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PP = polypropylene.
Forgot to mention that it's a Sam Maloof. And speaking of Maloof - went with a Maloof finish (1/3 Tung, 1/3 BLO, 1/3 PU) in the end as I didn't have the equipment to spray lacquer (and which the LOML vetoed a purchase of... ).
Or perhaps this?
Those tie knots.
A simple English oak sideboard.
"More elegant Swiss watches with minimal clutter" - LOL.
I think the 1815 ab/auf in PG is the perfect everyday watch for me. Perfect size, perfect design. Photo from another watch forum: (sadly, not mine)
Slightly tangential to the OT, but what the heck lets give this a go. Here is one of a set of 3 nesting tables that I have just started to refinish. A flea market find. The previous owner painted it with a horrible, horrible opaque brown paint - here it is freshly stripped and very lightly sanded. Top/aprons look like oak, legs like walnut. To achieve a finish with great depth/lustre but not a mirror gloss, what do I use? Wax over shellac? Wax over oil?
I would rock that watch in a heartbeat, NS.
I want to dig this up just to point out that that was a tremendous comeback.
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