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Complete, utter, nonsense.
Nice watch!Try requesting that the springbar "tunnel" be moved down from the edge of the strap to ~2mm in, and make sure the strap thickness at the lug is about 4.5mm - that way one end of the strap cantilevers against the underside of the partly-hooded lug attachment and you get the same effect as the OEM strap.
Not even close, ChicagoRon! The AT's dial/hands are a direct reference to the Omega Ranchero, a model which debuted in the late 1950s. In turn the design DNA of the Rachero has its origins in 3 iconic Omega models - the (original) Speedmaster, the (original) Seamaster 300, and the (original) Railmaster - all released in the mid 1950s.(the original Ranchero)Note that the Rolex Explorer has only been around since the early 1950s, and in the form we recognise today only since...
No, you are not correct. Just drop the subject already.
What model of reverso is that?
Congratulations on your owning a (very) rare bird - GGs are rare by any measure, and I have yet to see this model IRL.
Hmm. Disagree about the Tank being effeminate. Have sympathy for RogerP's views re: compensation. Not sure why coloured gold = girly. Agree re: AT, it straddles the awkward no man's land of "all in one" watch (dressy sport, sporty dressy) better than most. Datejusts are certainly far, far, far more ubiquitous than ATs, but perhaps the vast variations in dials, bezels, bracelets help offset the commonality a bit... Only situations where I think observing service...
To rewelt the machine welted soles we are talking about you need a Goodyear welting machine, so all that skill is for nought without access to said machines.AFAIK no one in SA (or Australia for that matter) hand welts shoes.
Erm, you do realise that a custom, completely hand-made strap from Paris (CF, or ABP) will be less, right?We've been discussing that recently over on the Watch Appreciation thread - answer is every 5-10 years or when something goes wrong. An anecdote to illustrate - I had a 50 year old Omega Constellation serviced for the first time in its life last year. Just 1 gear needed to be swapped, and a new winding stem. That was all. Now it's back in COSC spec. And another - a 20...
Am pretty sure the CPCP LC Tank XL is sized 30 x 39.2mm.
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