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The OC "standard" as per Apparel Arts is just below the knee, but along with indoor heating, miniskirts and bikinis progress has also led to the shortening of OC hems. Mine - as is standard with most OTR OCs nowadays - is just above knee. It's an unlined number from Phineas Cole, which suits perfectly the warmer Australian clime. I think some more fashion forward OTR OCs are mid-thigh now, and if you are of slighter build I imagine this trend would work to your benefit...
Dark/mid grey melange, with a mid-grey suit worn under. Shirt is light blue end on end weave, tie is navy basket weave silk-wool.
Was rummaging through an old memory card from a dead camera and found this -
No, that's a false dichotomy - an acknowledgement of why some watches have a simpler/broader appeal than others is not the same as saying all watches are equally attractive or even attractive. Introducing some more reference points is not the same as relativism.
I used to think that certain brands = douche brands and avoid accordingly, but over time I've come around to a different view, which succinctly expressed is: there are no douche watches, only douches who wear them.Yes, certain brands hold more appeal for douches than others - e.g. IWC, Rolex, PAM - but this is part a function of their simplicity in accessibility both in terms of price, design, and marketing ethos, as opposed to some inherent brand douchiness. As opposed to...
Very nice! Congratulations are in order. I tried on the GP some time ago, but decided the case was a little too thick for me. A shame as I really liked its face. I hope both watches bring you much joy, and always a smile to your face with the passage of time.As for your haikus... let me share something I've come to realise over the last few months.I know that I've been less than complementary towards PAM in the past (scathing, actually), so this is going to sound weird -...
What he doesn't realise is that Rubinacci pocket square which is #4 on his tumblr, and which will be the "single pocket square for the rest of my life" has... machine-rolled edges. (cue the discordant violins) 70eur for the privilege of owning a shitty machine-made pocketsquare! Given the original poster of those images actually went to the effort of doing loving closeups of the rolled edges, I'd say a few people have much to learn still...
A watch blog recently answered your very question quite comprehensively - http://thesydneytarts.blogspot.com.au/For me the standout in terms of looks will have to be:Details on this exact model are a little sketchy at present, but it's expect to retail around $3000 AFAIK. 41mm, so large but not overly large too IMO.Finally, avoid the B&Rs mentioned on the blog, they look like JLC Deepsea ripoffs IMO.
Cheaper with better quality than hst - http://www.schneiderknopf.de/shop/page/2?sessid=1Wqz4n412T40WkV63XORssVmVa6WWyjTboj69LoGedTkaRr8rJt1AQQ6aBI3iW7p&shop_param=...but minimum order needed (25 ea min)
In the spirit of charity started by LonerMatt, if anyone wants a copy of manton's The Suit, I've also got a copy that I'll send over for the price of shipping it. (Also, I've got a wicked Barbour jacket FS in my sig, heh heh. )
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