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Are you referring to Roger Henley, or someone else?
People are assholes.
Medwed, are you Elton John? Just wondering, sincerely.
My Barbour Commander arrived. And it is awesome.
Oh yah, that's why everyone on the subway in NY, Paris, Tokyo or Moscow during winter wears DB overcoats... I never said warm is not needed anymore - it's just needed less. A lot less. Which is why it's difficult noawadays to find the formerly common heavy winter coats anywhere. Most people don't wear 28-32oz woollen coats on top of 16-22oz suiting anymore. It's more like quilted Barbours on top of 10-12oz suiting now. That is the point I'm trying to make.
All well and good, but I think "men's style" evolves in response to events outside its control, and well, in this case it has. The thing about the prescriptive view of clothing is that, well, it is prescriptive and so by definition cannot evolve. I think you subscribe to that view - which is all well and good.Heavy DB coats in heavy woollen fabrics in most cities (even in Europe) look smashing I agree, but are heading for extinction nonetheless - with good reason too.The...
Suede will not hold its shape as well as other leathers in my experience.Not sure if this applies to you, but I was all over suede when I was new to this game - and have realised with the passage of time that it just doesn't make sense for most applications.It's traditionally (in darker colours) a winter "staple", yet is the worst leather type to wear in the wet.And for the light summer suede, grass stains and the like are an absolute b**** to clean.
Yep, agree. Bought the Commander (in navy) to compliment my Bedale (in olive, no crazy windowpane), not replace it. Hopefully that will be 'it' for nicer casual outerwear for the South Australian winter.
They have all sorts of interesting things there - fancy a windowpane Bedale with tumeric yellow paisley lining? Well, you can tick that one off your bucket list now.
Has anyone else noticed the price creep in nice jackets from the big "international" brands? It seems like just a few years ago you could get a nice Barbour or Belstaff for $500 and the real concern then was maybe wonky fit or sizing.It's like all of the brands are just doing what they've always done now... except for $300 more.That said, I just ponied up for a Barbour Beacon sports jacket in navy - which should be just enough jacket for a South Australian winter.PS: are...
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