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Great story NS. It reminds me of the Type XX!
TBH, i don't think you've done much looking then.
vomit. everywhere.
NS, thanks for providing a bit of backstory. It makes a bit more sense. You have already ticked the boxes; clearly there is no obligation to adhere to what we think as you are sort of at the medtech level of watch collecting. I misread the nipple dial as a Sub, not the GMT - fair enough. I would rock a nipple-dialled Sub for giggles, but the GMT is sort of like a younger Kardashian I guess - i.e. who really gives a f*ck? Good gracious, three Heuer Autavias? In your...
To paraphrase PG (remember him??) - Exackery. On a related note, the new 15202 (different colour date window to example above) is IMO superb, and I may have started saving already for it... Honestly do not think it is a good idea to trade 3 watches, each superb in their own right, for (IMO) the watch equivalent of baconaise, or a hot pink Ferrari.Think about it - IMO as a "design icon" it fails (a PG version of a luxury steel watch??), as a sports watch it fails (croc...
NS - oh dear is all I will say.
I guess the takeaway lesson here is that designer furniture is really not necessarily "better made" than regular furniture, huh. Despite the hype about it, that is.
medtech - the FPJ Resonance without a shadow of doubt.
Ding ding ding - good counterpoint. 10 points to Gryffindor.
In addition to the reasons listed above (branch of large company making cheap watches, etc) by others, I will add 2 more.Making a watch is obviously a much more complicated process than making a jacket. Two (skilled) people with a needle and an iron could order a roll of cloth off the interwebz and make a jacket. A watch, not so easy - which is why production is dominated by large corporations.The small watch ateliers who are able to bring everything in-house or close...
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