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That IWC is shite. Like eye bleeding bad. Being in love is no compelling argument. Love goggles wear off, eventually. There has to be more substance than mere infatuation. This IWC is better:
Napisan or any oxygen based cleaner - spray on, leave 30 mins, then wash as per normal. Works for me.
Well, when you think about it, how many new luxury Swiss watches are made, per year? The sjx site recently had a piece on high end Swiss watches - just think, how many tourbillons are made a year? What is the market for them? It's kind of sobering, but I admit there is a degree of schadenfreude on my part having in the 10 short years I've been interested in watches, watched prices climb, and climb, and climb ...
Sorry, but you're attributing a difference to something that does not exist. The lower half of the suit does not contribute to drape. Drape and balance are not a function of the interlining, but of the cut of the suit. A more likely explanation is that your half canvassed suit has a different cut (and is from from a lower end brand) than the full canvassed ones, and what you are seeing is a difference in the cut, not the interlining.
I recently (2 months ago) bought some stuff off them, and no prices have not really gone up. Selection has expanded though - markedly, and quality is IMO better now from their Italian factory as opposed to the old Dutch one.
Mafoofan, can I make some suggestions? The Patek is boring. Incredibly boring. It's dial is flat and "dead", and it looks like a watch which is consciously trying to reference the past. And a water meter. (all IMO of course) If a Patek or Lange is in your budget... and you like the Moser - how about these? (especially if you want to stay within the "dress watch" rubric) 1. Laurent Ferrier Microrotor 2. F.P. Journe Octa Divine/Octa Automatique Lune or Quantieme...
The new and old Lange 1s are the same size. I prefer the look of the old Lange 1's movement, but that's just me.Think the Lange 1 is a hockey puck? There is another German look alike that is more hockey puck than you can shake a stick at! Erm, I think selling a frankenwatch as an all legit vintage speedmaster is a pretty massive screw up.The case didn't match the movement - that is second only to a fake/mismatched dial on the vintage watch screw up scale.
So you basically went to a tailor with an established "house style", fully aware they had this house style, and then got pissed when they made you something in their house style?And then did it a further 2 times?Sorry mate, but something does not compute.
Re: PJT Choice of those 4 words aside, he has earned his success, built something significant from nothing, and the end product actually looks pretty good usually. He has also successfully incorporated some very attractive wimmenz into his firm/advertising. I do not begrudge him his success.
I know I could call, but indicative price range?
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