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Really, really, really disagree with this statement - there are so many interesting "dress" chronographs, past and present. Not to mention the perpetual calendar chronographs which are almost exclusively "dress" watches.Sure, I get the tool reference, but to extend the analogy - there are sharpened rocks... and then there are samurai swords. Both fulfill the same function, one just looks a hell of a lot nicer while doing so.
Nice designs, quartz movements from China.
Many older watches have acrylic crystals shaped like the bottom of a mason jar, which causes the optical distortion.Mmm, 5450... Now that would be a grail watch for me.Tentatively agree.For me I understand that there are different cultures at play with some obviously valuing ostentatious displays of wealth more than others (my MIL - "only immigrants drive BMWs in Sweden"... I couldn't help but LOL).That said... I also believe some cultures are perhaps... preferable to...
Feel obliged to mention that the Eulit Kristalls are quite stiff and very thin (much thinner than a regular NATO), so don't expect a soft and/or supple strap! They are actually (for me) marginally uncomfortable to wear initially but they do break in and soften, and the buckle/strap shortening system is pretty neat. The brown one is a muddy olive brown, not a brown brown.
NATO? Negatory for that watch IMO. That one would look fantastic on a perforated strap in black leather. Big holes ("racing style") might be better than small holes. Possibly contrast stitching too.
You're using burl for the back of a bookcase?
Both are in the same metal, and roughly the same size (40sh mm), but the JLC will wear smaller, the Panograph will wear larger.Despite being superficially similar, without a shadow of doubt the JLC is the better watch in this situation. The movement design is genuine horological step forward, and the finishing is truly truly epic. The dial, with its grained eggshell finish, is not your usual shiny sunburst or satin silver dial and will change in accordance with the...
Some nice watches on this thread recently.Oh, and nice looking females too. Something that might help kill time for members here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FondationHH/videos?sort=da&view=0&flow=gridEspecially interesting are the earlier artisan series of videos - Engraver, Dialmaker, Guillocher, etcI like it that you have elected to take the path less traveled in growing your watch collection. Many happy returns!
Ah, but remember the fires that burn the hottest and brightest, also burn the fastest......Mama mia!!Also: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, product placement... mehhhhhhh. I found that collab a little less than inspiring. Another more effective example of JLC product placement was with Adrien Brody in The Pianist - from the first 2 minutes of the show:
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