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I'll see your GP Fiat chrono, and raise you a GP Ferrari SS chrono!! (LOL) Seriously though, GP makes some nice watches.
[quote name="Kid Nickels" url="/t/36253/the-watch-appreciation-thread/26500_100#post_6743197"also this is ridiculously awesome... what model?[/quote]Well, this is awkward. I don't think it's real. As in... not genuine, fake-o, forgery, counterfeit, sham.I just google imaged 'patek roman' and that was the first image - didn't even notice the crown. I'm pretty sure they didn't make a basic Calatrava with an onion crown....awwwwkwaaard! It's a pretty nice watch IRL -...
Actually, "IIII" has always been canonical. It balances the dial.And thanks guys for all the kind comments re: my Reverso engraving. TBH I was a little afraid the first time I posted pics that there would be resounding/awkward silence because taste of course differs from person to person. Like for example I appreciate a Maloof rocking chair or a Emin piece but no way would I want one in my home.But people appear to genuinely like it, and it makes me feel like a flower - a...
TWAT must be obeyed... Image clickable for gargantuan version...
Between the RO and Nautilus, I much prefer the RO. It may just be me, but while the colour of the Nauty is nice, I prefer the texture of the RO. BTW, not sure if anyone noticed, but my Reverso engraving made it into the Oct issue of The Rake magazine!! Can post a capture if anyone is interested.
Guys - Invicta, really? Really?
Post less, don't be a fucking idiot.
Interesting, and I think that the Florida guy's assertions are partially true.There is something you need to understand first - Rolex has super super super super saturated the Asian market. If I wasn't clear, I mean really really redunkulously super saturated. I am not kidding when I say a significant proportion of people who you wouldn't typically associate with Rolexes wear Rolexes. Nearly half my Singaporean lady friends got Rolexes as college graduation gifts - Air...
Please leave, and never come back. (Unless of course, you were being , in which case )
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