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Piobaire, why do you have this chip on your shoulder? If you think he is deluded, let him be. I don't, but there are others who can learn from him. Unloveable as he may be at times, there is actually an overarching theme to his choices - which he has explained multiple times. Just because you can't or won't understand his POV doesn't invalidate it. The last few pages remind me of the tonal vs atonal debate - yeah there are those who feel that music should sound...
LA Guy, Why are you trying to fix, that which is not broken. Unless there is some compelling software reason this thread should become a forum, let it be. I don't think we should cater to the lowest common denominator by having a FAQ, because not only will it stifle the thread somewhat, there is no universally correct answer when it comes to watches. By stifle I mean that instead of people posting answers which often leads to interesting side-conversations, dicks will...
I have no idea what your furniture looks like, but definitely the taller one, unless you have a specific situation you have to accommodate e.g. a huge artowrk on a wall and you don't want the globe obscuring anything.I am pretty sure the 45" tall one is meant to be placed next to a table, or a recliner, to be used as a reading light of sorts. The design is very visually "light", if that makes any sense.Do note that the actual entry opening for the bulb into the glass globe...
Go with the 6 foot. I was pleased with the fit and finish of my IC pendants, and the brass has a sandblasted finish, so fingerprints don't show too obviously. I somehow missed all the baby talk - congratulations.
How about...Flos IC floor LampAnd something a little different:http://www.architonic.com/pmsht/ee-86-egyptian-eye-floor-lamp-tecnolumen/1320385http://www.architonic.com/pmsht/prop-light-moooi/1317846
Foo - those 3 lamps are designed to cast very different patterns/moods of light. One is basically only mood lighting, and another is almost a reading lamp. What will this be used for?
You've sort of answered your own question...
I really really really hate it when function gives way to form, as happens so often with these "designed" things.
Cartier Tank, Reverso Lady, or Omega Constellation lady.Alternatively, if her tastes run to the eclectic side of the spectrum a Mondaine Swiss Railways or Nomos might fit the bill.
^ Agreed. Great find.
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