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NS - oh dear is all I will say.
I guess the takeaway lesson here is that designer furniture is really not necessarily "better made" than regular furniture, huh. Despite the hype about it, that is.
medtech - the FPJ Resonance without a shadow of doubt.
Ding ding ding - good counterpoint. 10 points to Gryffindor.
In addition to the reasons listed above (branch of large company making cheap watches, etc) by others, I will add 2 more.Making a watch is obviously a much more complicated process than making a jacket. Two (skilled) people with a needle and an iron could order a roll of cloth off the interwebz and make a jacket. A watch, not so easy - which is why production is dominated by large corporations.The small watch ateliers who are able to bring everything in-house or close...
Thanks B for your thought out reply. I just read through my previous post and I sound like an asshole. I wrote it in the early hours of the morning (see the timestamp) and was trying to say it all in an off the cuff manner, but whatever my intentions it came across pretty wrong, and I apologise for any offence caused.Major facepalm on confusing Seagull and BWF. Major facepalm. No walking away from that, definitely have egg on my face.I appear to have misinterpreted your...
OK, can I give a bit of honest feedback B? You are going about selling watches in IMO a wrong way. Don't give me a spec sheet, which your sig essentially is - "two hand-engraved balance cocks in gold, coupled with four gold chatons, cotes de geneve, 3/4 plate, heat-blued screws and swan neck fine adjuster". You've previously mentioned the handcrafted watch strap, and now the heat-blued hands. I'm not buying a fridge or washing machine, I'm potentially buying a mechanical...
Hmmm. First of all, IIRC this is a rental which foo has moved into relatively recently. Secondly, foo is relatively young - late twenties or early thirties. Don't see why imatlas has applied the impossibly high benchmark of a lifetime of experiences to this context - you can't expect him to pull off a (say) Valentino Garavani or YSL interior at this stage of his life. More often than not living spaces happen to be reflective of the owner(s)...
You're kidding right? A library?
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