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Today I wandered into a museum - Louisiana, in Denmark.Got to thinking about the many beautiful things in (say) Ikea made less beautiful by their common-ness.Very quickly got somewhat depressed.
Sorry if I was unclear. They disparage the big auction houses from time to time, yet simultaneously blanket coverage vintage watches - perfect lead in to setting up their own auction site it would seem.I seem to recall that some time back there was also some coverage of some overpaid European - with a name worthy of a Bond villain - who made a living selling watches to even richer people via (?) Christies moving on to set up an new "independent" auction firm... not sure if...
No wonder now the occasional snarky comments on the big auction houses on the H, and the constant coverage (shilling?) of vintage watches.
Thanks.I got the legs made by a local metal worker to my specs - essentially half inch cold bent steel. They look delicate, but are strong and do not flex or splay with 4 people sitting on the bench. The idea was precisely that it should look delicate, but strong.They are attached to the bottom with a heck of a lot of screws via a plate to which the legs are welded.I'd post a photo, but can't as 1. I'm overseas, and 2. I would probably cause skinny goomba a heart attack.
PAM62 is the cat's meow. Love that watch.
So I had some spare time, and about $60 worth of wood from a salvage yard. [[SPOILER]] The end result:
Sorry, but that is absolutely awful.
Really like the Hiroshima armless chair
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