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2 winter (Australian winter, not say Canadian winter) jackets for sale. I've lost some weight, and some things are just a little too big now. All measurements done with fasteners done up, and jacket laid flat on bed without hanger. All measurements in cm. Feel free to PM me with questions. Shipping is included in sale price. #1 Limited edition Barbour Sapper jacket, worn twice. Pretty much perfect condition. No stains, no rips. Tag is marked to prevent returns. There...
I'll chime in here to say that the Globemaster is a real dog, an absolute abomination that combines the best of several (some iconic) Omega watches to come up with the absolute worst. It's like a frankenstein lovechild of a 60s Constellation, a 70s Constellation, and an early Seamaster. The design person responsible for it should be figuratively be taken out back and shot. If your best "defence" of their looks is that "hey people will give it a pass if it says Rolex"......
Sorry, looks too much like a gas meter.
The function is the form here, if that makes any sense. It's like trying to measure oranges in terms of apples? Good luck, whatever your decision.
I'm really sorry to hear that your watch had that issue. My Reverso had the minute hand contact the inside glass - which eventually left a mark on the inside. This was fixed by CS as well. I guess 999.9 of the 1000 hours was spent on a machine huh? Re: the -1+6, it's not published anywhere, but was a quote from someone who worked (I think) as head of their QC department in an interview.That said - IMO, being overly concerned about about the accuracy of a mechanical watch...
All new JLCs go through 1000 hours of testing before being let loose on the world. They are calibrated more stringently than COSC (-1+6 vs -4+6) - which apparently they made a conscious decision not to subscribe to.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a feeling that it's a JLC steel thing - my other steel watches don't scratch as easily, even ones with flat surfaces like the Reverso.
This is my TT1931 Rouge. JC Randell has sadly retired now - I never managed to get another Reverso engraved for my wife, which will probably be one of my bigger horological regrets going forward.
Guys, Rolex OP with a dinner suit will do just fine IMO. Sure, it's not a big crown Submariner, but I think there's enough shared DNA there to pull it off. Then again, I'm the dude who wears this with a dinner suit, so... Mine's actually even more old school - manual wind, movement by FP I believe.
You classy, classy guy.
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