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You're kidding right? A library?
To be honest, growing up Tudor was always sold as a poor man's Rolex, with the Tudor lineup mostly comprised of lame rehashes of Rolex stalwarts. It's really only in the last 2-3 years that they have attempted to reboot the brand.Americans go nuts over them (and the press driving their demand is mostly from America) because they have no or next to no experience with them - IIRC Tudor was not even distributed in America for a long long time.That said, there is no better way...
Looks almost like a redone sewing table.
Oh, they didn't look wide enough to cover your window in your photo.
I like that room in the daytime. The nonfunctional shutters do throw me though.
Makes sense, but his idea works if you follow the premise that the room is like a plate and the painting is the dish - which I suppose you don't.Either way getting a Rothko print is inauthentic to the nth degree. Just look out the window - so much of the world is Rothko.
Ah, oh well. I thought there were 4 smaller and 3 larger aeriums.A really funky thing to do would be to line them up in descending size in a spiral, but that's probably too funky for your decor. A less funky alternative would be to line then up in vertical rows (yes, I know) but with one row in descending size, the other in ascending size.
It's OK. I like it, but would tweak it a bit. I would rehang the terrariums in 2 vertical rows over the couch (closer to the window) and use the remaining wall space (over the half of the couch that is further away from the window) to hang a suitably sized painting/picture/photo. Please keep those design CT books away. It's a real turn off to see them out where they will probably lie untouched by you/your wife and will likely never be touched by the guests that you have...
Only you can answer that question. How can you expect strangers on the internet to make a decision that should take into account your taste, budget, circumstances, etc??
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