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Please leave, and never come back. (Unless of course, you were being , in which case )
Agreed, very different from the vast majority of "MCM" dreck floating about. I don't know if it applies to the rest of the world, but Down Under it's pretty incredible the amount of crappy 60s furniture that gets labelled with some/all of the following tags - "Modern/Modernist", "Danish", "Scandinavian", "Mid Century". And then there is the target audience - the trendy latte sipping tattooed 20/30-somethings with facial hair and 50s hairstyles who snap them up to put in...
Bunch of stupid bitches philosophise why it's ok to buy books by the yard to decorate - http://emilyaclark.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/the-great-debate-books-for-looks.html
Hacko's prices are a little on the high side. There is a 16610 on his site now for $6,900. When you think about it - you could actually throw in a return trip to Singapore and get the exact same watch, for cheaper.
Great writeup. Thank you. And worth a repost...
There is little love because it was rightly or wrongly perceived by WISes to be an attempt by JLC to crack the macho man watch market. It was perceived as schizophrenic, not in line with the usual company image - the real/imagined stereotypical JLC buyer is not usually what you'd call a big sports macho man watch person. So it got little love from the usual JLC crowd and the big macho watch crowd stuck with their usual macho man watch brands. The analogy that leaps to...
Great story NS. It reminds me of the Type XX!
TBH, i don't think you've done much looking then.
vomit. everywhere.
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