no idea why I felt like sharing all that, but when I think about it now and look back, I led a pretty sheltered life pre-parental emancipation. Hmm... Great watch. The Cotes de Soliere finishing on the back is great to gawk at in real life. Love how they decided to go all stealth with the tourby, not unlike PP.For me it's a toss up...
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