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Looks almost like a redone sewing table.
Oh, they didn't look wide enough to cover your window in your photo.
I like that room in the daytime. The nonfunctional shutters do throw me though.
Makes sense, but his idea works if you follow the premise that the room is like a plate and the painting is the dish - which I suppose you don't.Either way getting a Rothko print is inauthentic to the nth degree. Just look out the window - so much of the world is Rothko.
Ah, oh well. I thought there were 4 smaller and 3 larger aeriums.A really funky thing to do would be to line them up in descending size in a spiral, but that's probably too funky for your decor. A less funky alternative would be to line then up in vertical rows (yes, I know) but with one row in descending size, the other in ascending size.
It's OK. I like it, but would tweak it a bit. I would rehang the terrariums in 2 vertical rows over the couch (closer to the window) and use the remaining wall space (over the half of the couch that is further away from the window) to hang a suitably sized painting/picture/photo. Please keep those design CT books away. It's a real turn off to see them out where they will probably lie untouched by you/your wife and will likely never be touched by the guests that you have...
Only you can answer that question. How can you expect strangers on the internet to make a decision that should take into account your taste, budget, circumstances, etc??
Ok. I think you are missing the point that Bounder is making though. You're turning it into some spontaneous sprezzatura born-with-taste straw man. He's not saying that. The point which he is making - which I agree with - is that "authenticity" should complement/augment the perceived beauty of an item, not be a bar that has to be passed first in order for something to be considered beautiful or not. I disagree with your opinion that "Authenticity is fundamentally...
Yet you want a Beni Ourain when you know next to nothing about what makes a good Beni Ourain? Sorry, doesn't add up. Where is the "knowledge and understanding to appreciate them"? Looks like you put cart before horse there.
New Posts  All Forums: