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Don't take yourself so seriously! Life is to be enjoyed. Tacky things can be fun things... in the right context. You can't always tick all the boxes, and if you want to go hardcore purist you'll either have an empty watch box due to lack of funds, or more likely... lack of "true" horological integrity out there. Not everyone can have a Comex Submariner next to a Daytona 6265 next to a Patek perpetual calendar chrono next to a Dufour Simplicity next to a Duometre.I spend my...
Oh wow. Oh wow wow.
That is kosher, a known (less common!) variation. You have correctly pointed out they pass MO as well.
Stolidly logical conclusions, but the original premise is flawed. A stool will take up the same footprint, have arguably less visual impact, and weigh less. Perhaps be more useful too as I don't think most people are happy to shift 85 pounds while in an awkward semi-seated/squat position to pull their chairs in/out. Just doesn't make sense as a pragmatic choice.
...and in other news, the new (manufacture) Cartier Tank MCs fail to blitzkrieg their way into my feelings... Meh. http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/sneak-peek-a-very-early-look-at-the-cartier-tank-mc-the-new-tank-with-manfacture-movement Disproportionate seconds subdial! Date!
Can I play too?And the original correct 10-sided crown, which I am still trying to find someone to replace the gasket within for me...I am sorry, but there are a few things off with your watch. You may or may not be aware of this.I understand that this is a heirloom and hence there will be a degree of personal sensitivity around it - so I have placed my comments below in "spoilers".These comments may be helpful at the very least to those who are interested in dipping their...
Complete, utter, nonsense.
Nice watch!Try requesting that the springbar "tunnel" be moved down from the edge of the strap to ~2mm in, and make sure the strap thickness at the lug is about 4.5mm - that way one end of the strap cantilevers against the underside of the partly-hooded lug attachment and you get the same effect as the OEM strap.
Not even close, ChicagoRon! The AT's dial/hands are a direct reference to the Omega Ranchero, a model which debuted in the late 1950s. In turn the design DNA of the Rachero has its origins in 3 iconic Omega models - the (original) Speedmaster, the (original) Seamaster 300, and the (original) Railmaster - all released in the mid 1950s.(the original Ranchero)Note that the Rolex Explorer has only been around since the early 1950s, and in the form we recognise today only since...
No, you are not correct. Just drop the subject already.
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