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I disagree. I think that's a really simplistic way to approach the issue; IMO it's far more complex than that.Walk into a Vitra, Herman Miller, Flos, etc showroom - and look around.80-90% of the designs on display are "legacy" designs - Aeron chair, Tulip table, EM table, etc etc. There are always one or two "it" items from "it" designers, this rotates year to year, and rarely do they have the endurance to join the legacy designs. I think what you consider their...
May I suggest: mid grey croc, no stitching.
Wow, you are starting to strike me as a hoarder with means.
Wow, nice collection. And congrats Andy on the new watch! Looks fantastic.
I think it might be because of where you live.Where I live/lived - the Rolex centres are indifferent (Australia), or worse, take the attitude that "we know better" (Singapore).
IDK - the idea of paying $5000 for an unserviceable* Sub, and have you ever handled a vintage Explorer bracelet? The vast majority of them are all stretched to heck...*: because if you send it in Rolex will gut it and replace everything that makes it special...
I don't know - I kind of like the Spectre limited edition. Putting aside the obvious cheesiness of the movie tie-in - which I think is fleeting sort of cheesiness - I think it's an attractive watch. Nods to both past (cream lume, lollipop hands - think original bond Rolexes) and present (lume that lights up blue, good modern movement), and the bezel/dial are nice - possibly because they bear a passing resemblance to the JLC Deep Sea. NATO is fine with me - doesn't look...
OK, that looks OK, so so really. If I had just paid $10,000 or whatever mega $ he commands I would have been a bit disappointed. What is it about Nakashima that gets him the +++ love and respect? Was he the first person to come up (or popularise) natural edge furniture? Natural feeling finishes? Or it is all smoke mirrors the myth the legend plus Japanese family name = Americans going crazy over his stuff? I mean, that's about as simple as it gets to knock together a...
I'll butt in here.I try not to listen to analists, they're mostly on crack, but every once in a while they suggest something I can get behind.
Anyone have experience with the Flos IC S1 pendant lamp? Am thinking of getting 2 for a central hallway in an otherwise quite traditional Victorian worker's cottage. The lamp in question is the smaller one, 20cm diameter.
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