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Foo - those 3 lamps are designed to cast very different patterns/moods of light. One is basically only mood lighting, and another is almost a reading lamp. What will this be used for?
You've sort of answered your own question...
I really really really hate it when function gives way to form, as happens so often with these "designed" things.
Cartier Tank, Reverso Lady, or Omega Constellation lady.Alternatively, if her tastes run to the eclectic side of the spectrum a Mondaine Swiss Railways or Nomos might fit the bill.
^ Agreed. Great find.
Am pretty sure from memory (when I was ring buying) that WG is harder than YG, but RG is the toughest of all 3 gold colours.
It's not as simple as self appointed purists decrying any and all redialing no matter the circumstances. The problem is that most redial jobs are horrible, and definitely do not fall under the umbrella of "restoration". That Breguet was restored (not "refurbished") by a specialist who was likely partly/wholly museum trained. Not the same as your usual redialer. And the price it achieved reflects that in part. For your usual redial however... Original materials/methods...
Open closet system = dust, trouble with moths. Looks great in catalogues, totally shite to live with.
We could argue the semantics of this all day, but I highly doubt "99%" of HM, Vitra, etc employees/subcontractors/suppliers are stateside in the world we live in today.Replica companies also run showrooms, warehouses, transport, etc - and believe it or not, these people pay taxes too. Like I said, we could go over the specifics all day, but I think the bottom line is that it isn't as simple as the black/white situation you guys are trying to present.I think if you even...
I disagree. I think that's a really simplistic way to approach the issue; IMO it's far more complex than that.Walk into a Vitra, Herman Miller, Flos, etc showroom - and look around.80-90% of the designs on display are "legacy" designs - Aeron chair, Tulip table, EM table, etc etc. There are always one or two "it" items from "it" designers, this rotates year to year, and rarely do they have the endurance to join the legacy designs. I think what you consider their...
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