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All new JLCs go through 1000 hours of testing before being let loose on the world. They are calibrated more stringently than COSC (-1+6 vs -4+6) - which apparently they made a conscious decision not to subscribe to.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I have a feeling that it's a JLC steel thing - my other steel watches don't scratch as easily, even ones with flat surfaces like the Reverso.
This is my TT1931 Rouge. JC Randell has sadly retired now - I never managed to get another Reverso engraved for my wife, which will probably be one of my bigger horological regrets going forward.
Guys, Rolex OP with a dinner suit will do just fine IMO. Sure, it's not a big crown Submariner, but I think there's enough shared DNA there to pull it off. Then again, I'm the dude who wears this with a dinner suit, so... Mine's actually even more old school - manual wind, movement by FP I believe.
You classy, classy guy.
Movado and B&M are dead in the water. They are nice, not unattractive, and quirky in their own way but it's like comparing Amy Schumer to, I don't know, Gisele Bundchen or Gal Gadot. Or Kate Upton. The Tag is Rebel Wilson. Enough said.Rolex trumps Omega for SS time only or time + date watches IMO despite the latter marque's HEAVY advertising push in the last 5 years - they just feel better made (most noticeable in the bracelet & clasp), have a better story, more visible...
I'd keep:Sea DwellerDaytonaOysterquartzGMT MasterI could come up with a whole bunch of solid reasons why I'd do so, but TBH it all comes down to "I like the way they look" and "there's no overlap that way".
Foo, has your flos IC lamp arrived yet?
Man, wow. Great watch.
A big part of the problem is that we have a lot more options to spend that 10% on. It's not just furniture, but also media servers, mobile phones, tablets, etc
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